There is an abundance of travel websites out there nowadays. Since 2013, we’ve been exploring hundreds of these resources on the internet, so we could plan our travels more efficiently.

On this page, we’ve listed some of the best travel resource websites that we trust and personally use on a daily basis. They can help you organise your travels better, whether it’s a short trip or a long-term adventure.

We’ve created this list for free, but some of the links on this page are affiliates, which means by using any of the services or buying a product through our site we’ll get some commission that will help us to run this website, at no extra cost for you.

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Another booking service for hotels of various budgets all around the world. We love their user-friendly website, as well as the option to cancel your booking with no cost. The site is great for booking hotels and hostels in Europe.


This is an excellent option for accommodation for those who prefer a slower travel mode, and love connecting with local culture. Ever since our first housesitting assignment in 2015 in Brighton, we’ve loved it! TrustedHousesitters is an online platform, which allows you to find an owner who is looking for a responsible person to look after their house, garden and often pet(s), too.

There is an annual fee for using the website. We’ve been using the site since 2015, and we can swear by it. If you’re new to housesitting, use this link to register to get 25% off on annual membership.

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In case you love staying in hostels, this is the right platform to book your accommodation while traveling. One of the benefits is an online profile that can help you receive discounts at certain hostels, and excellent reviews that help you choose the best hostel for your travel style ie. large social hostels, small locally run hostels, even hostels with specific niche clientele (surfers, dancers, climbers, runners).

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This is a huge travel community of hospitality and service around the world. The great thing about Couchsurfing is its focus of bringing people together through hosting at someone’s home. The main idea of the site is to exchange travel experiences, explore and live like a local, and possibly learn some new skills from your host or maybe teach him or her something you’re good at.

We’ve been using the platform since 2008 both as hosts and guests. Hosting in a private home is usually free. However, never consider it as totally free accommodation, because it wouldn’t be fair to people who welcome you at their place and dedicate their time and money (toiletries, food, water and electricity expenses) to misuse their hospitality and treat their home as a hotel. Instead, you can cook a dinner for your host, bring him/her a bottle of wine, a nice bag of tea, clean up the kitchen in exchange for accommodation.

Private Upgrades

Private Upgrades is a luxury travel club with more than 20 years of experience in providing luxury accommodation with over 2000 hotels worldwide. They provide their members an added value on hotel bookings. Discounts, FREE hotel credit, VIP benefits, and much more.

Look for travel discounts and deals? Then you should visit Tripplo lists the latest discount codes and deals from some of the world’s largest Airlines, Travel Agencies and Hotel Chains, which makes it a great place to visit when you plan to travel.
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True Traveller

We’ve been using True Traveller insurance since 2013 and have always been very happy with the conditions and their customer service. Their claims are fast, and communication with the staff was always very efficient; they also backed us up many times in Southeast Asia.

True Traveller is for UK and other European citizens. You can customize the package you want to pay for according to your travel style, destinations, and pay extra for some adventurous activities, electronics, and luggage.

We’ve always received the refund within the time they claim to proceed. You can process the refund claim via email. Just keep all your receipts, police and hospital reports so you can scan them and email them to the claim service which should settle all claims within 10 working days.

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Travel Resources

Google Flights

A fantastic tool to search for your flights. You enter your departure point and date, and Google Flight will show you a map of the world with destinations and prices that fit your budget. It’s got a minimalistic interface and the fastest return of results.

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User-friendly service to look for a flight with lots of filters. What we miss here are the flight details and in-flight amenities that are included on other websites. Good search results for flexible dates and country-to-country trip without a specified city destination.

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Fantastic and inexpensive private car service. You’ll need to sign up to be able to use the app on your smartphone. Uber allows you to book the nearest private driver who will pick you up usually within a few of minutes, unless there is a bad traffic jam. Thanks to the app you’ll be able to track your drivers approach to pick you up.

You’ll set up your means of payment when registering (either through a credit card or your PayPal account), so the ride is basically cash free. You can always review a driver, and he/she can do the same for you, too.


Crossing the USA overland on your own pace has never been easier. Pack your luggage, camping gears, and rent an RV to experience the freedom of travel. Do it with the pros, and use the RVshare rental company.

They are the largest and most trusted US based RV rental platform offering a wide range of RVs including Travel Trailers, Luxury Class A Diesel Pushers, Class B Camper Vans, and Class C Motorhomes.


If you are looking for private chauffeur service, highly professional limousine service, or a affordable black car service in Zurich or Basel, at the best prices, then you are in really good hands at Traserbas, because your satisfaction is our success. Whether Zurich airport transfer, Basel airport transfer, standard taxi services, private day tours, and many other private transportation services with limousines, vans, and minibusses. We offer business class, corporate executive, luxury, VIP, and standard vehicles.

International Drivers Association

Looking to obtain an International Driving Permit hassle-free? Look no further than With their streamlined process, you can get your International Driving Permit in just 8 minutes.

Valid for up to 3 years and accepted in over 150 countries worldwide, their permits are applicable to all travelers with an active driver’s license. Don’t let international travel restrictions hold you back – explore the world with ease using your International Driving Permit from

Travel Resource


One of our most favourite travel-planning sites. We use it whenever we want to know how to get from point A to point B. The website tells you which kind of transport is possible to use, how long separate trips would take, and it also tells you an approximate price for each kind of transport you’d use. Just perfect.

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Seat 61

A “train Bible” for everyone who plans a train trip anywhere in the world. This is the first site we go to when planning to travel by train. We always find information we can trust here. It’s full of very helpful tips on where to book tickets, or how to deal with train transport in developing countries. Highly recommended website for train travel!

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Travel resources

A2 Hosting

We hosted our blog at BlueHost for 2 years and it was a nightmare. Frequent and long downtimes, unprofessional and inexpert customer service with long waiting queues. Finally, we switched to A2 Hosting and everything has changed. We are really happy with this hosting service, and they have very competitive prices and excellent customer service. We highly recommend them if you are starting a travel blog.

Travel Resources


A website where you can find thousands of high quality themes. For each theme you have 6 months of support (that is renewable) and always with the newest updates. You can also find hundreds of premium plugins to extend the functionality of your blog.

Thrive Leads

This is the opt-in plugin we use for our blog. With one single plugin you can have all the forms you need: Lightbox, ribbon, in-line, slide-in and many more. It also features an advanced A/B testing that will help increase your conversions. You can integrate the plugin with all e-mail auto-responders on the market. You can buy a single or multiple site license and you pay only once. It is not a recurring annual payment like other opt-in plugins out there.

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Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

An absolute evergreen for everybody with an independent spirit and a zest for traveling. If there is one book that gave us the courage and confidence to take the risk and hit the road indefinitely, then it’s certainly Vagabonding. The book will guide you through the process of preparation for your short or long term travel, and you’ll find suggestions of how to adjust to your new life on the road, how to finance it, or how to re-adjust to your life when you’re back from your travels. A must read for all who are planning to set off on a travel adventure! >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: How I Learned to Live a Better Story by Donald Muller

Although this is not entirely a travel related book, it’s an inspiring autobiography that will show you how to turn your life into a great story. We read the book while getting ready to quit our jobs and start a new life from scratch. Muller’s book will be a spot-on support in case you’re looking for the best way to embrace your skills and turn your dreams into reality. No matter if you decide to do it on the road or while keeping your current job. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

A Fortune-Teller Told Me by Tiziano Terzani

The incredibly engaging story of Tiziano Terzani, an Italian journalist who travelled across Asia without taking any flights after a fortune-teller in Hong Kong warned him to avoid flying at any cost, otherwise he’d die. Did Terzani follow the advice of the wise man? We’d spoil a lot by telling you the answer, so you better find out for yourself. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

Return to Glow by Chandi Wyant

Weakened by her recent traumatic illness and divorce, Chandi Wyant walks over the Apennines, through the valleys of Tuscany, and beside busy highways on her 425-kilometer trek for 40 days. Return to Glow chronicles this journey that is both profoundly spiritual and ruggedly adventuresome. This transporting tale invites readers to discover their own inner glow by choosing courage over comfort, and following their heart. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON or on Chandi’s website.

Hearing Birds Fly by Louisa Waugh

A passionate personal story about a woman who decided to leave the capital Ulan Batar, and experience the real Mongolia in a remote village, where she taught English at a local school. Through her eyes and very open writing, you’ll be able to see the lives of locals, learn about their nomadic lifestyle, and see how a western can adjust to it, or not. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre De Roche

Would you give up your comfortable city lifestyle, jump on an old boat and sail through Pacific facing your terrifying fear of deep waters so you could stay with a man you’ve just fallen in love with? Well, Torre De Roche did, and she tells her story in a straightforward black-and-white manner so you can experience a big dilemma and a once in a lifetime adventure with her. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

On The Road by Jack Kerouac

A classic. This book has motivated lots of people to hit the road, or at least get that zest to explore unknown places around your home. Kerouac ventures across America with his companions. An inspiring novel about free spirit, jazz, adventure, loneliness, drugs, escapes, and returns. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World by Eric Weiner

In pursuit of finding the secret of happiness, Weiner investigates the reasons why people are more happy in some places than in others. Is it the abundance of cash, freedom of speech, or a sunny climate that determines our happiness in the countries we live and travel to? >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson

If you want to travel to Australia and get know its people and nature without stepping outside your door, grab this book. Bryson will bring you to Australia through his curious observations and funny and informative notes. If you were deciding whether it’s worth to make it to this far-flung continent, Bryson will surely convince you to do it. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton

We all might search for books and guides that will help us decide where to go, but have you ever wondered why you travel, what drives you to certain places, and how to make your short- or long-travel more exciting? Alain de Botton will tell you why and how, in an entertaining and original way. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train Through Asia by Paul Theroux

A classic in the travel-writing genre. Theroux’s four-month train trip from London to Asia as told through his beautiful travelogue is full of witty observations, dialogues, and vivid descriptions of places and sites. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

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The touching biographical adventure of Cheryl Strayed, a divorced woman who decided to walk off her pain on the Pacific Crest Trail. It would be a huge spoiler if we told you the plot, but if you feel like being on a life crossroads, coping with breakdowns, or just looking for a good travel movie, Wild, will fix it all. You can also read an original book version of the movie, which is equally incredible. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

Seven Years in Tibet

An autobiographical drama that will take you to Lhasa, Tibet. When two Austrian mountaineers escape prison in British India (currently Pakistan), they end up in the house of a diplomat who accommodates foreigners. Later on, one of them becomes the 14th Dalai Lama’s tutor in science, geography, and Western culture. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

The Way

Tom’s estranged son Daniel is killed in a storm in the Pyrenees while walking Camino de Santiago in Spain. The father travels to retrieve his son’s body, but in the end he decides to walk the same route carrying Daniel’s ashes with him. In the beginning the path seems to be full of grief and sadness, yet eventually evolves into a meaningful journey when Tom meets other hikers who share with him their own moving stories. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

127 Hours

A thrilling story of a canyoneer, Aron who is unfortunately trapped in a slot canyon in a deserted area of the Blue Canyon in Utah for 127 hours. He battles survival and the injury of his arm, that he eventually manages to amputate himself solely with his outdoors equipment. Watch the movie to see whether he is saved, and how he keeps his sanity during this dreadful experience. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus

A comedy about a Chilean trio of friends who decide to experience the magic of the San Pedro hallucinogen. They are accompanied by Crystal Fairy, a young American girl who tests patience of the group along the way. They all try the magic potion from a stolen plant on a secluded beach, which ultimately brings them closer after numerous quarrels. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

The Lord of the Rings

“Not all those who wander are lost”. A line that has become a classic motto for wanderlusters and adventure seekers that was adapted into a world-famous movie. Magic, mythology, hobbits and the power of fellowship; that’s what you’ll find in one of the biggest film projects ever. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

Life of Pi

The incredible story of Pi, a 16-year old Indian who survives a shipwreck while he’s moving with his family to Canada. The young boy appears on a boat with some of the animals from the zoo his father owned. The voyage turns into the wild adventure of a brave survivor who has to re-invent his story when insurance agents question him after he reaches the coast of Mexico. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

Slumdog Millionaire

The world-famous adaptation of the novel, Q&A by Vikas Swarup. The intriguing story of an 18-year-old Indian, Jamal who takes part in the Indian version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Jamal was raised in a slum in Mumbai, therefore the fact he knows the answers to every question in the contest looks suspicious, and he is taken by the police when he is one question away from the final prize. After he is tortured by the police and explains how is it possible he was able to answer the questions, he is allowed to return on the stage and finish the contest. Will he get the grand prize? Check out the movie to see! >>> BUY FROM AMAZON


Amal is a warm-hearted rickshaw driver in New Delphi who never rips off his customers. One day he witnesses a terrible accident when a female beggar who stole the handbag of his customer, is hit by a car while she is running away from him. Amal visits the girl in the hospital, and he also starts taking care of a humble man who turns out to be a billionaire who eventually leaves all his property to Amal. But, is modest Amal going to get the wealth of the rich elder? Watch the movie to find out! >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

Human Planet

An impressive documentary TV series produced by BBC. The main focus is on the relationship between humans and different natural environments like deserts, tundra, jungles, rivers, mountains, but also cities— where you see how a man tends to control urban nature. >>> BUY FROM AMAZON

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If you want to pamper your feet so that can bear long walks, go for Vivobarefoot. Cool minimalistic design of male and female models, comfortable material, focusing on running shoes.

Travel Resources

The North Face

This is one of a few brands we’ve been loyal for years. Our North Face carry-on backpacks have been serving us incredibly well for 4+ years. Gianni can swear by his convertible trousers that dry fast, and are good for traveling in hot climate. We travel with North Face light fleece jumpers that keep us warm in cold European winters, too.

Travel Resources


We cannot imagine our travels without the products of these guys. Super comfortable shoes suitable for city walks, hiking, and they’ve updated recently the female models that match well with skirts and dresses too.

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Travel Resources

Intrepid Travel

A responsible tour company offering travel itineraries in more than 100 countries. Intrepid Travel’s trips are organised in small groups, with a focus on local experience. (They were the first travel company in the world who stood against elephant rides!)

Travel Resources

G Adventures

One of the top tour operators in the world with a central focus on ecotourism and sustainable travels. G Adventures provides tours in over 130 countries around the world, and since 2016 they’ve partnered with The Jane Goodall Institute to create 20 itineraries with their main aim to bring awareness to wildlife-friendly tourism.

Travel Resources

Context Travel

A unique travel company that will show you a place from a very local perspective. They offer private guided tours lead by natives or experts who’ve been living in the city for years and know where to bring you so you can avoid classically touristy sights. As their motto says, Context Travel is for “the intellectually curious traveller”. We experienced Venice with a docent (that’s what the company calls their local guides), which was a great way to experience the city from a different perspective.

Travel Resources

This international social enterprise platform combines experiential travel with social impact. On their website, you can pick a half-day or multi-day trips, the revenue of which will support local communities and non-profits.

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Travel Resources

Grassroots Volunteering

A great resource website that will help you to locate community-based organisations looking for volunteers. You can also search for small businesses all around the world that need your support. The website is full of details that will help you decide who to support.


Probably the best database to look for a host where you can volunteer. Helpx’s standard arrangement is to work four hours per week in exchange for food and accommodation. You pay 21 USD for a 2-year membership.


Similarly to Helpx, WorkAway offers a list of hosts from all around the world. Compared to Helpx, the 2-year membership is a few more dollars, and the site is not as user-friendly. In any case, t WorkAway is still a great platform to look for volunteering opportunities.

Travel Resources


WWOOF is a platform with a work exchange concept that focuses on learning about sustainable organic lifestyles. Compared to the previous two websites, WWOOF is more suitable for those who love getting their hands dirty on a garden or on a farm. The con of the site is that you’ll have to register in different WWOOF databases and pay a fee for each country where you want to volunteer.

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