The Traveler’s Guide to Being Comfy and Stylish

Some people would have you believe that dressing when you travel means a choice between being comfortable and looking good. It’s true that there are times when you need to put practicality first. It’s more important that you’re dressed for the weather or the activity you’re doing. But you don’t always have to choose between the two. You can look good and feel comfortable, even if you’re doing something really active or need to dress for heat or cold. And if you’re backpacking or trying to limit your luggage, even a small wardrobe can leave room for looking good.

Learn to Layer When It’s Cold

If you’re going somewhere cold, bundling yourself up isn’t always compatible with style. But if you’ve ever seen people in full apres-ski regalia, you’ll know it’s perfectly possible to be stylish while dressed for the cold.

Take a tip from Scandinavians and learn to love layers when it’s cold. Layers are perfect for keeping you warm, trapping air in between each layer. A neutral color palette is also a great tip you can take from the stylish characters in Scandi noirs. Neutral shades are really easy to mix and match and they’re excellent for creating chic outfits for any occasion.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 Licence

Pick Loose and Flowing for Hot Weather

When it’s hot, your instinct might be to wear as little as possible. But if you look at people who live in warmer climates, you’ll find that’s often not what they do. Instead, they go for loose and flowing clothes over tight and clingy clothes. This is perfect if you’re trying not to pack too much, because you can get away with a few cute dresses from Hometown Heritage Clothing and not much else. Try a pair of breathable shorts under your dress if you find you get chafing. Men might like loose shirts and pants or even traditional dress like kurta.

Mix and Match Staples for Multiple Outfits

You only really need to take a few staple items with you when you’re traveling, even if you’re going on a long trip. Backpackers know this all too well, as they only have so much space in their bags. With a few key items, and hopefully a way to wash them regularly, you can mix and match what you have to create multiple outfits. You can choose the items that you find most comfortable and combine them in different ways.

Pack an Outfit for Going Out

It’s always nice to have at least one outfit for when you might want to go out for dinner, drinks, dancing, or all three. Something that doesn’t take up too much space is perfect if you want to limit how much stuff you have. If you don’t want to pack anything just for going out, consider taking some accessories. You can use jewelry, shoes or other accessories to dress up one of your usual outfits so you can stay comfy but level up your look.

You don’t have to trade style for comfort, or vice versa, when you’re traveling. Pack thoughtfully and you can nail both.

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