Who’s Tom & Anna?

We could start by telling you all how we are awesome writers, photographers, and avid travelers. Yeah! That would work, but in reality, we are just two dorks (what’s wrong with having a secret high five?) that met one fateful day on the sand dunes in Vietnam. Brought together by our love for silly dance moves, good food, and discovering new cultures, we’re on a mission to go have as many (mis) adventures around the world as we possibly can.

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Adventure in You

Happy to reach the top of Mt. Pinatubo after a trek.

What do you think you would be doing if you were not on the road now?

Tom: That’s so hard because I’ve never imagined myself doing anything else but traveling at this age. However if I had to answer, I would say either a rock star or training to be a pilot in New Zealand. The second one is probably more likely, but who knows.

Anna: I would be a beach bum and a professional sun tanner. (hah!) Kidding aside as I have done both of those, I would probably still be teaching. Tom and I recently just quit our jobs (again) to get back on the road. I guess that’s what traveling does, it makes you take chances and leave your comfort zone to pursue dreams and ideas, no matter how crazy they seem to others.

How do you share your work while travelling? Who does what? 

Tom: Anna takes care of the creative side while I handle the business side for Adventure in you. I take care of anything website or SEO related. Along with Twitter, Triberr, and networking with potential business partners. Anna takes care of most of the writing, photography, and social media like Instagram and Facebook. When I do write, (like now) she edits it later to make me/us sound good.

Adventure in You

Gazing on the stunning view of Kayangan Lake in Palawan.

How do you take decisions together for next destinations?

Anna: When it comes to planning, Tom and I have very different traveling styles. I like to plan while he likes to just wing it. Surprisingly, it works. We both love doing adventurous stuff and going off the beaten track so we decide based on what we want to see or do. Apart from that, we also travel based on the recommendation of other travellers.

Are there any personality changes that you can observe on yourself and on your partner since you have hit the road?

Tom: For myself, I would have to say that I have become more grateful. That is the main thing. I see things differently now compared to when I first left. I believe every word of the quote “Life is like a book and those who don’t travel only read the first page”. I would also say that I’m even more ambitious now and feel like anything I want to achieve, I can. It is such an exciting feeling and traveling has moulded me that way. With Anna I have noticed on the road she is more relaxed and even happier than her usual self.

Adventure in You

Camping on the secluded Gigantes Island, Philippines.

Anna: Mine is a little bit similar to Tom’s, as I feel that traveling has made me more humble and grateful for the little things in life. I have seen and experienced so many beautiful things, often while surrounded by extreme poverty. This has motivated us to start our Wandergive Project, which we are still currently working on. It will be our way of giving back, whilst inspiring other travellers to do the same.

Living and travelling together 24/7 may bring stressful moments related to disagreements, changes of mood or misunderstandings. How do you cope with these situations?

Anna: Traveling really allows you to fully get to know a person inside and out. You see them at their best and at their lowest point as well. If you can survive traveling together for 36 hours without having a shower, with no bed to sleep on, and still manage to laugh in the end, you know you work well together. Our secret is we laugh. We miss the bus, we laugh. We find ourselves lost in the middle of nowhere, we laugh. Tom is a lot better at this than I am, but I am trying. There is no point in stressing over something that you can’t change. Instead, make the most out of every circumstance, whether good or bad. Enjoy each experience and take it for what it is, after all, that’s what traveling is all about.

Adventure in You

Living local in Palawan, Philippines

Tom: I agree with everything Anna has said and for me, it’s also important that your partner understands when you need alone time. For example if I want to do a day trip on my own, go for a ride or simply walk around a new town/city by myself, then that should be totally ok and cause no issues. Everyone needs time to themselves every now and then.

Which is the most beautiful moment you are glad you have experienced together?

Anna: There are actually too many, but one particular instance that we both agree is one of our favourites was when we were lying in the sand in Koh Phangan, Thailand. We met and traveled the entire of Vietnam together, then decided to meet up again in Thailand after a couple of weeks apart. We were in a quiet beach away from all the full moon party madness, lying under the stars drinking a bottle of wine. It was a beautiful moment because on that day, I celebrated a year of being on the road while as midnight approached; Tom was celebrating his 6-month mark. We were both grateful to have met each other and to be able to celebrate those two special occasions together. It was a pretty surreal evening as we watched shooting star after shooting star cover the night sky.

Adventure in You

At the top of the mountains during the motorbike trip from Hoi An to Hue, Vietnam.

Tom: A beautiful and exciting moment that I am happy to have shared with Anna, was the motorbike ride from Hoi An to Hue along the legendary Hai Van Pass. The whole day was amazing but there was about 15 minutes in particular of unreal corners and scenery to enjoy. We paused at the top of this section to admire the downward perfect bendy road that was laid out in front of us before I hit the throttle and headed for it. This moment had everything from adrenaline to beauty.

Can you tell us about one crazy or risky thing you’ve done while traveling that you would and one that you wouldn’t want to repeat again?

Tom: I could tell you loads but if my mum reads this, she will not be happy! One that I would do again and again is ride motorbikes. I rode bikes pretty much all over South East Asia. From crashing at the top of mountains near the Chinese border, (at midnight) to riding bigger bikes over 150 mph (without Anna on the back, of course!), I would do this again in a heart beat. What I wouldn’t do again is front flip off the front of a party boat when it was still going full speed. That could have gone wrong, but I’m happy to say I left Cambodia without an injury.

Adventure in You

Snorkeling in Koh Tao, Thailand.

Anna: Funny thing is, I am very adventurous, but at the same time, I am also very (very) clumsy. I fall off motorbikes (while they are parked!), injure myself while rappelling down 18m waterfalls, and have glass shower doors shatter on me. Although I purposely try to avoid them, these things seem to follow me around. All of those, I would like to never repeat again! I have however gone skydiving, cliff diving, and gone on giant bungee like swings across canyons. Those, I would gladly do again.