What to Wear in Thailand: Tips for Your Urban and Beach Vacation

Deciding what to wear in Thailand can be a little tricky, especially if you are getting ready for your first visit to the land of smiles.

The level of humidity in Thailand can be absolutely crazy and you need to make sure to wear the proper clothes in order to stay cool, comfortable, and to respect the required dress code to visit temples and other sacred and religious sites.

And how about the islands? What should I wear to visit the main cities? How much stuff do I need to pack? Will I shop until I drop or should I make sure to pack all my Thailand travel essentials without running the risk to need something while traveling?

Well well, my dear nomad, we have got you covered. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy this post filled with tips on what to wear in Thailand to make sure you have all you need to enjoy one of our favorite countries in South East Asia.

What to wear in Thailand

Before you keep reading this article, I want to give you just one small piece of advice: when it comes to packing for Thailand, don’t be shy and go crazy with colors!

I can already picture you wearing a light and colorful Thai dress while being surrounded by palms, pineapples, and some of the most stunning waters you will ever see in your traveling life.

Thailand is known for its crazy street market scene. You can find markets everywhere and at any time of the day or the night. Along with lots of fresh and yummy food, market sellers offer an incredibly colorful and cheap fashion selection.

Thai clothing is famous for being ridiculously affordable and absolutely irresistible, so if I were you I would keep it in mind and save some space in your luggage for some shopping and market finds!

What to wear in Bangkok

A maxi dress
what to wear in Thailand

Make sure to include a maxi dress in your Thailand packing list. Choose a light fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable in any situation. Maxi dresses are great both during the day and in the evening too. Have fun adding a personal touch with a belt, a scarf or other accessories that will make your style just unique.

Don’t forget that Thai temples have a very strict dress code and women are not allowed to show their legs; wearing a maxi dress is a great solution to avoid this problem and to keep your legs safe from sunburnt. Check the latest price on Amazon.

A pair of comfortable sandals

what to wear in Thailand

If you are wondering what to take to Thailand, then a pair of comfortable sandals should be at the very top of your packing list.

Bangkok is a huge city and there so much to do and see that you will spend most of your time sightseeing and walking around. Considering its high temperatures and humidity level, feeling comfortable and avoiding foot pain is a must. Bring your best pair of Thailand shoes to make sure to keep strolling around all day long. Check the latest price on Amazon.

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A light scarf

what to wear in Thailand
A light scarf is by far one of your travel essentials for Thailand. Bring one with you everywhere you go, especially when it comes to visiting temples and religious sites.

Covering up in temples is absolutely mandatory, and you can use your scarf to cover your shoulders or your legs if you are wearing a pair of shorts. Also, if you feel a little bit exotic, you can always use the scarf to cover your head and find some relief during the warmest hours of the day. Check the latest price on Amazon.

A maxi skirt

what to wear in Thailand

“Maxi skirts are ugly” – said no one, ever. What to pack for Thailand rather than a couple of light cotton maxi skirts?

Whether you choose plain colors or floral patterns, maxi skirts are a great option to stroll around the city while adding a bohemian touch to your traveling style. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Pack and travel:

Loose tops

what to wear in Thailand
Make sure to bring some plain, comfortable, and light cotton tops which can be easily mixed and matched with a maxi skirt or a pair of shorts. One tip of advice: choose light or earthy colors such as white, light brown, grey or olive green – they will look awesome with your suntan! Check the latest price on Amazon.

What to wear on the islands in Thailand

A sun hat

what to wear in Thailand
Now that you are ready to choose what to wear while enjoying some island hopping, don’t forget to include a sun hat in your Thailand packing list. Besides protecting you from heavy temperatures and excessive exposure to sun, hats are a great accessory to take some amazing photos on the beach! Check the latest price on Amazon.

A pair of shorts

what to wear in Thailand
Wearing shorts in Thailand is absolutely fine as long as you are not planning to visit temples or other sacred sites. Add a pair of shorts to your Thailand travel checklist, especially if you are planning to spend some time on the islands.

Shorts can be a great option to go to the beach, or you can wear them also at night with a loose shirt on top and a pair of sandals. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Swimsuits and bikini galore!

what to wear in Thailand islands

What to take when travelling to Thailand rather than dozens of swimsuits and bikinis? The sea in Thailand is incredibly beautiful and you will find yourself diving into its waters and realizing your inner mermaid. Choose your favorite style and color and make sure to bring enough bikinis to get the perfect holiday tan! Check the latest price in Amazon.

Bathing suits cover

what to wear on Thailand islands

Who said that one can’t be stylish also at the beach? Pack a nice bathing suit cover to feel comfortable and pretty all the long. Check the latest price on Amazon.

A pair of flip flopswhat to wear in Thailand

Last but not least, add a pair of flip flops to your suitcase. As you will be busy swimming, island hopping, and sunbathing all day long, you need to have a comfortable pair of flip flop to go to the beach, stroll around and walk to the nearest fresh coconut seller! Check the latest price on Amazon.

Hopefully this post on what to wear in Thailand will help you finding some inspiration for your next trip. Don’t forget not to pack too much stuff – traveling light will make your life and your trip so much easier!

Have fun and… sawadi kap!

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