Amber is a recovering tax attorney from the largest law firm in the world. Her aim is to reclaim her life, her sanity, and the time in her day, as she travels the world in search of new Adventures in Food. And, she travel With Husband In Tow.

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What do you think you would be doing if you were not on the road now? 

Amber: We play this game all the time.  I would have been a partner at a large law firm, traveling for work, and I would guarantee I would be miserable working 70-80 hour weeks regularly.

Eric: I would have been right alongside Amber, miserable, probably in a sales job.  Not very glamorous, although the paychecks were better for both of us.

With Husband in Tow in Osaka, Japan.

With Husband in Tow in Osaka, Japan.

How do you share your work while travelling? Who does what?

Amber: Well, I travel With Husband In Tow.  I write, take the photos, edit the videos, and manage social media.  The blog is told in my voice.  Eric calls me “the talent” or “the one with the words.”

Eric: More recently I’ve been using my sales background to handle some of the business end of things, like making pitches, and building relationships with brands.  I am much more used to handling rejection, from my years in sales, so I tend to take more risks, which have led to some really great trips. Amber used to do all of the planning, but we share that part of the work as well.

How do you take decisions together for next destinations?

Amber: We just talk it out.  There is no real mystery to it.  It is a combination of traveling on our stomachs, watching the weather, and seeing what kind of work opportunities arise.

Eric: Although there are times where we wonder “how did we get here” or “why are we here” like our recent very cold trip to Osaka.  We loved the food there, but it was too cold for our blood.

With Husband in Tow interview

With Husband in Tow in Modena, Italy.

Are there any personality changes that you can observe on yourself and on your partner since you have hit the road? 

Amber: Lots of people would say they are happier on the road, having escaped the predictable life, but our marriage is a lot stronger.  The stress of making money and being apart when we were back in the US took its toll and we were not in a perfect relationship.  We may not be in a perfect relationship now, but we actually enjoy spending time together, and feel our marriage is a lot stronger.

Eric: I have to agree, right?

Living and travelling together 24/7 may bring stressful moments related to disagreements, changes of mood or misunderstandings. How do you cope with these situations?  

Amber: For us, the stress doesn’t come from traveling as much as from trying to run a few businesses on the road, and working together on them.  This opens a whole new can of worms.  We have learned that, as stubborn as we both are, one of us needs to back down at some point to avoid saying things we might regret.

Eric: And, importantly, we both need to avoid getting too hungry, or disagreeing over where to eat for too long, before one of us gets hangry.

With Husband in Tow in Bali.

With Husband in Tow in Bali.

Which is the most beautiful moment you are glad you have experienced together?

Amber: I can’t pick just one.  We’ve had a lot of amazing experiences.

Eric: Living in our house in Ubud, Bali.  It was the first “house” we lived in together (not an apartment or condo), and the first couple of months we had some amazing sunsets over the rice paddies behind the house.  We also had an amazing sunset in Limerick within days of leaving the US back in 2012, when everything was still ahead of us.

Can you tell us about one crazy or risky thing you’ve done while traveling that you would and one that you wouldn’t want to repeat again?  

Amber: For both of us, bungee jumping was a one and done thing, and probably eating snake in Vietnam too.  We recently traveled through Emilia Romagna Italy for two weeks, and I would do every minute of it all over again.

Eric: As for what we would love to repeat?  So many fabulous meals, either because the food was amazing, like during a lunch with a winemaker in Italy, or because we were surrounded by interesting people, like the time we spent at a bar in Antigua, Guatemala, called Por Que No.  And, every time we are with friends in a small town called Dong Ha, Vietnam.


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    Always glad to read stories from those in high-powered jobs that have managed to escape them when it didn’t fit their lives … hope they are continuing to do well for themselves!


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