Traveling In Virginia: The Best Places to Visit

Some of us might not have the opportunity to travel internationally this summer, which in itself is a Summer Bummer. If you hail from the Mid Atlantic area of the U.S., though, you might want to put the state of Virginia on your list of places to travel to domestically. There’s so much to do and see in the state, and after your visit, you’ll know why the state’s motto is “Virginia is For Lovers.”

Traveling In Virginia: The Best Places to Visit


Traveling In Virginia
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There is a totally different vibe in Williamsburg, Virginia than Williamsburgh, the neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Williamsburg, Virginia, is one of the most historic places you can visit in the state with its colonial history. It is part of the “Historic Triangle” and Jamestown and Yorktown, drawing over four million tourists annually.

History, however, isn’t the only thing the town has to offer. This quaint small city boasts many big-city luxuries, from opulent spas and hotels to high-end boutiques and fine dining. 

Virginia Beach

Traveling In Virginia
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If you’re already in Williamsburg, you’re not too far from Virginia Beach, and this is one beach town you have to check out. The boardwalk is always hopping during the summer months, with tons of tourists and buskers performing. There’s a rich history in the area as well, like almost all of Virginia to explore.

But, the main attraction is, of course, the oceanside. If you want something quieter, the North End will be more your vibe. If you’re going to show off your favorite red bikini, you’ll want to stay right on the boardwalk. Of course, you have to try some fresh seafood, most notably Blue Crabs from the Chesapeake area.

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where to go in Virginia
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You can’t come to the state of Virginia without visiting Charlottesville. Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, is a must-see and the grounds for the University of Virginia. As a founder of the University, his architectural influence is felt across the campus. You also get to observe the breathtaking views that the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer and take a scenic car ride along Skyline Drive.

It wouldn’t be a successful trip to Charlottesville without touring one of the various breweries and wineries as well. There’s fresh apple and peach picking around almost every corner, as well as other seasonal delights at one of the many orchards sprinkled throughout the small city. 


places to visit in Virginia
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From Charlottesville, you’re merely an hour away from the state capital of Richmond, Virginia. Richmond was the Confederacy’s capital during the Civil War, making it an obvious destination for any history buff. What Richmond has done under progressive leadership to redeem its dark history is not only admirable but awe-inspiring.

The Richmond of today is a hub for creatives and intellectuals, and a powerful artistic influence is felt simply driving through the city, marveling at the endless amount of murals. You also have destinations like the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Discovery Museum; if you’re traveling with children is a must-see.

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Washington, D.C. 

Traveling In Virginia
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Of course, Washington D.C. is its own entity, a federal territory, but it does lie in the state of Virginia. It’s a tiny city but absolutely has the big city feel. If you’ve never been, this summer is the time to do it. It’s better if you’re visiting in the spring to observe the world-renowned Cherry Blossoms on display, but summertime is equally fantastic for other reasons.

You don’t have to walk more than a block in D.C. to find excellent shopping or dining as well as live performances either on the street or in a ballet or opera house. The food in D.C. is second to none, and there are restaurants to appease any craving you may have at any hour of the day or night.

Virginia has so much to offer, no matter what you’re looking for in a vacation. If you’re lucky enough to live in a neighboring state, you must visit this summer. If you’re already living in the state, there are few things more thrilling than discovering that your new favorite place to vacation is a mere one or a two-hour drive from your back door.

International travel and experiencing new cultures worldwide are everyone’s dream and an essential part of self-evolution and discovery. In the same way, exploring the same country you live in is just as enriching. Safe travels and Happy Trails!

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