Staying Healthy As A Digital Nomad

As a digital nomad whose home base might change overnight it is important to set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can involve everything from finding health insurance which will work wherever you are located to maintaining good daily health habits. While there are few one size fits all health solutions there are some general areas you should keep an eye on. No matter what you are doing as a digital nomad prioritizing health is important.

Health Coverage

It does not matter if you are a solo digital nomad who works for themselves or you run an organization whose employees are digital nomads spread out across the globe, having good health coverage is vital. If you find yourself struggling to understand what coverage might work for you, you should turn to organizations that do healthcare consulting, and who can help you navigate healthcare for yourself.

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When considering such coverage, consider if the insurance will cover you if you move to a new location, if the insurance has a good online portal you can access anywhere, and if you are a globetrotter if the insurance will cover the vaccinations you might need. If you happen to have a serious health issue you want the peace of mind of knowing you can get the help you need and that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Finally if your homebase is in another country it may be well worth your while to check out the local healthcare options which are often cheaper than US options for baseline healthcare.

Healthy Living

As a digital nomad it is important to stay on top of your health. This might take the form of understanding what vaccinations you need in each location you choose to live or knowing if you need to boil the local water. This might also take the form of simply staying in shape so you are less likely to need outside healthcare interventions.

Staying Healthy As A Digital Nomad
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Staying in shape does not have to be overly complex and can look like simply going for a daily walk or bike ride, eating well, and taking your vitamins. While we all know that staying healthy is a good idea when you are a digital nomad it is even more important because access to healthcare might be limited by geography or cost.

While anyone can be a digital nomad, you will find yourself less stressed if you are able to take care of your own health. Healthy living decreases the chance that you will have to deal with a health crisis.

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Support Networks

You do not need to be a digital nomad to know that travel can be stressful. On top of this being a digital nomad can have added stress because you may not have the support networks that others are able to access. This means that building your own support networks plays an important role in helping you maintain your mental wellness and protect against various mental health challenges.

You might choose to find other digital nomads that you can process the challenges and success you face with or find online support networks that are available no matter where you are living. You might also take advantage of where you are, see the sights, try the foods, go on adventures to help you feel like you are flourishing.

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Keep tabs on how you are feeling so that you can notice when you feel off and therefore can reach out to others with similar experiences when you see that you are struggling. Even if you are a digital nomad who works for themselves you do not have to do it all on your own. Leaning on others will make you stronger.

As you are working to stay healthy it is important that you make sure you have the proper health coverage, that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that you keep tabs on your mental health and your support networks. Anyone can be a digital nomad but in being one you must stay on top of your health in a manner that others can keep out of sight and out of mind. Make sure you make the health choices that will allow you the freedom to be a digital nomad. 

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