Freedom, freedom, freedom are Gianni’s first words before boarding the plane and starting our journey.

Now, here we are in Bangkok. Fourteen hours of flying, one layover, two jet-lags, a couple of reassuring texts and calls to home and friends, and dozens of new sensations. The only recognizable smell out of the mass of these new stimuli is a mixture of petrol, tobacco, incense, and city drainage. Add to this picture two Europeans coming from a country of 4 seasons into freezing skyline trains, taking breaths in heated air and you will get a perfect picture of the first hours in Asia.

So far, on the first day, all experiences our friends had shared with us were confirmed: kind and smiling people, scrumptious food, “organic” traffic, humidity lingering on your sweaty skin and undeterminable smells. Well, it is our choice to experience what the new world brings and being unexpected most often does not mean being unpleasant. Rather, the opposite. It is also our choice to pack our “house” into 2×8 kilos and sacrifice a bit of what we were used to.  But maybe even that would be useless now.

arriving in Bangkok

A woman selling produces in a street of Bangkok


Like never before, we are learning to live, accept and enjoy. No matter how strong a craving we have to compare this new country with all we have seen so far might be (and even that is not that much), we aren’t doing that. For sure, there are moments when we just wish to ban ourselves from saying the words “I’ve never seen, heard, tasted something like this.”

All in all, by flowing amongst the locals and tourists on the streets, there is nothing to compare. Or have you ever seen an altar with offerings in front of the “Hot Girls” entrance guarded by two ladyboys? Or a mother lulling her baby in a small hammock hanging below a table covered with goods on sale?

P.S.: Ivana’s three words for today are sleepless, free and chicken.

Which were the first words that came to your mind when you arrived to a new destination? What were your feelings? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

4 Responses

  1. Ginger

    Hey Gianni & Ivana, so nice to hear your impressions!

    My words were: “happy to be back” and “hurray, sun!”

    See you soon in Chiang Mai :) Safe travels until then!


    • Ivana

      Hi Ginger, so nice to hear from you.
      I can see your comeback makes you really happy!
      Enjoy the sun and let us know once you are in CM :)

      • gabiana

        three words : light life trust
        a long, long voice singing for you in all the sky from here

        tanta forza e amore

      • Ivana

        Grazie mille, for wish and sharing. Wishing you loads of sun and looking forward to seeing you again in marvellous Puglia!!

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