Spa Days For The Nomadic Worker

Nomadic and remote working has its benefits, but it can also be a severe source of stress, with the concept of being ‘always on’ and the anxiety associated with isolation being leading causes. As a result, people are always looking for new ways to minimize that stress. Spa days are enjoyed the world over, and for good reason: as focus shifts towards self care and well-being, this kind of recreation is becoming increasingly popular.

As a nomadic worker, it’s likely that you’re already keenly aware of the risk of burnout; just as you work hard, so too you need to devote serious time to de-stressing. If you haven’t considered the benefits of a spa day yet, here are some things to think about.

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Not What You May Think

The traditional spa day is usually thought of as a luxury for couples or wealthy singletons. However, spa treatments can play an important role in a holistic approach to health, with experts at Viva Day Spa highlighting the advantages of tailored deep tissue and sports massages to help improve muscle tone and flexibility.

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These sessions provide the kind of tension release that is hard to achieve in other environments. With stress a prevalent issue for men, potentially leading to depression and other debilitating conditions, finding the time to commit to stress relieving recreation is more important now than ever.

Benefits Of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a unique kind of treatment that is available to spa users. It is touted as a therapeutic whole body regimen that can improve a whole raft of physical and mental ailments, including back pain, poor circulation, muscle inflammation, headaches, anxiety and stress.

Over and above simply going for a swim, hydrotherapy incorporates the application of heat to physical exercise in water. Taking a dip in a spa pool after a HIIT session or deep tissue massage is sure to compound the benefits, improving blood flow and reducing muscle pain.

Eating Well

For many nomads, we may find ourselves limited to a variety of food options while we’re on the road. Destination spas offer some of the best dining experiences in the world. In fact, spa cuisine aims to provide wholesome and healthy woods that cater to your specific needs and body type.

During your spa day, your diet will likely consist of a balanced diet of fresh and natural ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Spas also provide organic smoothies, juicing diets, and fasting options to help remove toxins and cleanse the body during your stay. There are countless health benefits from eating spa cuisine that consists of an increase in energy, reducing stress, weight loss, and boosting your immune system.

Take Time to De-Stress

Whether you’re living on an island for a month or constantly on-the-go, every digital nomad understands the stress of travel and working out of your suitcase. Relieving stress should be an essential part of your spa day as you will never be short of relaxing activities and treatments.

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These treatments can range from hydrotherapy and massages to holistic activities such as Pilates or yoga. Such treatments are proven to be effective at relieving tension from the body, whilst meditative activities can help with your flexibility, improve stress and muscle tone, and enhance your overall mental and physical well-being.

Focus On Your Well-Being

Busy schedules are often part of our modern nomadic way of life. However, cases of stress-related diseases are on the rise each day. While we cannot eliminate the risk entirely, there are ways we can reduce it. Setting a spa session at least once a month can help give you the much-needed relaxation that your mind and body needs from your hectic everyday life. After allowing yourself time to enjoy the spa, you will find inner peace and the ability to recenter your focus on what’s truly important, your well-being.

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Get Pampered

One of the most appealing aspects of a spa day is the idea of being pampered by all the relaxing treatments that you may not be exposed to on the road. Indulging in a pampering spa session can include treatments such as osteopathy, Shiatsu, Reiki, and Ayurveda massages.

What’s more, participating in health and fitness activities such as Pilates, yoga, and Tai Chi will leave you feeling energised for the next journey ahead. 

Altering The Routine

The work of the digital nomad is ultimately self-governed: this can work for or against you when it comes to looking after yourself. Setting your own timetable can be great, but it can have its drawbacks too. Consistently putting in that extra hour or two in the evening to meet a deadline, or getting up an hour or two earlier to prep for a presentation, can lead to unfortunate consequences over time.

Setting specific goals for work is quite natural, but this is less true for recreational activities. Accommodating a spa weekend into your schedule and “putting the work in” to decompress might just be the next step for your new routine. 

When To Schedule A Spa Day

After a long flight and going through all the stresses of travel and transit, scheduling a day at the spa or even a body massage in the comfort of your hotel room is an experience second to none. As a fantastic way to refresh your mind, recharge the body, and relax; schedule your spa trip after a taxing experience, like travel or strenuous exercise. It is a great year-round activity to unwind and promote healing, in addition to relieving both mental and physical stress.

Opting for a regular massage is a great way to keep the mind balanced and body working at its best. Not to mention, massage provides a beneficial way to unwind and recover from fatigue muscle issues such as minor traumas, spasms, or cramps.

Hopefully, with these ideas in mind, thoughts of a spa day won’t appear to be a luxury. Instead, the spa might be thought of as the space to get some serious, and crucial, relaxing done.

Pack and travel!

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