For The Best Trip, Plan it, Map it, And Share With Friends

There are different types of travelers, those who like to stay at exotic resorts, dine in some of the most excellent restaurants, and poolside lounge sipping on a cocktail. Then there is the type of traveler looking for a more rugged adventure and experience. 

Finally, there is the third type, someone who likes to travel and enjoy the luxurious things in life sometimes, and other times likes to take a different approach and experience a connection with nature. 

If you’re like me, the type of travel that gets you excited is all kinds! 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best tips to take a road trip in the United States if you’re looking for more adventure and less relaxing time. You need to plan your trip for the would-be traveler so that you won’t be caught surprised, stranded, or worse. 

Planning for your trip should include some basics that you should be willing to share with someone you trust if you have a situation and need some assistance. 

Plan Your Trip

Before you pack your bags, load up your truck and head out on the road, it’s essential for you to know the best routes to get there, how long you think it may take to drive, where you may be staying before and after, you get to your destination, and how long you plan to visit before you head home. 

plan road trip
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Understand that off-road is rarely off a road. Some built-in roadways and trails should be followed as these are the safest paths. 

Also, don’t forget to check out different places that you may be able to hit up and your chosen destination. The goal is to make it an adventure and life-long memories as a result! 

Map It Out

Going off-road is incredible, but getting there can be an adventure all its own. 

Trust me; sometimes road closures happen, a landslide, traffic accident, or other weather event occurs, disrupting roadways. There isn’t cell phone service or GPS opportunities in some areas, so get an “old school” map just so that you know the various routes, topography, and other details. 

Get inspired!


Planning your trip should include your initial budget and include an emergency fund for those just-in-case moments. ATM’s and cashless options are less prevalent in more remote areas, though some places like National Parks such as Yosemite and Yellowstone offer a lot of the creature comforts of the big cities. 

Sleeping Gear

If you’re going to be sleeping outdoors, you need to have the correct type of shelter and clothing for the places you plan on being. Even in the summer months, certain areas at higher elevation can become quite chilly or wet at night, so you need to prepare. 


What do you plan to do for food and water? Do you need to pack it all before you head off, or is there a local market you can get food and water from just before arriving at your destination? The worst thing you want to be doing is scrambling for food and water in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar location. 

Adventures: If you’re planning on taking hikes or bunging around off-roading, you need to plan out some of your activities. Learn topography, get maps, and read up on other people’s experiences in the area to learn how best to plan for your own experience. 

Share Your Itinerary

One of the more essential aspects of planning your trip is to have a rough idea of where, when, and how you plan to be at your chosen destination. If you’re driving cross-country, do you plan on staying in hotels or campgrounds along the way?

mage by ThreeMilesPerHour from Pixabay 

Having some plans with flexible dates for when you expect to arrive at various locations is crucial for your planning and essential for sharing with someone back at home. 

That way, if something unexpected happens, whether it’s a weather event, your health, finances, you have a person that knows where you should be at a given time and can be a point of communication if you have issues.

If you are going to hit the road just be cognizant and alert. Sometimes accidents can happen. In countries like Australia and others, the #1 cause of car accidents is speeding. Surprise Surprise.

Pack & travel!

Preparing Your Truck And Off-Road Vehicle

Once you have your plan and itinerary shared with others, you can begin to pack for your trip. Make sure your tires, oil, and filtration systems are all in order before you go. Also, make sure your truck is up to snuff for the type of weather and terrain in the area you plan to go. 

There are various accessories for every make and model, whether it’s for a truck or even the new Ford Bronco. Getting a tool kit for your off road vehicle that you can lock and secure is crucially important. 

It’s the lockboxes on the back of a truck that you see on contractors and construction vehicles.  And you don’t have to be a plumber or contractor to benefit from these Ford truck accessories, though it’s perfect for safe storage at job sites as well.

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