9 Reasons to Be a Digital Nomad in California

If you’re one of the lucky professionals who need little more than a laptop, a phone, and an internet connection, you can work from pretty much anywhere. With the beaches of Thailand and Central America calling your name, why would you choose to live and work in California?

Here are nine reasons to choose the Golden State:

The Variety

If you want to travel around a state and see a wide variety of topographies, California has you covered. One might argue that Northern California and Southern California look nothing alike. Within hours of each other, you can find deserts, beaches, snow-capped mountains, densely-populated and hilly cities, wide open spaces, and forests.

It is one of the most topographically interesting states in the U.S.

The Climate

In Southern California, the climate is temperate nearly year round. If you want to escape the cold of the Sierras in winter, just drive south. When L.A. gets unbearably hot in the summertime, head to the higher elevations up north.

The Coffee

Say what you will about Portland and Seattle, but California’s coffee roasters are absolutely killing it. Try Modern Times in San Diego, which is actually a brewery that just so happens to make coffee, or Dinosaur Coffee in Los Angeles, or Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco.

But don’t worry if you can’t get to one of those; there’s amazing coffee all over the state.

The Breweries

You can get amazing craft beer all over the world now, but California’s breweries are on the bleeding edge. The city of San Diego has become the craft beer capital of the world, with breweries too numerous to mention, although there are mind-blowing brewers working throughout the state.

Try Highland Park Brewery in the Los Angeles area or Cellarmaker in San Francisco, just to name two out of many.

The Food

Amazing restaurants can be found throughout the state, with intense concentrations of great dining experiences to be found in L.A., Napa Valley, and San Francisco.

Given the fact that so much wonderful produce grows in California, your vegetables are probably more delicious than the veggies you’d be eating in any other place on the planet.

The Lodgings

Lately it has gotten easier to find accommodations for longer than a weekend but less than six months. One company, called Zeus Living, connects you with long-term furnished homes to rent in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Research the city you’re planning to head to next, and you’ll probably find something similar.

The Progressive Vibes

Highly educated nomads tend to be concerned with such issues as the climate and the environment, and California’s votership has a track record of being on board with changes to protect the environment. And speaking of vibes, recreational marijuana is legal in California, which appeals to many.

The Museums

For those interested in art, history, and science, California has an amazing selection of museums. Balboa Park in San Diego houses a number of them, all within a short distance of each other. Los Angeles and San Francisco are also renowned for their museums.

The Outdoors

People who love the outdoors tend to gravitate to California. Surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing are popular sports due to the fact that the state is bordered to the West by the Pacific Ocean.

Sunbathing and beach volleyball are also popular activities. Rock climbers gravitate to Joshua Tree and Yosemite national parks, but those are just the big names; climbing opportunities exist throughout the state. As for hiking, sometimes it seems as though everyone who lives in

California hikes multiple times a week. Cyclists tend to thrive in certain California cities but not others. Camping opportunities are widely available throughout the state, as well. The list of possible outdoor activities in California could go on and on.

In summary, California is a state that encompasses a variety of lifestyle options for the digital nomad. Are you convinced yet?

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