Welcome to Nomad is Beautiful. My name is Gianni Bianchini and I am originally from Italy, but I left my home 18 years ago.

After living and having a regular job in different countries around  Europe for 10 years, I decided it was time to work on my own dream project.

After preparing for the biggest change of my life, I made a plan, quit smoking, left my job, and hit the road with a clear vision of traveling  the world, and helping others to do the same.

Since 2013 I’ve been full-time digital nomad, running this blog Nomad is Beautiful.

I’ve experimented with different ways to make money through the blog, and  tried various travel styles; I hopped from one destination to another, staying  long-term in Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey and Bulgaria, which are the places I eventually fell in love with, and where I keep returning.

In business and travel, I’ve learned from my mistakes, but I have also grown immensely.

When I started traveling and working online in 2013, the ‘digital nomad’ scene was already a thing, but absolutely not on the same level of  hype as now.

All I knew at that time was that I wanted to live, travel, and work from anywhere, and cultivate a  lifestyle that would sustain my travels.

“Why did you quit your job?”you might ask.
The main reason was that I was not happy with limited vacation time and the lack of creativity in my previous life. Within these constraints I couldn’t develop and grow my biggest passions like photography, video making, writing and traveling onto a professional level.

Only after researching and being inspired by other long-term travelers who made traveling their career, I was encouraged  to quit my job, sell and give away everything I owned, and commence a new chapter in my life.

I started from zero, knowing practically nothing  about blogging or making money online. However, I was ultimately convinced this was the lifestyle I wanted to embrace, even with all the ups and downs that would inevitably come my way.

I was ready to learn, which actually felt fresh and exciting after years of repetitive office work.

“So if you’re contemplating the move to a nomadic lifestyle and you’re fighting with your doubts and fears, I understand. I’ve been there, and it’s not a pretty thing to feel insecure and doubtful about your potential success.

But step by step, year by year, I’ve built a platform with useful travel tips and diversified my website with useful advice for digital nomads.

Since I left Germany and my stable job in 2013, I’ve traveled  to more than 49 countries, and returned to my home country only once a year for a few weeks to say hi to my friends and relatives, before hitting  the road again.

When I am not on a bus, train, or plane, I love hiking, cycling through lesser known towns and woods, visiting local food markets, and sampling all the goodies local cuisines can offer.

You can find me in co-working spaces, on various digital nomad festivals, visiting local communities, or chatting with  street vendors while indulging on some freshly cooked food.

Traveling and being able to work online just makes me happy.

I’ve never looked back with the thought of returning  to my old life. Instead, I love creating and planning my days as I wish, growing my online business, meeting inspiring people, and choosing destinations where I feel connected to the people and living in a different culture.

That’s what has been shaping me as human being the most. This is  the main reason why I’ve been on the road for so long; the eternal curiosity about how  life in the next country will look.

Follow me on these platforms and the blog, and I’ll show you how to live, travel, and work online from anywhere.

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Meet Nomad is Beautiful Team

Gianni Bianchini

Co-founder, Photographer and Video-maker

Gianni is from southeast Italy, a beautiful region called Puglia. After graduating in Foreign Languages and Literatures he moved to live and work in Liverpool as a videogame tester.

After six years living in England, he moved to Frankfurt and worked as a translator, still in the game industry. He has always dreamt of travelling the world with his camera and having a chance to show the beauty of this world through his photography.

After ten years spent in an office dreaming and staring at a screen or at a window, he is finally, happily, on the road.
Besides photography, Gianni has a passion for technology and the Internet, loves to cook healthy food and practices meditation regularly

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Ivana Greslikova

Co-founder, Writer and Editor
Ivana is originally from an eastern part of Slovakia. She graduated with a degree in English and Ukrainian Language and Literature and continued with PhD studies at the University of Prešov’s Ukrainian Department.

She has also completed a 2-year art therapy course. Among other jobs, she previously worked as a freelance English teacher, a translator and editor for a Ukrainian magazine, coordinated a project called “Films of Ukraine” in Prague.

Later on, she worked as a caregiver in a German-English kindergarden in Frankfurt, Germany. Ivana practices yoga and has a deep interest in healthy nutrition. Her heart beats faster when she learns about nature, forgotten tribes and their cultures.

Emily King

Lead Editor & Writer
Emily is a writer, editor, and educator who grew up in Alaska. She has lived in Argentina, Germany, and Thailand–and constantly seeks out local friendly animals, dance venues, and bookstores.

She has worked with Nomad is Beautiful for five years as an editor and contributing writer: exploring locations from Mexico to Hong Kong, and sitting as the resident travel backpack expert.

Cristina Buonerba

Born and raised in the South of Italy, Cristina is an Italian digital nomad and travel blogger. 
Gipsy soul, spicy personality, she is passionate about yoga, all kind of food, street markets, South East Asia, Central America and everything is between.

She has been part of the Nomad is Beautiful team writing articles filled with tips about Italy and the rest of the world.
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Gabriela Holcer

Graphic Designer

Artist/painter, animal lover and a traveller. I like to go my own way in life, whether it’s at home or travelling the world. I like to meet new people, cultures, animals, who I then portray on canvas.

I am especially fascinated by cows and their huge dark eyes… I try to see bright colours and bubbles in the world and people around me :).

If I’m not painting or exploring the world, you can catch me doing graphic design or other creative work, planning world travels or by cooking delicious and colourful meatless dishes.

Lukas Cech

Web Designer

Go-getter and free thinker, traveler, a stoic-skeptic, an anti-specieist.

I quit a great career in London, to live a more fulfilled life, by my values. I have been traveling, living in various countries around the world and working for myself since May 2012. My main goal in life is personal freedom – financial, of location, of time.

I feel best in these areas: ecommerce – selling and marketing things online, WordPress webdesign, website improvement (optimalisation – speed & SEO, solutions, management).

Or you can find me car camping somewhere around Europe – see my latest project about sleeping in everyday cars: NimbleCamper.com.

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