Last October I did a photo tour with Gianni through Chinatown in Bangkok. It was a great tour, I was really happy. The best part of it was that he guided us through small alleys and non-touristic spots. I really liked the way he scheduled the tour, taking us to the local markets and then to the most photogenic places during ‘blue’ hour. Besides that, he answered all the questions we had… and I had quite a few! Gianni even gave us some professional tips on how best to process the photos that we took that day. So if you want a fun day out, excellent professional photo advice and you would like to discover the lesser known parts of a place, then I would totally recommend booking a tour with Gianni.

Javier Godinez - Málaga, Spain

Photographer and Travel Blogger

After enjoying travel photography for some time I was willing to invest in taking my hobby to the next level by learning some additional photography tips from an expert in the field. That’s when I stumbled across Gianni’s travel photography tours to help improve my technique in a real world environment and to focus on capturing a set destination. For me learning outside of the classroom and from first hand is always an exciting endeavour and Gianni’s set program helps to excel your learning with focused steps towards improvement ensuring your time is well spent. Gianni comes from a long background in photography and has moved from the dark room working with models and fashion photo shoots to the digital Lightroom and focuses now on travel photography as his main subject, you can really tell he has years of experience in this field and knows his stuff. With many photographers out there its hard to define yourself in a busy world, Gianni helps you to focus on what works well for him and brings out the best in you. I also found Gianni to be a great teacher in the fact he’s very calm and has a lot of time to help you learn and focuses well on real hands on learning.

Dave Brett - London, UK

Travel Blogger

What we like the most on our photo tour with Gianni is the way he uses his background in arts to explain photography in a really easy and understandable way.  He makes us feel and perceive photography as an art, a way to express ourselves and how we can use the techniques to get the best shots. Is a different approach to photography, a mix of teaching skills and techniques, but also inspiring you to enjoy the place, the landscape and find your own way of telling a story, your own view. We´ll never forget about the “muffin spots” and the “blue hour”, such a funny and effective way to learn about composition and light. Thanks Gianni, and hope to join your photo tour again (and soon).

Natalie Deduck and Robson Cadore - Itajaí, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Journalists, Travel Bloggers/Social Media and SEO Experts

Gianni is both a fantastic travel photographer and a vibrant tour leader. I attended one of his photo tours in Bangkok, where he proved to be knowledgable about the local sights as well as the technical details of photography. Not only is Gianni a great photographer, but he’s a genuinely nice guy, to boot. He will offer as much or as little guidance as you need, while taking you to the most beautiful places for photography in the city. At one point, I was having a hard time getting a specific shot, but with his guidance, I captured it beautifully and ended up with one of my favourite shots from the whole trip. Thanks to him, I have many fond memories from Bangkok to look back on.

Jeremy Scott Foster - Andover, Massachusetts

Founding Editor at

Gianni is a very friendly, warm and joyful photographer. Not knowing what any of the buttons on my camera did, he made me feel relaxed and confident in taking some snaps as we explored the streets of Bangkok. He had some wonderful knowledge of the area and gave some excellent tips on how to capture the wonderful details and colours of the stunning architecture here. We were battling against the sun a bit and he knew what to do! I’m looking forward to learning more from him in the future and appreciate all the little tips and tricks I’ve taken away from him so far! Thank you Gianni!

Alice Nettleingham - London, UK

Travel Blogger and Freelance Writer

Whenever you learn something, it should be from people who are passionate. And Gianni is this person. I joined two photo tours with Gianni and I am very happy with them. Each time we got to see new part of the world, Gianni was great leader and shared his expertise on photography. I just love his photographs and I have always something to learn from him.

Veronika Tomanová - Ricany, Czech Republic

Travel Blogger and Digital Producer

I went on a photo tour with Gianni as our tour guide in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a few years ago and it was an excellent introduction into how to find and photograph some hidden gems in the city. Gianni gave me a clear understanding of the basis of photography and it’s helped grow my photography skills over the past two years.

Carlo Cretaro - Boyle, Ireland

Travel Blogger and Online Entrepreneur

The photo tour in Thailand with Gianni was both pleasant and informative. Before going to shoot we sat at a café and had and engaging group conversation about composition, colour, technique and photographic storytelling. Gianni then took us to a bustling market and another couple of locations where people from the group could try out the concepts discussed. I recommend taking a photo tour with Gianni if you want to improve your photography, if you want to brush up on your skills or simply hang out with a photography-loving group.

Emanuele Siracusa - Syracuse, Italy

Freelance Photographer

I joined a photo tour that Gianni was leading in Girona, Spain and I really enjoyed it. Not only did I learn a lot about lighting, camera settings and how to compose a beautiful photo but I also saw sights in the city that I would not have found on my own. It was a really fun and informative day and I will definitely be looking for his photo tours again as I travel.

Sarah Hughes - Vancouver

Travel Writer and Blogger

I had the opportunity and pleasure of attending two photo tours with Gianni. One in Girona, Spain, and the other one in Bangkok. Besides being a great guy, Gianni is a passionate photographer who loves to share his skills and knowledge. Looking forward for my next opportunity to learn more.

Ric Gazarian - Chicago, Illinois

Travel Blogger and Writer for Thrillist and Yahoo Travel

I had the pleasure of joining two of Gianni’s Photo Tours. One in Girona, Spain and one in Bangkok, Thailand. He is not just a great photographer but an artist. He injects his artistry into his photography. He lives and breathes this art and the results speak for themselves.

Nathan Sado - Everett, Washington

Traveling Fitness Professional