What will you find in the guide?

✓ 101 pages of tips collected during our 5 year experience of house sitting around the world
✓ Step by step guide to how to apply for your first house sit
✓ List of pros and cons of house sitting 
✓ Detailed manual of how to get a house sit that matches your personality and skills
✓ Extensive checklist of questions to ask an owner before you commit to a house sit
✓ Suggestions for what to avoid before and during house sitting 
✓ Our personal stories from different house sits
✓ Lots of photographs from house sitting assignments around the world and beautiful drawings throughout the e-book


House sit in your hometown, at a rustic house in a remote village, or in a hyper modern apartment. Nowadays you can take care of pets and beautiful places while traveling the world or across the road. 

About the authors

Ivana Greslikova and Gianni Bianchini are the Slovak-Italian couple behind the Nomad is Beautiful travel website.

After they quit their jobs in Germany in 2013, they packed their lives into two carry-on backpacks, hit the road and never looked back.

Gianni and Ivana both graduated from English language and literature and were documenting their lives through photography for many years prior to their nomadic journey.

With Ivana’s five years of experience as an editor and Gianni as a photographer and team leader in a videogame company, they’ve created a website filled with beautiful travel photos and engaging articles.

On their blog, they focus on Southeast Asian countries, travel photography, responsible travel and living the digital nomad lifestyle.

If they’re not roaming around local markets early morning, you’ll find them hiking up in the hills and sipping pu-erh tea around the world.

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