Easy Ways to Stay Healthy as a Nomad

At this point, you’ve probably realized all the excellent benefits of being a nomad. For starters, the biggest being completely independent by working wherever and whenever you want. While not all digital nomads are wealthy, the lifestyle affords you many financial benefits.

However, there can be some things that are viewed as downsides, like trying to work where there’s not reliable wifi when work equals income. You may struggle in your social life – sure, you’re meeting new people all the time, but you do eventually have to say goodbye. If you’re an introvert, this can be a struggle for you.

But, overall, the lifestyle, if it seems like it would suit you, can’t be beaten. When traveling, you’re not going to have access to the same GP all the time as you would in a permanent location, so keeping yourself in the best shape possible is paramount. Here’s a list of easy ways to stay healthy and happy living as a digital nomad. 

How to stay healthy as a nomad

Food First

Healthy as a Nomad
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It sounds like a no-brainer because, well, it is. What we eat not only has a direct and immediate impact on our mood but also on our overall physical health. The beautiful thing about a nomadic lifestyle is the opportunity to try foods from all over the world.

Take advantage of the local recommendations when you’re traveling, as you’ll be likely to find fresh, homemade-style foods that are made with minimal ingredients. In fact, try adopting a mainly plant-based diet, so you’re keeping your overall numbers reasonable. Eating plant-based will keep cholesterol and inflammation at bay, leading to more energy and overall health.

That’s not to say don’t enjoy a filet in Paris or meat and dairy when you want, but make it more of a treat than an everyday thing you’re consuming. We’ve all heard the phrase “Eat the Rainbow” so, try and eat the rainbow during every meal. You’ll feel and look better for doing so. 

Supplement Where Necessary 

Healthy as a Nomad
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No matter how healthy our lifestyles are, sometimes we need to pack an extra punch in certain areas. Depending on what those are for you, head to a natural foods store wherever you are to get educated on the supplements you should be taking to complement your healthy lifestyle.

Whether that’s vitamins to balance hormones or simply adding turmeric to your tea to combat inflammation, these are easy things we can do to boost our overall vitality. Nomadic living pays off in significant ways here – say you’re in Asia, you’ll get the freshest eastern herbs and remedies; India would be a dream for spices and ayurvedic therapies. Learning about these types of supplementation and implementing them is an absolute game-changer. 

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Sleep Soundly 

Healthy as a Nomad
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It can be tempting always to travel to see every sight and experience the city has to offer. While this is definitely recommended, make sure you’re budgeting your time well so you can still get the amount of sleep your body needs to stay in peak physical condition.

Maybe you need ten hours a night; perhaps you need six with a power nap during the day. You know your body, and it’s best to listen to it; just make sure you’re honoring it with the sleep it needs to stay it’s best for you and your travels.

Take a Tech Break 

Healthy as a Nomad
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Sounds impossible, right? I mean, your income is from working on your laptop or smartphone. But, it’s important to remember that, like all living things, we were not made to stare at screens all day. At this point, you are familiar with the adverse effects. And, as someone that is online most of their work-life, you need to prioritize this more than the average human.

So, make sure you’re taking time to close your laptop and shut off your phone and enjoy what the destination has to offer. Simply staring at the sun rising over the ocean or a mountaintop can do wonders for your soul and overall health. Don’t skimp on this step. You are lucky enough to travel and see so much of the world, take in her majesty, and reap the health benefits. 

So, here’s to your health, happiness, and travels!

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