Phare, The Cambodian Circus: An Art Therapy Session

Phare Cambodian Circus Art Therapy

Inhale. Exhale. Your art therapy session begins.

You pay the tuk-tuk driver who has brought you to Phare, The Cambodian Circus in Siem Reap, you walk through the main gate to buy a ticket as colourful lamps swing above your head. You see the welcoming smiles of the circus staff around you and get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

You pass the Phare Boutique and stop by the Phare Cafe to wait for a show. The atmosphere is peaceful and you watch as the sky changes above a big, red-topped tent with reflections of the lamps everywhere. You’re not in a rush.Continue Reading

Our Very First Outdoor Eco-Adventure in Finland

Outdoor Eco-Adventure in Finland “Well, no, we are not actually going back. We’re going to see our families and friends and then we’ll move on.” This is how we’ve been explaining our ‘European comeback’ to our friends and followers. We’ve pretty much followed our plan that we plotted in Ko Lanta in Thailand.

We flew to the beautiful Philippines, we had a wonderful time while on some outdoor eco-adventures in Malaysia and tasted some great food in Indonesia after that. We also added Cambodia to our itinerary instead of staying three weeks in Bangkok, then flew to London from there.

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Sunday Story #9: Karolina, a Sweet Dreamer Taking Action

Sunday Story #9: Karolina: a Sweet Dreamer Taking Action

Meeting an old friend who cheers you up is always a pleasure, especially when that friend is someone who turned her life upside down to start living in happiness. Allow us introduce you to Karolina: a petite, energetic girl with an elflike look, positive vibes and a heartwarming smile with a story that will inspire you.

We met Karolina a few years ago in London, when Gianni was looking for a model for his photo shoot. And here she is, a girl with intense and ethereal gaze that matches perfectly with the idea to create a photo story of a woman in the forest.

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Mount Kinabalu, Borneo: To Climb or Not to Climb?

Climbing Mount Kinabalu in Borneo

Whether you are a nomad who prefers to move with a step-by-step itinerary or a traveller who goes with the flow, your trip to Sabah in Malaysian Borneo would most likely include climbing Mount Kinabalu.

This majestic mountain in the National Park of Sabah welcomes both beginners and advanced hikers and climbers, and the only things that determine which route to climb are your physical conditioning, mental stamina and your travel budget.

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Love on the Road: Bridges and Balloons

Love on the Road: Bridges and Balloons Victoria and Steve are the two inspiring digital nomads behind Bridges and Balloons travel blog. We’ve been following their journey long before we hit the road ourselves as we love their unique stories and travel thoughts together with some beautiful photos on their website.

It was also their passionate interest into yoga and filmmaking that has brought us back to their blog again. Read the interview with Victoria and Steve so you will know them better and don’t forget to check their stories at Bridges and Balloons.

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