What to wear in Paris: The Ultimate Guide

Ah, La France! Are you planning a trip to the most romantic capital city on the planet and debating on what to wear in Paris?

I know, I know… you have been waiting for this moment for so long and now that it is finally time to go, not only you feel like you have nothing to wear, but you actually have nothing to pack!

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Take a deep breath and keep reading this post filled with tips on what to wear in Paris. I am sure that you will find some inspiring ideas that will make you exclaim: uh la la!

Get ready to picture yourself strolling around Montmartre feeling like a total local. And let me tell you more; you will find yourself holding a baguette under your arm, smiling to the sky, whistling songs of amour… and wearing the perfect outfit. Shall we start?

What to wear in Paris – The Ultimate Guide

Red Lipstick

I mean… did you really think that you could do anything in Paris without wearing a proper red lipstick?

Red lipstick is the quintessential of elegance and style, all wrapped in a small stick that you can easily carry in your bag. Trust me: with the right nuance of red lipstick, flirting has never been easier.

Red lipstick is for Parisian girls as important as pasta for us Italians… but just in a sexier way. And is there anything better than traveling to Paris wearing the timeless Coco Rouge by Chanel? Absolutely not!

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A bit of glam

Paris is known for its class and its fashion, so it’s a place where you always want to be ‘on’ aesthetically.

Nothing better can help you do that than a glitzy new piece from the jewelry store near you. Nothing goes with the aforementioned red lipstick like the gleam of a diamond, whether it’s a pair of earrings to compliment a more formal dress, or a bracelet you can wear and you see the rights around the city.

A stripped t-shirt

what to wear in Paris

Now let’s get started with finding the right clothes for Paris. Whether you are traveling in summer or winter time, you can’t miss a stripped t-shirt, which is just as important as red lipstick.

It is easy to wear and it suits every situation, giving you an effortless touch of style. It is perfect with a pair of black pants or jeans, but also with a casual skirt.

Try to picture yourself ordering a warm pain au chocolat and a cinnamon roll as your train your “R” trying to achieve the perfect French pronunciation in a small café along the Seine.

Can you see it happening? I totally can and you look just fabulous!
Check the latest price on Amazon, and since you are already here, take a look at this stripped pajamas… who said that we can be stylish only during the day?

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What to Wear in Paris in Winter Time

As much as it’s an extremely charming time of the year, winter in Europe can be very tough, and Paris is no exception.

When it comes to know what to wear in Paris in winter, you’ll need to bring:

A warm jacket

A warm jacket is a must, even better if waterproof. Being located along the shores of the Seine, Paris can be very windy, too, therefore a hoodie can be very handy.
I really like this one, what do you think?

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Packable Puffer Coat
What to wear in Paris

Don’t forget to bring also an ultra light down; I could not live without it! Little magic inventions for travellers.

This jacket is so small and thin, allowing you to bring an extra jacket without having to sacrifice all the room in your luggage!

You can use it by itself or as a second skin to be worn underneath a thicker jacket if you are really sensitive to cold. Extremely smart and useful, a must have for all travellers!

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A warm scarf

 What to wear in Paris

Being a tourist in Paris during winter time can be stressful: there is way to much beauty the eyes can stand and spending the day strolling around the Champs-Élysées jumping from a small café to another, sipping cappuccinos and hot chocolate can be very challenging.

As my mother always says: keep the neck and chest warm! So, for the perfect outfit in Paris you’ll need to get a good, warm, and soft scarf. Just like this one.

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Winter touch screen gloves

What to wear in Paris

A good pair of winter gloves are very important too, even better if they are touch screen, so you won’t miss the chance to take the perfect snap in front of the Eiffel Tower and you will be able to post your daily Instagram Stories without running the risk of freezing your fingers. A very smart idea!

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A French beret hat
What to wear in Paris

Were you seriously thinking about traveling to Paris without wearing a beanie? It is another must-have accessory! Check the latest price on Amazon.

A pair of comfortable vegan boots

What to wear in Paris

When in Paris, the key word is strolling around! You will spend all day sightseeing, shopping, and eating. And as much as all these activities may sound just amazing, you will need a good pair of shoes if you want to also enjoy them.

Packing comfortable walking shoes for Paris is absolutely essential. If you find the right ones like these lace-up ankle boots from Vivobarefoot (they come also in vegan model), you’ll feel like walking on the clouds!

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What to wear in Paris in Summer

Winter time might be quite black, so when it comes to pick what to wear in Paris in summer, you can venture with something colorful… yet not too much.

Remember, we are in Paris, hence you want to look classy and whimsical, not tacky and joyful.

Thumbs up for neutral colors like grey or beige. And denim! Combine a denim jacket with a little floral dress, and you will magically have the perfect Paris outfit for girls.

An overallthings to wear in Paris

Whether you like it or not, overalls are back. And I just love them. They are comfy, easy to wear, hipsterish and stylish at the same time.

Basically you will feel like wearing a pyjamas all day but you will look just fabulous. How about this one combined with a striped t-shirt and red lipstick? Uh lala!

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A denim jacket What to wear in Paris

A chic denim jacket is another must-have piece of your what to wear in Paris list.
It is just perfect: it is stylish, it’s timeless, it protects you from the breeze blowing from the Seine, and it basically goes with everything.

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A dress
things to wear in Paris

Find a dress that makes you feel comfortable and just kill it! Wear it with a pair of sneakers or flat sandals and just two drops of your favorite perfume. You won’t need anything else.

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A pair of sunglasses

What to wear in Paris

A good pair of sunglasses are an essential accessory when you’re exploring the world, especially if you’re traveling to Paris.

They’ll protect you from the sun, complete your outfit, and hide any sign of tiredness just in case you’ve had a long night sampling French wine.

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Comfortable ballerina flats

What to wear in Paris

Finding a comfy pair of walking shoes for Paris is the key to make sure you will make the most out of your experience. During summer time temperatures will be pretty high, therefore I recommend a nice pair of ballerina flats.

They are my best travel buddies wherever I go. Last but not least, you can easily wear them with a short or long dress or a pair of jeans. They match with almost everything!

Check prices on Amazon.

I hope that these tips on what to wear to Paris will help you packing the perfect bag. Don’t forget to save some spare room: lots of shopping is waiting for you!

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What to wear in Paris

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