5 Essentials for Frequent Travelers

If you’re frequently traveling, it’s easy to realize there are essentials you’ll need with you no matter where you’re going. Whether you’re traveling by plane, boat, or car, whether you’re heading across the country or around the world, some things are universally helpful to have with you. They make your traveling experience more comfortable, convenient, and carefree. Make sure you don’t leave any of these five essentials behind, and you’ll enjoy your travels that much more.

Essentials for Frequent Travelers

Good Clothes and Shoes

Essentials for Frequent Travelers
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Having comfortable clothes and walking shoes are packing essentials for frequent travelers. Even if the location or occasion doesn’t seem to call for it, you’ll likely find yourself walking quite a bit at some point during a journey. Avoid agony by making sure you have comfortable shoes and clothes to wear. They need to be well-fitted and suitable to the weather and climates you’ll encounter during the trip.

However, the utility doesn’t need to trump style entirely. You’ll still need to look stylish and presentable, and comfort and style don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Just be sure to consider comfort and durability when choosing which shoes and clothes to bring on the trip.

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Proper Luggage

Essentials for Frequent Travelers
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The big question facing most travelers when they’re buying luggage is whether to go with hardside or softside. Hardside luggage provides superior protection, durability, and security. The durability of hardside luggage sets is without question. You can put things inside luggage with a rigid frame that otherwise would easily break, the rigid exterior softens bumps, and there’s no way something can pierce through the tough outer shell to damage whatever’s inside. 

The weathering ability of hardside luggage is also superior. You don’t have to worry about moisture or water getting inside, and another plus is they’re easier to keep clean. Greater security is another benefit of hardside luggage. The rugged exterior keeps people from breaking in, and locked zippers and pockets keep whatever’s stowed away inside safe.

Softside luggage does offer more flexibility, the option of stuffing more things inside, and is easier to fit into a smaller space. But these advantages come with compromises to the protection of what is carried inside. All in all, for a frequent traveler, the dependability and security offered by hardside luggage are a must-have.

Reliable Electronics

Essentials for Frequent Travelers
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When traveling, you can’t always rely on a power outlet or local electronics store to keep your phone running smoothly. You need to plan before traveling and pack all the essentials you need to stay connected and plugged in on the road. Besides a good quality phone with a durable protective cover, a portable battery pack can be a lifesaver. Having one or two of them stowed in the luggage means you have several phone charges available.

Charging your phone won’t be as simple as plugging it in on back-to-back flights or overnights in hectic or remote accommodations. It’s also a great idea to have good earbuds/earphones, a collapsible keypad, and maybe even a backup device handy. Ensure you’ve brought everything along. You may need to go online and contact others before starting. Getting stranded somewhere is never fun.

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Travel Pillow

Essentials for Frequent Travelers
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A pillow might seem like a small thing, but it could be what determines whether you’ll be able to sleep in an airplane or not. Keeping your head and neck supported can make the difference between having a good night’s sleep or a restless night. You can also find similar sleep aids such as foot hammocks that help you make your seat on the airplane just a little bit more comfortable.

Weatherize Yourself: Sunscreen, Sanitizer, and Lotion

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In many places, having enough sunscreen is the difference between an enjoyable time and lots of pain and skin hazards. Lotion can also be a lifesaver in many situations. Sanitizer for hands is another great thing to bring when traveling through unfamiliar places.

These essentials are easy to pack in checked-in luggage, and you’ll have a much more pleasant trip if you’ve packed them. From lotion to sunscreen, sunglasses to umbrellas, take stock of where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing before you leave, and be prepared.

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