Things to Do In Koh Lanta, Thailand: Ultimate Guide 2023

In this guide, you’ll find a list of things to do in Koh Lanta, Thailand. You’ll learn how much you can spend here and which beaches on Koh Lanta are the best ones.

There are plenty of activities to do in Koh Lanta, so if you love white sand beaches, outdoors, delicious local food, Thai massage, yoga, snorkeling, and getting your suntan fix, then you’re going to love this island!

Things to do in Koh Lanta, Thailand

You’ll find oodles of things to do in Koh Lanta. There are 11 beaches and the farther south you go, the more serene they are. Let’s explore the island!

Have a walk on Klong Nin beach

Things to do in Koh Lanta
Sunset from Klong Nin beach.

This might be easily the best place to stay in Koh Lanta. Whether you decide to go for a stroll early in the morning, in the late afternoon or to catch a beautiful sunset, Klong Nin beach is a fantastic place for a walk.

It is 1.5 km long, with a few rocks at both ends and soft sand throughout the whole area. No perpetual boat engine noise, no night or early morning karaoke. Just you, sea waves, and fresh coconut to sip in your hand.

Visit the local Klong Nin food market

You can either walk there (about 10-15 minutes from the main junction in Klong Nin) or take a scooter (about 2-3 minutes) and ride south. You’ll not only find fresh fruits and veggies, but also a variety of home made meals and snacks. The market is open on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you’re looking into more local tips in Thailand,  check out our comprehensive Thailand Travel Guide!

Rent a scooter

One of the best Koh Lanta activities you can do in the island. The roads are fine, only in the very south they are more hilly and curvy, but still manageable. The average price to rent a motorbike is 250 THB/$ 7.7 per day, but it can be negotiable if you rent it for more days. We rented a scooter at a tour desk of the Pakgasri Guesthouse. Get ready to leave your passport with them.

Join one of the tours in Koh Lanta

Relax on the beaches in the south

Things to do in Koh Lanta
Nui Bay beach seen from the top of the hill.

Hop on a scooter or pay a tuk-tuk for half-day trip (around 500 THB/$ 15) and visit beaches in the south of Koh Lanta. They are quieter, and the forest you drive through is also an awesome background for your road trip.

Ba Kantiang Bay Beach

A 1 km-long, white sand beach with a few beachfront restaurants and the famous Drunken Sailors coffee shop. Surrounded by beautiful, natural hills, a lush forest and cliffs.

Nui Bay Beach

One of the most tranquil  and best beaches in Koh Lanta. You’ll need to take a steep footpath (about 100 m) down to the beach. Incredibly private feeling, nested between the forest and cliffs, with only one bar on the beach.

Ao Klong Jark Beach aka Waterfall Bay Beach

Located in the south from Nui Bay Beach. A calm beach with a few restaurants and resorts, but we didn’t find it as charming as Nui Bay Beach.

Bamboo Bay Beach

After Waterfall Bay beach you will find a road that splits. To arrive to Bamboo Bay beach, take the steeper one on the right. Since this is the last beach in the south of Koh Lanta and not very developed for tourism, you will barely find anyone around.

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Visit the National Park

If you go further south from Bamboo Bay Beach, or if you just turn left when heading south from Waterfall Bay Beach, you will arrive to a national park area. The entrance fee is 200 THB/$ 6 and the park is open till 6 pm.

If you enter later you don’t pay anything, but if you go there only to see a stunning sunset with a lighthouse, you will most probably miss it. Watch out for curious, hungry, wild monkeys.

Visit Lanta Old Town

Things to do in Koh Lanta
The wooden houses of Old Town in Koh Lanta.

This town was a former business centre of the island until 60 years ago. Merchants trading in the area were mostly from China or Arabic countries and you can still witness their impact in this small, community-like town. The place is considered a cultural highlight of the whole island and features one Buddhist temple and a Chinese temple. Some of the big festivals in Koh Lanta take place here.

If you plan to explore eastern islands like Koh Nui, Koh Por, Koh Talabeng, Koh Kam or Koh Bubu, Old Town is the right place from which to take an organised tour or a private long tail boat.

Check more activities and tours to do in Koh Lanta

Spend some time at Lanta Animal Welfare

activities in Koh Lanta
Photo by Portuguese Gravity on Unsplash.

Lanta Animal Welfare is a nonprofit sanctuary that cares and sterilises stray dogs and cats in Koh Lanta and its suburb. Here you can take a free, 45-minute educational tour every hour, walk a dog or two, cuddle with cats and kittens that will be happy to see you. And if you fall in love with any of these cuties, you can also adopt them.

Need more tips on where to go in Thailand and what to do there? 

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Explore the beaches in the north

Northern beaches in Koh Lanta are busier compared to the south, but they are still worth the visit. The main road is full of guesthouses, local restaurants or food stalls, massage shops and hotels. They are all very close to each other so a half-day on a scooter is enough to see them all.

Klong Khong Beach

Nearly 3 km long, with beachfront bars, restaurants and bungalows. Since the beach is pretty long, you will definitely find your spot for tranquility.

Long Beach (Phra Ae)

As the name implies, this busy beach is stretched over a 4 km area with some relaxing spots on the sides.

Klong Dao Beach

The most developed, the most crowded and most expensive beach of Koh Lanta. Its 3km stretch is full of restaurants, bungalows and resorts. Good choice for families, since the water is quite shallow. If you continue north, you will arrive in Ban Saladan, the main pier of Koh Lanta.

If you prefer to explore untouched villages, lush, tropical nature, rubber and palm plantations, we suggest visiting Koh Lanta Noi in the north. To get there, you drive from Ban Saladan to the north, direction to a car ferry port. The fee for a ferry is 3 THB/$ 0.09 per motorbike and 2 THB/$ 0.06 per person. It takes about 10 minutes to cross the river and arrive to an almost deserted area of the island!

Just follow the main road from the pier in Koh Lanta Noi (direction to Koh Lanta Noi Sub District Administration Organisation). After a few minutes you will see a seashore on your right behind a beautiful pine forest. Park your motorbike on the path near the forest and then walk a hundred meters to the beach with clear, shallow water and a wonderful view.

Things to do in Ko Lanta
The secluded beach in front of Ban Saladan.

Visit the east coast

We went to the east coast twice for a half a day each and were very impressed by the simple, tiny villages with no tourist agencies and no big chain stores. Do not expect any bars, guesthouses or food stalls here.

Going more to the south from the Old Town, you will find the Sand Ga U village, where some Sea Gypsies still live.

Although the place is mentioned in a few guidebooks, do not take it for a tourist attraction. Unlike the long-neck hill tribes near Chiang Mai, there is nobody waiting for you to show you their disappearing culture and sell you an overpriced souvenir. The community is living their own life, they make a living mainly with fishing, and follow their rituals and ceremonies. Please, do respect this when visiting the village.

We went there by motorbike, but it is better if you leave your scooter on the top of the hill and walk down so you don’t disturb their privacy.

Note: If you decide to visit the north beaches, there are plenty of stalls on the road selling gasoline, so no worries about having to push your bike back to town. For the eastern part of the island, make sure you have enough gasoline in the tank.

Snorkeling in Koh Lanta

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Koh Lanta is a great place where you can book a day tour and visit some neighbouring islands like Kho Rok. The trip usually includes buffet lunch on the beach, drinking water, fresh fruits and the snorkeling equipment. You can book the tour in your hotel or any local tour desk that is a part of any guesthouse. We booked ours at the same Pakgasri Guesthouse where we rented a scooter. Take a motion sickness pill, the speed boat ride can be bumpy.

Go jogging

Many beaches in Koh Lanta are long, soft, sandy shore that is perfect for practicing jogging. Watch out the stray dogs in the evening as during the day they are too sleepy.

Practice yoga

If you love yoga and if you enjoy practicing it outdoors, then Koh Lanta beaches are the right place for your morning asanas! Until 9am the beaches are almost empty. For serious yoga classes, do visit Oasis Yoga or Lanta Yoga.

Splurge with a dinner on the beach

Things to do in Koh Lanta
Klong Nin beach at dusk.

You’ll find good grilled fish at the Rickey’s Place or Beach Side restaurant in Klong Nin beach. For more western food, go to Otto Bar & Grill on Klong Nin beach. Be ready to pay around 600-900 THB/ $ 18-27 for a dinner for two.

For original Italian pizza & pasta, go to the Pizzeria Caipi in Klong Nin.

Have a massage

Get yourself pampered in one of the beachfront massage shops. You’ll pay 250 – 400 THB / $ 7.7 – 12 per one hour massage.

Go for street food!

Opposite the only 7/11 store in Klong Nin village, you will find a Muslim family’s small stall selling sweet gyoza with peanuts, tamarind (5 THB/$ 0.15 per piece or fried bananas with sesame (10 THB/$ 0.30 per pack of 7-9 pieces). You’ll find plenty of street food carts on the main road near the Long Beach, too.

How To Get To Koh Lanta, Thailand

Ferry from Krabi to Koh Lanta

It costs 400 THB/$ 12 per person and takes about two hours. In case you take a ferry from Krabi, a songthaew will take you from your guesthouse in Krabi to the pier. To get to Klong Nin, take a tuk-tuk for 100-150 THB/$ 3-4.6 per head. Consider also private transfers to/from hotels in Koh Lanta to/from Krabi.

Ferry from Phuket to Koh Lanta

The price for one way ticket depends a lot on the season. Expect to pay between $20-40 per person and it takes 3-4 hours. Bear in mind that a speedboat might be a faster option, yet not so friendly to your stomach.

Minivan from Phuket to Koh Lanta

The route takes about 5-6 hours and a one way ticket will cost you about $13.

Koh Lanta from Bangkok

Fly from Bangkok (or Kuala Lumpur) by AirAsia to Krabi, or from Singapore to Krabi by Tiger Airways and then continue with a passenger ferry Krabi – Koh Lanta that we mentioned above.

What is the budget?

We stayed in Klong Nin, for us the best beach in Koh Lanta, for 10 days and spent in total 17,401 THB/$ 539 / 2 persons which included:

Lodging: 3000 THB/$ 93 in the Caipi guest house

  • tuk-tuk from Ban Saladan to Klong Nin: 200 THB/$ 6. We managed to bargain from a usual price of 150 THB/$ 4.6 per person to 100TBH/$ 3
  • ferry from Krabi to Koh Lanta: 700 THB/$ 21
  • ferry from Koh Lanta to Krabi: 800 THB/$ 24, with a discount of 100 THB/$ 3

Renting a scooter & gasoline for 2 days: 700 THB/$ 21
Food: 8048 THB/$ 250
Snorkeling: 2900 THB/$ 89. With a small discount of 100 THB/$ 3
Miscellaneous: 1053 THB/$ 32

Hope this ultimate guide to things to do in Koh Lanta, its best beaches and hotels will help you to plan your holiday in Thailand. If you have any other question, feel free to send us an email, or leave a comment below.

Need more tips on where to go in Thailand and what to do there? 

Check out our Thailand Travel Guide – How to Travel to Thailand Independently

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which at no extra cost to you, will earn us a small commission and reduce the costs of running this site.

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35 thoughts on “Things to Do In Koh Lanta, Thailand: Ultimate Guide 2023”

  1. The Rasta Baby Bar looks like a great place to kick back with a few beers and have a crazy night! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      It definitely is! Although we don’t drink alcohol, we had a great time at the concert!

      1. The owner of the Rasta Baby is such an asshole- me &my girlfriend were yesterday there and we were the only guests- the owner of the bar came to us and talked about Thailand and the life on Koh Lanta and he seemed to be very nice- After a while I had to go to the restroom – and he talked to my girlfriend in the mean time- when I came back my girlfriend just wanted to leave the Bar …I Asked her what happend- and she told me that the owner Asked her if she could spread her legs because he wanted to see her genitales …this was such an awfull experience- we just drank the Drinks and left the Bar…Rasta Baby Never Never again !

        1. Ivana Greslikova

          I’m really sorry to hear that, Mihajlo! We never had a drink inside the bar, neither talked to the owner. We went there for a beach concert and had a very different experience. In any case, thanks for letting us know.

  2. What a great round-up! We didn’t make it to Koh Lanta, but it is posts like this that definitely put it at the top of our list for when we return!

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi Emily, thank you. Happy you found it inspirational! Koh Lanta has been on the top of our favourite places, Klong Nin in particular so far.
      Hope you can visit it one day!

  3. Peter Korchnak @ Where Is Your Toothbrush?

    Oh, the memories. We loved Koh Lanta!

    About jogging: I ran the length of the Klong Nin beach, there and back (we stayed just north of the beach), once. No problem with the stray dogs, who ignored me the whole way. The bigger problem was, I’d never sweated as much in my life. The next day Lindsay and I were walking through the northern section of the beach, where there are no bars/restaurants, just a government building, and we saw the chef from a good pizza restaurant on the main road running just up and down that short section. We said hello and asked him why he was running just there and not all the way to the end. He said that a few months back a pack of those sleepy stray dogs attacked him and bit him multiple times and he got rabies and almost died and had to undergo a lengthy recovery. I guess that can happen too.

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Oh, what a terrible bad luck! We were jogging only from Rasta Baby down to the south, where it was really peaceful. We went to the north part of the beach only for a walk and it was quiet calm there. Anyway, thanks for this information, Peter. Hope you guys are doing well. Hugs!

  4. We wish we went to that part of Thailand whilst we were there but we ended up volunteering for a month instead of a week so we missed it. The Lanta Animal Welfare was one of the places we wanted to go so desperately to volunteer there too, I’m glad you made it there. There are many other things that you mentioned that appeal to me a lot, like the open air concerts, the markets of course and the old town which looks pretty special too. Next time perhaps! 🙂

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      If you love volunteering and beautiful sea with some cool places to relax, then Koh Lanta is a great spot to crush for at least two weeks 🙂
      Have a great time in Spain, Franca!

  5. WOW! This is a really nicely put together post about Koh Lanta. We’ve been there twice now and absolutely loved it both times.

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi Megan, thank you! Yes, Koh Lanta is an amazing place to chill out 🙂 for sure we would like to go back there one day! Happy travels, guys 😉

  6. Deryn @ Running on Real Food

    Thank you so much for this! My husband and I are heading to Thailand for the first time in last November. Lanta will be our longest stay of our 24 day trip. Can’t wait to try your suggestions! Thanks again!

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Happy you found the tips helpful, Deryn 🙂 Enjoy Koh Lanta, it’s a wonderful part of Thailand!

  7. Thanks for some great Lanta recommendations. You just made the next 62 day’s feel veeery long! Me, my wife, and two boys (Emil 4 yo, and Mika 5 months) are packing our stuff, and heading for Klong Dao in January:) We have a 8 week stay to look forward to:)
    I must admit that in the beginning I was a bit sceptical about bringing a baby to the far east. But my wife, and reading blog posts such as this has convinced me it’s pretty safe;)
    So…back to counting day’s, can’t wait:)

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi Dan, happy to hear you are heading for an adventure to Thailand! From our experience, we saw quite a few toddlers running around in Koh Lanta, so it’s definitely family friendly place. It depends a lot on the location, of course, and the season. But if I count well, you should be still fine in two months. The temperature usually goes up around middle of March down in the south in Thailand. Have fun and enjoy your special holiday!

  8. Hi guys. Cool article. Nice seeing you here in Georgetown, hope to catch up again in Thailand 🙂

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hey, Elton, it was nice to meet you too! Yes, see you in Thailand soon 🙂

  9. Hello! I found your website through Divergent Traveler’s list. We head to Koh Lanta this weekend and this post is super helpful. Thanks for all of the great information. We’ll be sure to follow your tips for snorkeling. Thanks again!

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Thanks for stopping by, Alana. Koh Lanta is easily one of our most favourite places in Thailand. Hope you’ll enjoy it too. If you drive a scooter, that’s the best way to explore the island and find some secluded places to chill out. Koh Rok is a beautiful spot for snorkeling, indeed. Although, it might be more crowded now in high season. In any case, have a blast!

  10. Great list guys! We just arrived in Koh Lanta yesterday, and although we are staying in Long Beach, we are totally looking forward to doing a bunch of these things. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I’ve heard so much about Koh Lanta I think I’m in love with the place even though I’ve never got the chance to go there. After reading the first few lines of this post, what grabbed my attention was 3000 baht for accommodation, that’s amazingly cheap, so thanks for this write up, and one day soon Koh Lanta here I come….

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi Darren, thanks for stopping by. Yes, the price we paid for the room was really crazy, although we heard it went up since last year because of the a/c they installed there. Thanks god!

  12. I am off to Lanta in 2 days, my 9th time in 5 years . I love it laid back friendly , popular with Swedish families, as yet few Russians (no offence to anyone who is . just saying there not many there like rest of Thailand). I stay at Long beach , at Thai Beach house resort . on the beach and also close to bars. I like the Irish Embassy bar on the main road at Prae Ae , always lively. Old Town is fabulous as is the Sea Gypsy Village

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Wow, 9th time! That’s what I call love for Koh Lanta. Have a blast, Jilly!

  13. Hi Ivana, myself and my wife are going to Thailand for the first time in April, we have visited India more times than we can remember and last year we were lucky enough to take a trip to the Andaman Islands which has given us the bug to take in more islands in the Andaman area. We are meeting up with our daughter on Phi-Phi which is not something we are looking forward to but are then off to Lanta for 3 weeks and in particular Klong Nin, after trawling through countless sites I’m so glad I found yours, its an up to date account of the area with out any bias slant, thanks so much, keep up the good work,Paul.

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Thanks so much for your kind words, Paul! If you love just to chill out on a beach with some good sea food, then you gonna love Klong Nin and the beaches in the south in particular. Wow, India! That’s on our list and hopefully we can get there in near future, so then we’d need some tips from you 🙂
      Have a blast in Klong Nin and thanks again for stopping by!

  14. Hi, absolutely wonderful post, I am writing this whilst on the ferry from Ao Nang to Lanta, will be utilising all your advice 🙂

  15. Hi Ivana! Thanks for this brill post. So excited to visit Koh Lanta now!! I wonder if you could tell me, can you rent a moped without a license? And do the roads seem dangerous there? Thanks a million! Keep up the good work!

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi Rachel, thanks for the kind words 🙂 Yes, you can easily rent a scooter without a license, the only thing they’ll most probably ask you is to leave them your passport, no copies accepted. The roads are fine, a bit more busy in the north, but the more south you go, the less drivers on the road there are. Gianni drove a scooter after 20 years first time on Koh Lanta and it went very smoothly for bot of us! Have a great time and looking forward to hear about your time there 🙂

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