A Travel Guide to The Logar and Jezersko Valleys in Slovenia

The Logar and Jezersko Valleys

When we travelled to Slovenia for the first time and were landing at the Ljubljana airport we actually thought there was some kind of emergency. From the airplane we could only see dense forests, lakes, and meadows; which was far from the view of a capital city we were used to. We were still far from our planned destinations of the Logar and Jezersko valleys, but we were already amazed to see the landscape below us.

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Love on the Road: Westfalia Digital Nomads

Love on the Road: Westfalia Digital NomadsArmando Costantino and Melony Candea are a couple that also happen to be digital nomads in Europe. Armando is a film director that edits; Melony is a writer who works online. They live in a van by choice, for the best access to the best places in Europe. Their van’s name is Mork, and he has taken them on a multitude of adventures.

For more updates and travel videos, visit the website Westfalia Digital Nomads and their YouTube Channel.

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Ecotourism and Responsible Travel: Useful Tips from Expert Travel Bloggers

Ecotourism and Responsible Travel

Once they invited Mother Teresa to take part in a street protest against poverty and she refused it kindly. The reason? She explained she would never fight AGAINST something, but rather always FOR something.

You might ask, how does that relate to ecotourism and responsible travel? Well, when we’re on the road, most of us tend to be aware of what we don’t like rather than having a clear idea of what we actually stand for.

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