8 Great Reasons to Visit Dubai

‍You love a good adventure. Whether you’re looking for a new job, a new relationship, or even a new home, there are certain places that you have to visit to feel fulfilled. Dubai is one of those places—and it’s worth a quick trip to check out all the hype. 

With so many things to do and see in Dubai, it can be easy to lose track of time. If you’re looking for some top reasons to visit Dubai that won’t leave you disappointed, then scroll down and check out these 8 great reasons why you should pack your bags and head to the United Arab Emirates:

The Burj Al Arab Hotel

If you love a good challenge, this is the hotel for you. The Burj Al Arab Hotel boasts the world’s highest observation deck, which people refer to as the “Skytrain” for its easy access to the top floor. 

The observation deck is open to the public for design Extravaganza weekends, so you can take a break from the wear and tears of everyday life and immerse yourself in the wow factor of the view. If you love a good challenge, this is the hotel for you. 

To get the top Dubai vacation packages, check out this website and learn more here. But there’s more to the Burj Al Arab Hotel than just the view. The hotel is also home to the world’s first seven-star rating, which means it’s one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. This is the place for you if you want a truly unique experience.

Dubai has the Most Impressive Skyline in the World

Dubai is an amazing city with a skyline that is impossible to forget. Skyscrapers, each more unique and impressive than the next, line the streets and pierce the sky. From the iconic Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, to the glittering Gold Souk, Dubai is a city of extremes.

Climb the Tallest Building in the World

If you’re a hotelier looking to add another luxury addition to your portfolio, it’s worth noting that the Burj Khalifa is the perfect place to start. The Burj Khalifa’s tallest building earns its sphinx-like stature by having 28 sub-structures, or “islands,” attached. 

The lowest one is 210 feet, making it the highest building in the world to feature a public pool. If you’re a hotelier looking to add another luxury addition to your portfolio, it’s worth noting that the Burj Khalifa is the perfect place to start. 

Be Entertained by the Mega Malls

Malls are a part of every major city’s shopping experience, but in Dubai, they’re the epitome of elegance and class. You’ll find towering malls with world-class architecture, a diverse selection of international brands, and some of the most luxurious shopping experiences you can find in their place. 

They offer the perfect destination if you’re looking for a spot of culture. The malls also host regular events, such as art gallery openings, film screenings, and live music performances. If you’re looking for a break from the norm, you can always try your hand at one of the many games and activities kids are always up for.

It has a Thriving Foodie Scene

If you’re a foodie, you won’t be disappointed in Dubai. You’ll never be short of options, from authentic Indian and Southeast Asian spots to mouthwatering American and European cuisine. The city has more than 200 restaurants, and many are open 24/7. You can sometimes find live music in certain areas, and there are plenty of places to relax with a drink or eat dinner al fresco.

It is the Modern Art and Design Capital of the Middle East

When it comes to modern art, the United Arab Emirates are leaders. The country has a long and storied history crafting beautiful and intricate works of art. The annual Dubai Art Festival is a showcase of contemporary art. And if you’re looking for a modern design, Dubai has it in spades. The city hosts some of the world’s most extravagant luxury fairs annually.

It’s a Multicultural Melting Pot

The United Arab Emirates is known for its level of tolerance and diversity. The country is one of the Middle East’s most popular vacation destinations. There are over 200 nationalities living in the UAE, each with something to offer. There is even a high number of Indians living in the country, which is great since there’s a large number of Indian heritage in the city of Dubai.

More travel inspiration

There is 1,000km of Beaches to Enjoy

While it’s easy to feel claustrophobic, the beaches of Dubai are great for cooling off during the cooler months. If you’re lucky enough to live in Downtown or J W Marriott Residence & Spa, you can check out the beaches at Dubai Creek, World Central, and Arabian Nights. 

In order to enjoy the beauty from the water and relax with the company or alone, you can use yacht rental services in Dubai. I guarantee that this trip will remain in your memory for a long time.

The United Arab Emirates is an easy country to get excited about, and with so many reasons to visit, it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for a new and exciting vacation spot, the United Arab Emirates is worth a look. From the world’s most impressive skyline to the largest cities in the country, there’s something for everyone.

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