Travel Accessories for Women: Best Items For Your Next Trip

The best way to begin any journey is to start with all of the best travel accessories for women. There are massive amounts of travel items on the market, but finding the perfect fit, and just the right amount to pack can be the real challenge.

Let this list help guide you as you start preparations for your next journey. Keep in mind that while on the road, quality is always better than quantity, and it’s wise to invest in a few well made items, rather than find yourself lacking something once you’re well on your way.

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The Best Travel Accessories for Women


Making sure that you have the perfect travel bag for women is the foundation for a great journey. Depending on your travel style, you’ll want luggage to match.


Travel Accessories for Women

This PacSafe backpack is one of the best travel bags for women. Its sleek design means you’ll still look sharp while traveling, but the brilliant safety touches mean that you can rest assured that all of your travel goods are secure.

Stainless steel mesh wires prevent slashing, and puncture resistant material keeps documents and electronics in outer pockets secure. All of this, plus the zippered RFIDsafe blocking pocket sized for a wallet makes this really one of the best bags on the market.

In addition to all of the safety features, this pack boasts plenty of pouches, zippered pockets, and even a laptop sleeve if you’re looking to get work (or play) done while you’re on the road. Check it out on Amazon.

Packing Cubes

Travel Accessories for Women

Another key luggage item to have is packing cubes. These can literally save more space than you might even fathom in your bag, and they keep you organized, compartmentalized, and you can even zip away your dirty laundry, and store everything else clean and ready to wear.

Truly, packing cubes will revolutionize the way you pack, and are an asset to any traveler’s list.

This pack has a range of sizes for a variety of items, as well as breathable mesh walls to keep air moving and clothes ventilated. Check it out on Amazon.

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Daily handbag

women travel accessories

Finally, the best tool in the luggage department, is a brilliant daily handbag. This is a wonderful vegan leather crossbody with enough pockets for your essentials, but not too big to weigh you down on your way around town.

It is casual enough for a stroll, yet can be worn on a night out, and comes in a variety of awesome colors to suit any travel wardrobe. This bag also has an adjustable strap to fit your size and needs; the perfect addition for a traveling woman. Check it out on Amazon.


Again, quality is better than quantity once you’re on the road. Remember that while you’re out, you will (most likely) be in charge of your own things, and you don’t want to be weighed down by a few clothing choices that you never even wear. A perfect little black dress is the essential travel outfit for every woman’s wardrobe.

A versatile dressfemale travel accessories

This piece from Prana can be dressed up or down, worn with tights and a sweater in colder climates, and even used for long haul plane trips.

Crafted from moisture wicking fabric, this is also a wonderful travel dress for women looking to stay feeling cool and clean on the road. Also, if you’re really traveling minimally, this dress has a shelf bra with removable cups. It goes with anything and can add a touch of glamor, even on your toughest travel day. Check it out on Amazon.

Oversized scarf

female travel accessories

Another wonderful travel accessory for women is an oversized scarf. This one can be used as an extra layer during cold journeys, laid out at the beach for a day in the sun, or draped over your shoulders to add a fresh element to any outfit.

You can absolutely find a color to fit your style, or grab a few just in case! Check it out on Amazon.

Multifunctional shoes

women travel accessories

Travel shoes are always one of the most difficult things to pack-as it can be difficult to find something that can go with anything.

These ballet flats from VivoBarefoot brilliantly pair with any outfit, dressy or casual. Vivobarefoot is also known for insanely comfortable shoes that you can spend an entire day walking or night dancing in.

This pair in particular is also vegan friendly and made from uber breathable synthetic materials! Check it out on Amazon.

Pack and travel:


Travel toiletries for women are plentiful, but there are a few perfect items that you must have packed for every journey. It’s wise to prepare these things in advance in case you find yourself somewhere without a local pharmacy. Travel toiletries for women, such as flushable wipes, are plentiful, but there are a few perfect items that you must have packed for every journey.

Solid Soap

travel accessories for women

The most brilliant evolution in travel toiletries is this shampoo bar. The solid shampoo from Ethique holds the same amount of product as three full bottles of shampoo– and without the need to worry about the amount of liquid you’re carrying with you.

Ethique is also an environmentally conscious brand that seeks to reduce the amount of plastic consumed in beauty products that are created with eco friendly ingredients.

This is a great shampoo for travelers with sensitive scalps, or if you’re worried about water quality abroad damaging your locks. Smells great and keeps you feeling fresh! Check it out on Amazon.

100ml leakproof bottlestravel accessories

When you’re on the road, and you’re worrying about toiletries, one of the best tools to have is a set of 100ml/3oz bottles to keep your favorite products on hand and out of your bathroom bag. These leak-proof bottles make sure that you always are ready with your gels, lotions, or creams, and never have to worry about a mess from broken or unsealed caps.

Easy to fill, and easy to clean– a perfect investment for a woman on the road. Check it out on Amazon.

Hanging travel bag

travel accessories

A great addition to any lady’s travel arsenal is a foldable toiletry bag. A hanging bag is a wonderful option if you’re short on counter space, or need to access something quickly. This bag is made of a breathable, waterproof fabric, making it easy to clean, and easy to keep looking great.

It also has a surprisingly large capacity, so even if you’re bringing a little extra, rest assured, it will all fit inside! This option comes in hot pink, but there are other colors available, if you’re looking for something a bit more muted. Check it out on Amazon.

Travel emergency kittravel accessories

Everyone hates to be on the road when you need a simple tool in a pinch. This travel emergency kit has everything you might need for those little incidents.

This kit contains bandages, alcohol pads, wound skin closures, and more!

All of this is also held in a practical travel pouch and keeps you prepared for all of life’s little hiccups. Check it out on Amazon.

Menstrual cup

travel accessories for women

If you haven’t joined the massive movement towards less waste and less hassle on the road, then here is your chance to honestly change the way you think about periods. The Diva Cup creates zero waste while on the road, and is the easiest way to manage your “days” while on the road.

This is seriously easy and an absolute must when you’re on the road. Never have to worry about finding an emergency pharmacy, ever–just carry this with you in its included travel case, and always be prepared and unfazed. Check it out on Amazon.

Travel towel

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel with questionable towels, or spent the night without anything provided to dry yourself off with, then you’ll understand the absolute need for this quick dry travel towel by Bogi.

Use it as a mat at the beach, a fresh and clean way to dry off after a shower, or an extra layer on a chilly night.

It is ultra-quick drying and wicks moisture away like magic. You can also choose from a great variety of colors and sizes (although we would recommend the XL version so you always have a little extra room).

Bogi is also antibacterial and won’t start smelling up your bag, no matter how many times you use it! Check it out on Amazon.


Making sure that you have the best up-to-date technology is a wonderful way to stay prepared, connected, and entertained while on your journey. Always remember to look up from your screen while on your journey, and never worry about your battery dying!

Portable charge

This portable charger from Anker is seriously one of the best available travel devices on the market. It offers 10 full iPhone charges as well as multiple charges for other devices. Take your technology from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes using the Anker charger.

Anker has also designed a wonderfully thin and sleek device that easily sneaks into just a few centimeters of your travel bag. The perfect device for those of us who enjoy our technology while on the road, yet don’t want to be weighed down by it. Check it out on Amazon.


Let’s face it, when we’re traveling and looking for something to read, it can be frustrating to find quality books and no one wants to lug around a set of them, especially with limited travel space.

The Kindle makes reading on the road not only a pleasure, but a convenient one as well. Massively long battery life with 8 or 32 GB options. The newest version is also waterproof, so read at the pool or near the beach without worries!

Its new built in light also means you can read in the dark or if your eyes just need a little help. Check it out on Amazon.

Fitbitwomen travel gear

While on a journey, it’s also important to take your health and fitness into account. A Fitbit can be the perfect daily companion to keep you on track with monitoring your daily physical activity and even sleep patterns.

These come in a variety of colors with a massive myriad of features to keep you focused on the things that might be a bit harder to track when you’re away from home. This is a great investment in your wellness and can absolutely be a great tool to always travel with.

This version is also compatible with Android phones and will even alert you of incoming calls and messages. A wonderful way to say fit and connected for every traveler! Check it out on Amazon.

Travel adapter
women travel accessories

Never again worry about not being able to charge up in a new destination. A travel adapter is a great tool to have, and this one is compatible for US, EU, UK, and Aus outlets. It also has multiple USB ports and can be connected to a laptop.

Make sure you have a lightweight option on hand, and tuck this great travel tool away for your next international journey. Check it out on Amazon.

Luggage scale

female travel gear

A simple yet brilliant travel accessory for women: a luggage scale. This is a wonderful trick to have ready to go while you travel. Never worry about excess baggage fees, or oversized luggage–check the weight of your carry-on before you even arrive at the airport and relax at check-in.

This is a slim and sleek scale that you can easily pop into a carry-on for use anytime. Well reviewed and well priced: a perfect addition to and traveler’s list! Check it out on Amazon.


Travel inherently isn’t more dangerous than staying home, but it’s important to always stay alert and vigilant especially in new places around the world.

Money beltfemale travel gear

One of the best travel accessories for women is a safe money belt to keep you organized, protected, and without a worry on the street. The Day Tip money belt is a great option for storing cash, cards, passports, keys, and other forms of identification you want to keep on you. It’s built from 100% blocking RFID material keeping even your most important assets safe from theft.

It is also designed in a way that won’t stand out under clothes, and can even be used as a running belt should you feel the need to head out for a jog with your phone etc.

A great option for even a seasoned traveler, Day Tip keeps you protected so you can focus on what’s really in front of you. Check it out on Amazon.

Travel Wellness

Even the most seasoned travellers can become exhausted on the road, and something always worth packing is a device for your wellness.

Eye maskTravel Accessories for Women

This bluetooth eye mask is seriously a treat, and can honestly help anyone have a better sleep, at home, or on the road.

Pair your device with the bluetooth compatible eye mask and play your favorite tunes, audiobook, or just some soft white noise to help you drift off and stay asleep while you travel. The side panel of the mask allows you to manually adjust your volume and pause or play your audio.

Made from soft and breathable memory foam, it is also a dream against your eyes, and a perfect travel accessory for women on the road. Check it out on Amazon.

Staying prepared while on the road, is the best way to make the most out of your travels. Every moment and pocket size matters to a travelers, so don’t sacrifice quality before you even begin!

If you’ve used any of these products before, or have additional suggestions, let us know in the comments below!

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