Things to do in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

It wouldn’t be revolutionary if we told you that the fame of a place doesn’t guarantee the quality of your experience there, and vice versa. Places not included on lists of top recommended spots in the world, can create some exquisite travel memories. This is exactly the case at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia, which is located only 26 km from the smaller, yet more famous “brother” – Lake Bled.

The majority visitors arrive to the Lake Bled (Blejske jezero) stay there for a couple of hours, and do some mellow sightseeing, but Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko jezero) can be a good alternative if you like being more active during your travels.

attractions in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia
Shades of blue and green of misty Bohinj.

Bohinj is the largest permanent glacial lake in Slovenia and is part of the Triglav National Park; which is also the only national park in the country. Similarly to the Logar and Jezersko valleys, their views will touch your earth-loving and adventurous soul. The area of Lake Bohinj is more developed, yet still not overwhelmed by mass tourism.

Things to do in Lake Bohinj

If you have visited Logar & Jezersko valleys, it’s time to discover another natural gem in Slovenia that you can explore explore by bike, by foot and … and by cable car!

things to do and see in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia
View from Vogel Mountain.

There are enough things to do in Lake Bohinj for a minimum of three days, but it all depends on the amount of tranquility or adrenaline you want to choose from there.

Rent a bike in Lake Bohinj

If you want to see the village life in Slovenia from different point of view and reach some beautiful spots in nature, get a bike. You can do it either independently or you can rent a bike at the Hike & Bike in Bohinsjka Bistrica, a great starting point when discovering the area of Lake Bohinj ($ 6/2 hours). In the case you want to go for a ride with a local and expert biker, you can choose one of the bike tours the company provides.

things to do and see in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia
On the way from Bohinjska Bistrica to Ribčev Laz.

Recommended path:
Biking: from Bohinjska Bistrica to Ribčev Laz: 6 km on a well-maintained biking path.
Biking and hiking: Ribčev Laz – Stara Fužina – Mostnica Gorge (Devil’s bridge/Hudičev most) – Studor – Srednja Vas – Bohinjska Češnjica – Bohinjska Bistrica (16.8 km)

what to do in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia
Gorgeous Mostnica Gorge.

To explore Lake Bohinj on two wheels is probably the best choice. You can pass through the tiny Alpine villages, and see their typical architecture, or you can enjoy the unique double haystack called the “toplar” in Studor village.

activities in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia
A double haystack in Studor village.

Hiking near Lake Bohinj

Surrounded by meadows, mountains, rivers and a lake, you won’t want to miss a walk around the lake. Lake Bohinj (4100 m long, 1200 wide) has a 12 km long walking path. To hike all the way around, will take you 4-5 hours. No bikes are allowed on this path.

activities in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia
Pristine and calm Lake Bohinj.

If you feel like roaming via hills and meadows for a bit longer, read about a hike to Mount Pršivec. There is a beautiful path from Stara Fužina to the Mostnica waterfall (5.9 km), too.

If you feel more comfortable with a local guide who can bring you to some special hidden gems, check the tours provided by the Hike & Bike (Bohinj Energy Hike, Pokljuka energy points, Evening torch walk).

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Boat trip at Lake Bohinj

In case you want to experience Lake Bohinj and learn more about its origin, consider taking a half-hour-long boat tour from Ribčev Laz to Ukanc. The people who run the boat company are very friendly locals, and the trip is a genuine welcome.

what to do in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia
A boat heading to Ukanc.

It’s electric and environmentally friendly since there are no engines allowed in Triglav National Park in Slovenia. For a timetable and ticket price list, visit their website.

Take a cable car to Vogel Mountain

To hike along the lake among the trees is one thing, but to see the stunning blue shades of Lake Bohinj surrounded by the magnificent Alps from above; is something completely different. To do this, you can either hike from Ukanc or Ribčev Laz (about two hours) take a cable car from Ukanc (about 10 minutes by foot from the port, cross the Savica River) or you can walk from Ribčev Laz from the southern side (about an hour).

what to do in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia
And off to Vogel we go.

A return ticket costs $ 16.50 and takes about 4 minutes. The cable car operates every half an hour during daylight hours. (Up on Vogel you can get a refreshment or lunch ($ 6-10 including a soft drink.))

Go paragliding in Lake Bohinj

If the weather is good in Bohinj, remember to shift your gaze to watch paragliders take off from the Vogar alpine pasture, or you could always fly yourself!

things to do in lake bohinj
Not a bad view from the top, right?

Other extreme activities you can do in the pristine nature near Lake Bohinj include: rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and last but not least, if skiing is your thing, you should definitely pay a visit here. Snow is natural, since no artificial material is allowed in Triglav, and the views on the Karavankas Alps that create the Slovenia-Austria border additionally enhance your winter outdoor experience.

Visit a gothic Church of St. John the Baptist

Head to Ribčev Laz if you need to slow down a bit after all of your outdoor pursuits. Although the church is undergoing reconstruction, you can still visit and listen to the history of the church with an energetic local guide and caretaker.

things to do in lake bohinj
Interior of the church of St. John the Baptist.

Don’t miss the fresco of St. Christopher on the outside wall, which was strategically placed there (the church stands on the crossroad) to protect all travelers and drivers. Ps: Try to count his toes!

How to get to Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

You can travel to Ribčev Laz (a village nearest to the lake) from Ljubljana (75 km) by bus which takes about two hours, or from Lake Bled (26 km). The other option is to arrive at Bohinjska Bistrica by bus (79 km) and grab a bike at the Hike & Bike.

things to do in lake bohinj
A picturesque view on Lake Bohinj and the church in Ribčev Laz.

Services around Lake Bohinj

Bohinsjka Bistrica: ATM machine, info centre, ambulance, pharmacy, and mountain rescue.
Stara Fužina: ATM, grocery.

Here you can find a very detailed guide to other services in the area of Lake Bohinj in Slovenia, including post offices and info centres.

Where to stay near Lake Bohinj

You can easily find a guesthouse or rent an apartment near Bohinj, paying on average $ 40 per double room. Of course, this is the price of the places on online booking companies, but you can find a local guesthouse in the villages around the lake for less. Check out various budget and luxury options here.

Hopefully, you have picked some fitting things to do in Lake Bohinj and can start planning your holiday in Slovenia!

A big thanks goes to Spirit Slovenia for covering part of our trip to Lake Bohinj, and to our local guide Grega Silc for making our time in Bohinj super active! As always, the opinions and suggestions are our own.

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16 thoughts on “Things to do in Lake Bohinj in Slovenia”

  1. Oh Slovenia, I miss you! Our Slovenian friend (turned into a volunteer guide too) drove us by this lake, we stopped to embrace the beauty of it and I remember the feeling of not wanting to leave, it was so beautiful and peaceful.

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      You got it, Franca, Bohinj is an incredibly calm place and the further from the lake you go, the more beautiful nature you can find there. Any plans for you to go back there?

  2. This place looks wonderful, right up our street! We have been considering a trip to Slovenia in the new year, we must make sure to include this lake.

    By the way, gorgeous new design guys, love it! 🙂

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      You guys will love Slovenia. A LOT of breathing forests there 🙂 And there’s so much to see in this small country. Thanks for kind words, happy you like the new layout.

  3. Hi Ivana and Gianni

    Stunning photos!! Slovenia is my home country and Lake Bohinj one of my favourite places to go swimming, kayaking and hiking! I’ve also wrote a post about Slovenia from an insider’s view and got luckily many positive reactions.

    By the way, a really like your blog, congrats!


  4. I was really looking forward to your Slovenia posts! Lake Bohinj looks lovely and definitely a great destination for active people like us. I had never heard of it to be honest, but I’ll be adding it to the list for our Eurail trip in the summer! Take care guys – big kiss to you both

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Knowing how active you are, Marghe, you’re going to love Slovenia! Hugs!

  5. Bill Marshall

    In a country that is full of wonderful scenery and and havens of peace and tranquility, Bohinj is one of my two very favourite places. I’ve been going there since 1986 and every time I stand on the bridge and look out over the lake it brings tears of joy to my eyes. If you enjoy mountains, water in all its forms, wild flowers, wildlife, and some of the best wines in the world then visit this area.

    My other favourite place is Dreznica in the Soca Valley, just over the mountains from Bohinj. I’ve been lucky enough to buy a house there where I’ll be staying most of this year and hopefully retiring to next year. Can’t wait.

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi Bill, thanks a lot fro dropping by. You couldn’t describe Bohinj better! We simply loved this place and Slovenia was one of the main highlights of our travels last year. Thanks for mentioning Dreznica. We haven’t made it there, but from the photos on the internet it looks indeed spectacular. I understand now why you are so excited about staying there for longer time. Have a great time!

  6. Bill Marshall

    Thanks Ivana, if you ever get a chance to go to the Soca Valley then do take the trip up to Dreznica. I think it was the third time that dad and I stayed in Kobarid and we’d just been for a walk down to the wonderful Kosjak waterfall and as we got back to the car I happened to remark that although we’d explored many little roads in the area we hadn’t yet taken the road up to Dreznica. It wound around and up through the wooded hillside, twisting and turning and offering great glimpses down into the Soca and across to the Roman ruins on the hill opposite, but never giving a hint of what was to come. Then after about 5km you round the corner of the hill, crest a rise and are presented with this view across the hidden valley –
    Our jaws dropped in unison and we fell in love with it, so when an inheritance gave me the chance to buy a house there last year we jumped at it. I was there in July getting settled in for the first time and the local people are delightfully friendly. Even in rainy November it was still gorgeous. As long as no-one asks if I prefer Bohinj or Dreznica I’ll be ok 😉

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Thank you for sharing your story and the photo, Bill, much appreciated. We spent in the Soča Valley one night, which was obviously not enough, but after reading your words and seeing how much you love the area, I’m pretty sure we’ll stop in Dreznica next time. And I promise we won’t ask you about Bohinj.

  7. Rok Pletersek

    You really made some high quality pictures. When I look the one taken on your ride to Vogel it makes me dizzy a little bit – this is some height!!
    As you have said yourself Lake Bled is much more famous, but Bohinj also has a lot to offer – this will be clear to anyone who will at least skim-read your post.

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Thanks Rok, we really hope we can inspire travellers to stop by Bohinj and explore more of its area, since it has indeed a lot to offer. And yes, the ride up to Vogel caused a bit funny stomach, but with this view, you can overcome it more easily 🙂

  8. Love it! Just included Bohinj on my must-see list for my summer road trip to Slovenia! 🙂

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi Monica, glad to hear that!
      If the nature and outdoors is your thing, then you’ve done a perfect choice 😉 Enjoy!

  9. Stunning photos and great description about Bohinj lake which is actually only a train ride away from Soca valley outdoor playground. Bill was right, Drežnica which is famous for its carnival is outstanding pretty village in Soca valley. When you are in Soca valley, rent-a-local from the area and experience hidden gems of Soca valley. You can go even further down to Goriška brda wine region or less visited Vipava valley. Keep on traveling and welcome back anytime to Slovenia, Vesna

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