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America is vast, and it has much to show for it. You can technically visit every cornerstone of the USA if you spent an insane amount of time and energy into it, but, sadly most of us have jobs and responsibilities. So, for us, the summer and winter vacations are the best times to go out and see a little bit of the world.

The vacation spots are many too, and to be sure, you probably can’t go to all of them, but, some places have defined the Americas for centuries. Here it goes then, the best vacation spots in the US.

The Grand Canyon

By: Paul Fundenburg

One of the most famous US areas, which has prevailed in our cultural memory for years, the Grand Canyon is something you should discover yourself. One of the most massive natural structures in America, this Grand Canyon follows the thread of 277 miles, crossing state lines and spilling into a vast area. Several hikers also choose this as a hiking spot, and some tours are available for a more in-depth exploration too. Both of these are for adventure-minded. However, for most the devastation and the largeness of the Grand Canyon is enough for them to understand the work of nature.

Yellowstone National Park

One of the largest National Parks in the world, this park follows through over 8500 square kilometers. The area holds some of the most beautiful sights you’ll see. The Yellowstone Lake is a giant water body that contains a lot of the local fauna and is set in one of the most beautiful sunset spots you’ll see. The area stands over a volcano, so, you’ll be sure to find hot springs and geysers in the area, which attract a lot of visitors.

Some lucky visitors can also have a chance to see wolves or grizzly in their natural habitats. Plus, the National Park houses a lot of other species such as deer and elk.

Fork Lauderdale, Florida

One of the only spaces where you can find pristine beaches in Florida, Fork Lauderdale has made its name in the tourist’s guides. However, it’s still immaculate and upscale. Find a home in one of the many hotels up for check-in, or try out the various restaurants in the area. The local cuisine is served by some of the most beloved restaurants in the world.

The area also hosts a lot of art museums that you can enjoy on your day off and a lot of shopping at the Sawgrass Mills. You might also give the local sport of sea poker a try for fun.

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

The most extensive cave system of the world has much to offer to its visitors. In the older times the Native Americans called this place home; however, now, it attracts a lot of tourists to the area. Filled with magnificent rock formations all around the way, the cave systems also have a small niche of wildlife for you to enjoy. See the piece of history where the Native Americans reclaimed the lands for themselves.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of the hippest places to be in in the Americas. The area holds a lot of renowned restaurants serving up flavors from the hands of James Beard Award winners, as well as a booming local shopping scheme. Visit this area to get to the Santa Fe forest, hosting a slew of wildlife and flora that you can enjoy. This space is also dotted with important museums that hold the history of this country.

However, Santa Fe is best known for its culture of nightlife. Enjoy yourselves at the luxurious restaurants and let your hair down at a local pub. You might even try out the various adventure sports that this area is famous for. From paragliding tours to sea surfing, Santa Fe can teach you life lessons that you won’t soon forget.

Washington, D.C.

By: Phil Roeder

Thomas Jefferson didn’t fight so hard for us to forget our capital city. One of the most important cities in the world, Washington D.C has much to offer. Start with the White House tour to see how the most powerful man in the world sleeps, and then move onto the Washington Memorial, a reminder to what America has lost to gain its status as the oldest democracy.

Washington is riddled with museums in every corner holding many historical artifacts. You can check out the stories of our forefathers fighting for us back in the day, or check out the fantastic expanse of the artwork that has been collected. When you tire of this, visit the Nation Library of Congress, one of the largest libraries in the world, it holds treasures that any well-read person would want.


Hawaii has some of the best beaches in the world. Azure water overshadowing a sunny landscape, this Hawaii has been the envy of many teenagers who have watched it on TV. Visit it now, to experience the legendary party scene, and some of the most splendid natural formations in the area. You’ll love the local seafood and the adventure of discovering new islands.

For the daring, The Hawaiian islands host a lot of adventure sports, from snorkeling to diving to trying out how to surf, Hawaiian Islands have something for everybody to come back too. It’s true that once you’ve visited, you’d want to keep coming back for more.

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