Ivana and Gianni from Nomad is Beautiful at Loy Krathong Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Dream

We are Ivana Greslikova and Gianni Bianchini, a digital nomad couple, travel writers, photographers and video-makers.

Since both of us have always felt happy and inspired while exploring new destinations, there were no doubts about starting this adventure together. After we travelled extensively through Europe and went for a short trip to Morocco, we wished to know more about people and culture on the other continents. Unfortunately, it was not easy to get them know well in two weeks, and not very easy to take more than two weeks of holiday in a row in our previous jobs.

The Plan

Moreover, at that time (in 2012) we definitely needed more finances to start up long-term travel. It all seemed to be a vicious cycle until we made a decision and set up a plan: if we were able to save money, we would take a trip around the world.

So we did.

What helped and pushed us forward was the motivation of living a more frugal life and get rid of too many possessions, and being free to dedicate our time to what we love: writing, photography, video, responsible travel and natural living.

The Outcome

In summer 2013 we quit our jobs (in case of Gianni, they made him redundant just in perfect timing and anticipated his decision), sold and gave away everything we owned, packed our carry-on luggage (8 kilos each) and bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

For now, we have started in Thailand with the aim to move slowly around Southeast Asia. Regarding financing the travel, we will be using our savings wisely, budgeting as much as we can and earning money using our photography skills, along with our passion for nature and yoga.

The Mission

On our journey, we will show you places where you can replenish your spirit, take good care of your body, eat and drink decent, healthy, local food and beverages. Most importantly, we will inspire and develop the creative part inside of you. As we know that opening a new and unpredictable chapter of your life is not a simple thing to do, we will also give you suggestions that work for us along the way.


Ivana & Gianni

Ivi-PortraitIvana is originally from an eastern part of Slovakia. She graduated with a degree in English and Ukrainian Language and Literature and continued with PhD studies at the University of Prešov’s Ukrainian Department. She has also completed a 2-year art therapy course.
Among other jobs, she previously worked as a freelance English teacher, a translator and editor for a Ukrainian magazine, coordinated a project called “Films of Ukraine” in Prague, and assisted in performing Family Constellation therapy. Later on, she worked as a caregiver in a German-English kindergarden in Frankfurt, Germany.
Ivana practices yoga and has a deep interest in healthy nutrition. Her heart beats faster when she learns about nature, forgotten tribes and their cultures.


Gianni-Portrait-smallGianni is from southeast Italy, a beautiful region called Puglia. After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literatures he moved to live and work in Liverpool as a videogame tester. After six years living in England, he moved to Frankfurt and worked as a translator, still in the game industry. He has always dreamt of travelling the world with his camera and having a chance to show the beauty of this world through his photography.  After nine years spent in an office dreaming and staring at a screen or at a window, he is finally, happily, on the road.
Besides photography, Gianni has a passion for technology and the Internet, loves to cook healthy food and practices meditation regularly.