Meeting an old friend who cheers you up is always a pleasure, especially when that friend is someone who turned her life upside down to start living in happiness. Allow us introduce you to Karolina: a petite, energetic girl with an elflike look, positive vibes and a heartwarming smile with a story that will inspire you.

We met Karolina a few years ago in London, when Gianni was looking for a model for his photo shoot. And here she is, a girl with intense and ethereal gaze that matches perfectly with the idea to create a photo story of a woman in the forest.

Back to Karolina’s story, her way to London from Poland was not straightforward. She spent two years in Italy while doing a European internship and working for a famous car company and other two years in Turkey, where she studied Business Administration and Psychology. Then, in 2006, she arrived to London to work in the field of management, without starting with typical labour work as many people from Eastern Europe do when first moving to the UK.

A somber cocoon

Sunday Story #9: Karolina, a Sweet Dreamer Taking Action

Coming out.

As it happens in life, work life and private life don’t go always well at the same time. While Karolina might have been satisfied and happy in the first, she was not happy in the latter. A break up with her previous partner was still a healing wound, a trigger that started an avalanche of changes she wouldn’t have been able to initiate without feeling a desperate pain.

Staying isolated in a somber cocoon of doubts, anxiety and distrust in her apartment and after the constant chatter in her mind and attempts of her friends to help her, one day she got the idea to start a business using what she loved doing: baking. Yes, that’s right, baking sweet and spongy cupcakes.

She remembered a recipe of her grandmother, put her dreams into action and served her friends a sample of the tasty treat. The smiles on their faces and their happy tummies were signs that the treats were actually quite great, which is what Karolina wanted the most: to make herself and others happy.

A change of direction

Sunday Story #9: Karolina, a Sweet Dreamer Taking Action

Karolina at Portobello Road in London.

While she was walking through streets of London one sleepless night, Karolina saw an advert for a small stall to rent. Putting all of the clues together, the cupcakes ‘approved’ by her friends, the feeling of emptiness and the desire to change the direction of her lost ship, she decided to actually rent that stall, bake dozens of her cupcakes and sell them at the market.

Not far from the place where Karolina lived was the Portobello market where farmers and artists sell their goods. This is where Karolina started to sell her handcrafted cupcakes, too. Her creativity, passion and love with which she bakes made her sweets real treats and that’s what her customers apparently feel as well. We tasted her red velvet cupcakes with chai and black cherry icing and custard cream, pear puree and cola and wow, do we ever wish we could share just a bit of the scrumptious flavours with you!

The cupcake business has been doing so well that Karolina has rented a commercial kitchen so she can bake up to 600 cupcakes per day with her assistant when the demand calls for it… and you can be sure there is plenty of demand. Even one of the UK’s finest international caterers orders cupcakes for their events from Karolina.

Sweet food therapy

Sunday Story #9: Karolina, a Sweet Dreamer Taking Action

Karolina and her handcrafted cupcakes.

This was the moment when Karolina got back her joy for life, got back her positive, creative attitude, her satisfaction and plenty of new ideas. Apart from being a food lover, a nutritionist and an absolutely amazing baker, she now works as a fresh food manager in a store in London. Her creativity and love for fashion can be seen in her work as head of operations in the House of Icons, an agency that works with fashion designers from all around the globe. Moreover, she was active in street photography in the past, and you can have a look at her photographs yourself.

Sunday Story #9: Karolina, a Sweet Dreamer Taking Action

A red velvet chai cupcake.

For now, the circle is now complete. A sweet food therapy has turned into a professional passion. A bitter desperation changed into nutritious motivation and this is what we love about Karolina’s story: that no matter how sour your tart might taste at the beginning, there are always plenty of other ingredients you can add to the mix so the recipe comes out perfectly sweet in the end.

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  1. Franca

    I love to read about stories like this when something totally unpredictable and unexpected happens in someone’s life to change it in better, it’s so incredibly inspiring and encouraging! Like Karolina, we should always try our best to do what we love the most and it makes us happy.

    • Ivana Greslikova

      Absolutely, Franca, there is always a panacea hidden in our passions :)


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