Visualise this: an energetic woman with a warm, yet cheeky smile, smoke coming from her pipe, smell spreading from her blow lamp, with different fabrics on the table and on the floor, dozens of awesomely designed lamps, and dogs running around her. Let us introduce you to Lucia, our very dear friend from the tiny Italian village of San Martino del Carso.

creative spirit

Lucia relaxing in front of her house.

Disturbed by society, moved by her environment

What does a child do if they are not from a wealthy family yet wants to play? Well, either they play with a neighbour’s toy or they cry a lot until they get what it is they’re craving for, or… you create it! Lucia as a child spent a lot of time close to her grandfather and was often attracted by the fabrics and differing materials she would find at his house.

creative spirit

Lucia, Emma and Rony.

Grandpa’s hammer and the sewing machine of her bother were her most favourite “toys” as she used to create her own toys from the regular and natural materials she found around, together with other simple instruments.

Creation as a solitary game

Lucia shared this creative joy on her own. Being a Slovenian native with Armenian roots in Italy, she found a big refuge in the art, that was more a game than a conscious artistic process. Actually, as she confessed, she felt quite disturbed when any friend attempted to enter into her creative process.

Fascinated by colours and fabrics, Lucia naturally chose to enter in to the lyceum of art. After graduating, she continued “playing” and created her first sculptures, lamps – and later on – incredibly cool and practical bags.

creative spirit

Focused on working on a bag.

Watching Lucia working, you’ll see it’s not just a simple task with a sketch next to you, a sewing machine in front and clear plan in your head; instead Lucia loves to see the result of her work that is entirely processed at random, that happens during or right at the end of the process of pure improvisation with no drawing or a scheme.

She loves using the same tools for different purposes but her other passion is to invent tools she needs for her artworks.

Moving emotions by art

“Wow, this can be done!” was Lucia’s reaction on Giotto’s fresco and its striking blue colour. Not only for the craft of the artist, but for the fact how much a “simple” colour can move a viewer emotionally.

She wondered how many rich emotions an artist can invoke by their work. And that was the moment Lucia considered this factor as crucial for her work too: to trigger strong emotions in the people who see her artworks.

When the past creates the future

The memories from Lucia’s childhood and her habit to play only with the available materials was a starting point in the creation of amazing lamps she makes from wire. It all started as a simple playing with one piece of wire and Lucia remembering three old grannies embroidering and sewing special clothes for a wedding of a local girl.

creative spirit

A unique Lucia’s lamp made of wire.

Unique lamps, that were sold later on to different countries around the world carried a lot of tough and precise hand craft, long hours of work, tears and literally blood from her fingers. That reminded Lucia of an Iranian carpet seller that she met who didn’t have any carpet in his house because it would have reminded him of the suffering the kids who made it went through in order to make it. This story made her realised how much pain might be embroidered in the piece of art and art collectors and customers will never know about it.

If there is someone who can sign under the statement “hard work pays off”, then it’s Lucia, who after attending a design fair Trandsetter, was chosen to sell her lamps in a shop in Milan, which was famous for its wealthy and famous vip customers.

Creative spirit

Tough, impossible or difficult are not features that would scare Lucia when it comes to creating a totally new product. When she read on a bikers’ forum that they were wondering why nobody had invented a special backpack for messengers that would be big enough, waterproof and with a chic design, she didn’t hesitate for a second.

She started to be become more curious about how to create a bag herself and started to improvise, play, and look for the right materials, inventing tools, constructing, sewing and consulting with professional messengers.

creative spirit

Lucia trying a bag for messengers.

We had a chance to try how it feels to wear one of her great messenger bag inventions ourselves and honestly, we seriously consider that if our dear backpacks finish their service, we’ll order bags from Lucia, who is also a traveller and knows exactly what a long-term nomad needs.

Your story is her dream

When she was a child, Lucia once saw gypsies passing by in her small town, she followed them intuitively for a moment and since then, she hits the road herself at least once per year.

It’s not travel that attracts her, but going, moving – the walking itself. Lucia walked through Morocco, and the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella; with is planning to do much more.

creative spirit


Lucia’s house is located just on the walking trail in the north of Italy, hidden behind grapes and trees, and when she sees anybody passing her house, she gets very excited to invite them inside for a coffee and to listen to the stories from their trip which help her to have her own dreams. Dreams that she is working on while indulging in improvisation, playing and keeping her spirit cheerful and creative.

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  1. Dale

    She sounds like a fantastic lady to meet with. Love her creative spark and energy to learn more about other people.

    • Ivana Greslikova

      She really is, Dale and I am sure that you and Franca as lovers of original design will love her and her works, too.


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