How to travel to Thailand independently

✓ 170 pages of tips collected during our 18 months of traveling around Thailand

✓ All you need to know about food, transport, accommodation, insurance, costs and Thai traditions

✓ Awesome pro tips for what to do in Thailand beyond beaches and temples

✓ Tons of useful advice about where to go in the northern, central and southern regions

✓ Suggestions for what to avoid in Thailand

✓ Detailed itineraries for your Thailand vacation

✓ Oodles of helpful resources about Thailand

Discover the Land of Smiles

Thailand is a fascinating country with an incredible diversity in natural and historical sites, exotic cuisine and a huge range of activities to do. It doesn’t matter if you are a budget traveler, an adventurer, an outdoor lover, a luxury traveler or a first-time visitor in Asia, Thailand will welcome you with open arms and heart.

Despite the fact that it’s become one of the most popular destinations in Asia (and in the world!), there are still lots of off the beaten path places with genuine locals and unspoilt nature.

Thailand stole our hearts during our first visit in 2013. Since then we’ve been returning periodically and calling it home for extended amounts of time. We’ve ventured through the north, south, east and west of Thailand and visited lesser known corners of the country as well as popular sites. Our time with kind-hearted locals taught us more about the local culture and country’s history.

We’ve volunteered at an international NGO that protects the natural habitat of elephants. We’ve organized photowalks in the Northern part of the country and gave a speech about responsible travel in Bangkok. One of our travel pieces on Thailand was published in the UK edition of the Psychologies magazine. We were also honoured to be guests on the travel show The Passion, which airs on Thai national TV.

In this travel guide, we’ll share our knowledge on Thailand with hopes to inspire you to travel to Thailand independently, without a travel agent, and to explore the country at your own pace and according to your interests.

This is the e-book for people looking for detailed information on Thailand, including Thai culture, transportation, accommodations, food, things to do and places to visit in Thailand. Thailand Travel Guide will help you plan and enjoy your trip.

By reading this Thailand Travel Guide, you will…

  • be able to decide which region of Thailand suits you the best, and the kinds of natural and historical sites you’ll find in the northern, central and southern regions.
  • find suggestions for all sorts of accommodation, ranging from luxury resorts, mid-range guesthouses to basic bamboo huts.
  • get tips on various transport modes available throughout the country.
    draw inspiration on what to do in Thailand, whether you’re an adventurer, a foodie or a luxury traveler. We also include a list of awesome Thai festivals.
    learn about what and where to eat in Thailand.
  • have an idea of how much money you will spend on your holiday in Thailand.
  • discover how the weather varies in different regions and when to visit each region.
  • understand what not to do in Thailand so you can avoid faux pas.
  • receive practical tips on how to save money in Thailand.
  • have access to two different travel itineraries: one that focuses on beaches and nature, while the other focuses on history and cities.

What other Thailand travel experts say about this guide

"Nomad is Beautiful's new Thailand Guide is like having a good friend tell you all of her best travel advice and tips from her recent trip to Thailand. The result is that that you have insider advice on off-the-beaten-path places, how to visit popular sites to avoid the crowds, where to eat delicious and cheap local food, and how to negotiate transport and accommodation. Then, how to piece all of this together into a trip and itinerary that fits with your interests, budget and time. This guide is written from extensive first-hand experience traveling in and around Thailand so you know that if something is tried and tested by Ivana and Gianni and it made the cut for this guidebook, then it must be pretty darn good. It's been several years since I traveled in Thailand, so looking forward to using this myself sometime soon!"
"Having lived in Thailand for more than 5 years, finding good and reliable information is often challenging, shy of knowing enough locals to help you through finding some of the hidden secrets or places that are genuinely operating in a sustainable way with a positive impact on communities and the environment. This guide book is not only detailed and robust, it gives a very personalized touch all in one place which would be near impossible to gather this type of information without reading dozens of travel blogs, travel forums and comparing notes - which could take hours, if not days! I was also impressed with how comprehensive this guide is, as it outlines up to date costs and travel times for most activities, and has a unique personalization of asking other travel experts for their input too, compiling all the information for you!! Definitely one of the best guidebooks I’ve seen for Thailand!! Highly recommended!"
"Love this super practical guide to visiting Thailand! I think everything you could possibly need to know before visiting Thailand is included in this step-by-step style guide. I especially love the responsible travel tips throughout the book, the personal advice from those who have visited destinations, and all the pricing details. This book makes planning a trip to Thailand incredibly easy and ensures that you won’t get ripped off, or end up somewhere you really don’t want to be along the way. I wish I would have read it before my first trip to Thailand! It could have saved me a lot of hassle."
"Gianni and Ivana are experienced travelers who know Thailand, having spent considered time in the Land of Smiles. As someone who makes their home in Chiang Mai, they have collaborated and created a comprehensive and really helpful guide to navigate Thailand."

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we’ve written it from with the goal of helping others to get the most of their trip to Thailand. All experiences in the e-book are either ours personally, or in a few case, we took some tips from friends we know have also traveled extensively in Thailand, and we trust their recommendations. The e-book is full of practical advice – absolutely no fluffy stuff.

If you’ve only visited Bangkok and a couple of the islands in the south, then the answer is “Definitely!”. We put together tons of tips covering where to go in Thailand, including the lesser-known areas. This e-book covers the whole country of Thailand and includes many inspiring tips for things to do. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from!

Drop us an email on nomadisbeautiful(at)gmail(dot)com. We’ll be happy to help out if we can.


About the authors

Ivana Greslikova and Gianni Bianchini are the Slovak-Italian couple behind the Nomad is Beautiful travel website.

After they quit their jobs in Germany in 2013, they packed their lives into two carry-on backpacks, hit the road and never looked back.

Gianni and Ivana both graduated from English language and literature and were documenting their lives through photography for many years prior to their nomadic journey.

With Ivana’s five years of experience as an editor and Gianni as a photographer and team leader in a videogame company, they’ve created a website filled with beautiful travel photos and engaging articles.

On their blog, they focus on Southeast Asian countries, travel photography, responsible travel and living the digital nomad lifestyle.

If they’re not roaming around local markets early morning, you’ll find them hiking up in the hills and sipping pu-erh tea around the world.

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