Study and Travel Abroad: Top 5 Popular Universities in the USA

The United States is the homeland of the world’s most reputable universities. These institutions are an option for students from all over the world. They provide various programs and opportunities geared towards different interests and career plans. But you should start with the top five widely known universities. Each has its heritage, academic excellence, and renowned alums. Let us examine the specific traits that set the universities apart.

Harvard University

popular universities in the USA
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Established in 1636, Harvard University is the country’s oldest educational institution. Its history is quite elaborate, from the beginning of the American colonial era up to the Present. Boston, the center of academic and cultural activity, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Harvard was founded. This university is a leading one where students are challenged with rigorous academic programs taught by world-class faculty, and the institution has tremendous influence on research and innovation.

As you can see, Harvard is a relatively diverse educational institution. However, be careful when choosing a major discipline, as the academic process can be pretty complex. You can always read SpeedyPaper reviews and decide to delegate some assignments if necessary. Besides, the perks of Harvard are not limited to immense academic excellence but also to the long-term relationships and prestige that the Harvard community has.

Stanford University

popular universities in the USA
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Stanford University, situated in the middle of Silicon Valley, a well-known tech hub in California, was established in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford. This famous place, renowned for its beautiful campus, energetic startup culture, and high research and innovation is the university’s pride. Stanford has a great diversity in the scholarship programs it offers, from engineering and computer science to social sciences, business, and the humanities. Stanford does everything well.

Such a university can be proud of its alumni, who are the founders of the world’s leading companies, such as Google and Netflix, and this underlines the university’s role in the tech industry. But don’t forget that Stanford’s doors open only to the best, so boost your knowledge in advance. You might even want to check out PapersOwl reviews to know in advance about some writing services and the nuances associated with delegating papers.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

popular universities in the USA
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The MIT was set up in 1861. The University is located in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is one of the most famous institutions that conduct research and education in physics, engineering, and technology. The areas where MIT’s innovations are mainly in computer science, economics, and linguistics.

The college is known to be among the best of its kind because of its most outstanding alumni, which are Nobel Prize winners, astronauts, and people who have made great achievements in the scientific and technological fields.

For many, MIT looks like a jump into the big leagues, and it is. Many doors will open for you after you receive your diploma. The only caveat is to select disciplines carefully and plan your career and academic load depending on your priorities. So, don’t take hasty steps and think ahead.

Get inspired:

University of California, Berkeley

popular universities in the USA
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University of California, Berkeley, dated back to 1868. Students are attracted to the campus for many reasons. It is highly rated for its campus life, faculty, and contributions to social activism and political thought. UC Berkeley has reached the pinnacle of academic mountain-making in almost every major field, including environmental sciences, engineering, and economics.

Students will be in a diverse and creatively oriented community, will have a chance to explore real research projects, and will have to deal with the most complex global problems. But do not forget that plagiarism is not welcome at this university. How can we get rid of such a problem? Is PapersOwl plagiarism checker legit? Try to get answers to these questions in advance. But don’t forget about other ongoing challenges, as the academic process will not be like a walk in the park. Your life will be divided into periods before and after the admission, so prepare to study hard!

Columbia University

popular universities in the USA

Columbia University was founded in 1754 and is located in New York City. Having one of the US’s oldest and most prestigious institutions is a real pride. Columbia is highly acclaimed for its powerful academic programs, beautiful campus, and leading research center. A wide variety of disciplines are featured, including law, journalism, and the arts and sciences, which are its most prominent areas of strength.

It has given us many leaders, such as world heads of state, Nobel laureates, and leaders in various fields. Students at Columbia experience a great combination of educational excellence, the culture of scholarship, and an infinite range of opportunities, which the city of New York, one of the world’s leading metropolises, has to offer.

Choosing the Best University

Picking a suitable university is a big step that can change your life. These universities have special features, excellent programs, and friendly student groups. While choosing, think about what you are passionate about academically, your career ambitions, and the campus environment where you work better. If you’re the type of student who can manage the dynamic and often complex environment of a place like Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Harvard, or Columbia, then pick one that reflects your personal and career goals.

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