Increase the Longevity of your Long-term Relationship with Experience

It’s only natural, long-term relationships need work. They are a constant work-in-progress, this is universally true. Luckily if you don’t look at it as work, growing together is what relationships are all about. Take the opportunity when you’ve been with someone for a while to push the partnership further. This is the essence of living.

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Experience things together will strengthen your bond and improve both of your lives. Still it is important to remember to pace your experiences and therefore your relationship. Going too fast toward the world inevitably leads to life, and relationships, speeding up. But if you keep all this in mind, your love and partnership will grow steadily and last-longer. Here are a few ways to keep your relationship new, fresh, vibrant, and steadily growing.

Go Abroad

Of course a great way to shake up your relationship and have a new experience together is to take a trip abroad. Whether you’re going for a lavish European vacation, a trek through Peruvian mountains, or a cultural experience in Asia, having a new experience in another country will revitalize your relationship. Not only will you have new things to talk about, you’ll grow stronger and more experienced together. When you have shared experiences like a life-changing journey abroad, your long-term relationship will benefit and last longer.

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Get Involved in the Outdoors

Another way to strengthen your long-term relationship is getting involved in the outdoors. Whether it’s learning how to rock climb, training for a backpacking trip, or take a kayaking trip, spending time outdoors and training yourself for a physical goal will push both you and your partner to be better people. These intense physical challenges outdoors will make you more grateful for your life and your partner. Challenging yourself and each other leads to lasting growth that’ll facilitate the longevity of your relationship.

Plan for Special Getaways

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It is always a good idea to plan special getaways, evenings out, and plans with your significant other, but this is especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you’re staying home or want to plan for a weekend away, there are ways to make every day special. When you’re forced to stay home, you can dress up for a candlelit dinner. Order from a fancy restaurant or cook something special.

Try taking a trip to wine country or a hiking trip through the mountains. Think outside the box. When the relationship is beginning to feel stale, shake it up with a getaway or weekend trip. You’ll have the opportunity to inject some passion into any long-term relationship.

Spice Up the Bedroom

An integral part of ensuring that your relationship stays alive is to change up your habits in the bedroom. Every long-term partnership has to keep in fresh when it comes to sex. There are a few ways to do this. For example, you can talk about fantasies and try out new things. Roleplay and new forms of foreplay can open up the door that will keep the relationship exciting. Another option is to purchase sex toys like a clit vibrator, penis rings, and dildos that will freshen up any sexual relationship.

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Learn Something New

Finally, a great way to push your partnership further is to learn something new together. Try learning an instrument at the same time. Take online language classes with each other. Build something. Start a project and your relationship takes on a new form. When you learn something as a couple, you’ll admire your partner in new ways and learn about yourself. Whatever you are interested in, learning together will make you both stronger.

Whether you’re traveling, getting away from home, challenging yourselves, or switching it up physically, or learning something new, there are a variety of ways to shake up your long-term relationship and increase the longevity of your love. Relationships are never easy. They require concerted effort and hard work to grow and continue.

Experience is necessary to move forward, but you shouldn’t go too fast all at once. If you experience too much together, you may grow apart. This is especially true when tragedy occurs. But what is even worse is to become stagnant. No relationship survives stagnancy, it is imperative to keep life and love fresh, interesting, and exciting.

Author: Ryan Beitler is a writer, journalist, and travel blogger who has written for a variety of publications including The Slovenia Times, Paste Magazine, New Noise Magazine, and a variety of travel sites.

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