Disconnect and learn to live offline

There will be days when you’ll be glued to a chair and work for hours having your food delivered to your door and have no social life. Of course, this hardcore working mode is neither sustainable nor healthy.

One secret of staying on the road as long as possible and avoiding burnout is this: switching off regularly.

Spending some quality time away from your work will bring significant improvement of your focus, clarity, creative ideas, as well as giving your body time to rest.

It’s important to have a day or two per week when you switch off from business emails, deadlines, calls and any online work.It just feels great to dedicate some time to your hobbies and sometimes discover some new ones!

Learn where to spend a day in a spa and let someone else pamper you with massages and baths, or learn how to stick with your yoga and meditation practice. Check where you can go for a day trip to the mountains, for a walk in the forest, or take a break and go kayaking or swimming.

Learn why it’s important to enjoy offline time and stay away from social media regularly.

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