Staying Safe on the Road: Everything You Need to Know as a Digital Nomad

Technology has come extremely far in the last few decades and the way in which people work has changed drastically as a result. The Covid-19 pandemic only served to accelerate this change as well, which has resulted in a modern workforce that looks nothing like the past. Remote work has grown at an increasingly fast pace, allowing people to work for organizations from anywhere in the world. 

With an estimated 40% of workers either being remote or on a hybrid style, it’s clear that the lifestyle of a digital nomad is taking off. However, as more people begin to travel around the world while working it’s important to be cognizant of new areas you are visiting in order to stay safe. Learn the best travel safety tips that any digital nomad can take advantage of in order to reduce their chances of being a victim of crime. 

What is a Digital Nomad? 

For those who have never heard the phrase digital nomad before, it simply refers to a person who works remotely, rather than in a fixed location. What makes them a digital nomad specifically, though, is that they travel around the world while working, rather than living at home. This allows them to experience the cultures of different societies all around the world while funding their travel at the same time. 

The Prominent Dangers of Being a Digital Nomad

Naturally, given the fact that a digital nomad can potentially visit countless countries, there are potential travel dangers they may face, especially considering the fact they are likely carrying valuable technology on their person. To that end, here are the most common dangers that a digital nomad may face:

  • Theft of personal belongings
  • Assault against their person 
  • Fraud schemes that are meant to steal money or information
  • Getting lost in an unknown part of the world 
  • General acts of crime being committed against you 

Quick Tips for Staying Safe While Exploring the World

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

No digital nomad wants to find themselves being targeted for a crime, which is why learning how to stay safe is so important. There are five main travel safety tips that can help any digital nomad prepare for their journeys: 

  1. Never carry your personal belongings in the open

First and foremost, the number one safety rule while traveling is to avoid looking like a tourist or traveler. The best way to do this is to secure your belongings safely with luggage storage or under lock and key in a hotel. Avoid carrying personal belongings out in the open as this may give potential criminals the idea that you could be a good target. 

  1. Research an area you are visiting ahead of time

Nobody should ever travel to an area that they haven’t performed research on first. At the very least, look at reviews of hotels, bars, restaurants, or other locations you may visit in an area to gain a sense of which parts of town are nice and safe as well as which are not. Avoid staying places that have seedier reviews or no reviews at all. 

  1. Be aware of popular scams in your area

Every city has a gimmick in terms of the scams that are committed. By learning the common scams in an area you are traveling to, you can avoid the people who may be trying to commit those acts. Additionally, you can recognize the signs that a scam may be occurring and get out of the situation faster. 

  1. Never travel alone at nighttime

It may seem like a simple rule, but it is effective nonetheless. When at all possible, never travel alone by yourself at night. Even having a small group can be effective, so try to find trustworthy people you can travel with constantly. 

  1. Keep all travel plans to yourself while on the road

Finally, making friends with strangers on vacation is a natural part of traveling, but it’s best to always keep your specific travel plans to yourself. There is no need to share private details of your trip with strangers, as this may give them an opening to commit an act of crime. 

The Bottom Line

The last thing anybody wants while traveling and working is to be robbed or assaulted in an unfamiliar part of the world. Rather than accidentally putting yourself into a position where this may occur, use all of the above tips to reduce your chances of being a victim of crime. While the chance of a crime occurring is never zero, small actions can go a long way in keeping any digital nomad safe. 

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