Best Coworking Retreats Around The World: Our Top Picks

Being a digital nomad is more mainstream than ever. And with that, organisations who ‘get it’ have jumped onto the opportunity to create retreats and programs that bring nomads together. You could be surfing in Peru after a 4-hour work day, taking a ride on a train via the Trans-Siberian railway with digital creatives, or make valuable connections with like-minded entrepreneurs in Spain. In all cases, these coworking retreats are a slam dunk.

Certain retreats are multi-city so you’ll be moving around every few days or weeks while others are just in one location. Some groups can be as big as 100 people while others have it to a minimum of only 10 people.

You can have masterminds and conferences in between, while other programs are just all about co-living. Each program offers something different so you are guaranteed to find something that meets your needs.

I want to share with you the best coworking retreats you could join. We’ve been to one here and there, and the other retreats mentioned here were highly recommended to us by friends and acquaintances who also work online.

Travel is a lot of work.

I am a slow traveler myself and understand the value of remaining in one place for longer periods of time. So when getting recommendations for these retreats, I was particularly enthusiastic about those that are only set in one location.

No moving around to different cities packing your stuff each time. I don’t think that’s really productive.

So in this article, I only list ones that take you to a wonderful destination where you can stay put, enjoy the location, bond with fellow nomads, and learn a couple of things along the way.

I hope you find this list useful!

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Best coworking retreats

The Flaks Kite and Yoga Retreat

Where: Tarifa, Spain
Who is it for?

  • Sporty entrepreneurs
  • Yoga enthusiasts
  • Kite surf newbies and pros
  • Adventurous nomads
  • Digital nomads who want to grow their network

This retreat takes place a town in Spain, Tarifa, which makes for the perfect spot for kitesurfing. It’s known to be Europe’s Wind Capital because the town experiences 300 days of wind per year.

The retreat lasts for eight days where you’ll stay in a luxurious villa with a view of the mountain and sea. In between coworking and coliving, you can join mastermind sessions with fellow entrepreneurs and learn how to take your business to the next level. Other activities include yoga session, swimming, and kite surfing.

You can also take part in other sports like mountain biking, rock climbing, trail running, and scuba diving.

Price: starts at $884 USD


Where: Worldwide (Locations include Spain, Italy, Kilimanjaro, Morocco)
Who is it for:

  • Nomads who want to go out of their comfort zone
  • Want to work intensively while in a beautiful location
  • Enjoy mastermind sessions and some adventures on the side
  • You enjoy more intimate gatherings
  • You have a positive entrepreneurial mindset
  • You don’t enjoy cooking

The next coworking retreat by Refuga happens in Spain at the end of September 2019 and it lasts for 7 days. You will be joined by 19 other digital nomads living in a remote luxury house near Barcelona. Get a chance to meet with other fellow entrepreneurs and get feedback on your business.

You get to have a coworkation in a picturesque location and maybe even have certain areas of the property to yourself because the property is so spacious. You also won’t be cooking because there will be a personal chef who will make all the meals throughout the retreat.

Other activities during the remote retreat include daily discussions, swimming in the mountain lake, hiking at Montserrat, wine tasting, bike rides, and more.

Visit the site for more information on their upcoming retreats.

Price: starts at $1,000 USD

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Where: Worldwide
Who is it for:

  • If you like immersive travel
  • Build deeper connections with fellow nomads
  • Enjoy some reflection time in an exotic destination
  • If you are in need of some inspiration
  • Nomads in need of a sabbatical

Unsettled organizes retreats for digital nomads around the world. They always have different team retreats every month so you can choose a location and date that’s most convenient to you.

The duration of their retreats can range from one week to a month. They’re not just about working productively but also connecting with the local community.

In between remote coworking, you will be doing activities close to nature. In Costa Rica for example, some of your activities include kayaking, surfing, mud baths, waterfall hikes, yoga, meditation, learning about permaculture.

In each destination, you will enjoy comfortable accommodations including your own bed, a workspace, fast Wi-Fi, and a chance to make life-long connections with fellow nomads.

Price: starts at: $1,700 USD

WIFI Tribe

Where: Worldwide
Who is it for:

  • You like a tight-knit community of digital nomads
  • You prefer smaller groups of 15 to 25 people
  • Want to enjoy the flexibility of doing a retreat anytime of the year wherever
  • Want to be around people passionate about their work
  • Want to do adventurous activities like hiking, exploring islands, road trips, etc.

WIFI Tribe consists of several coworking retreats around the world. You never have to worry about missing a retreat because there are at least four happening in a month in different places around the world including digital nomad hotspots like Bali, Medellin, and Budapest. The retreats lasts for more than a month so you have a lot of time to explore the place, get stuff done, and bond with your retreat mates.

What makes WIFI Tribe different is they don’t allow more than 25 members to participate in a retreat. They believe that smaller groups are more conducive to creating closer bonds. Each member is also vetted for. No one can get into the tribe unless they apply and go through a screening process.

Each location is complete with amenities that allow you to work, play, and explore. Aside from having reliable Wi-Fi, they have backup mobile data so you can work uninterrupted.

Price: starts at $900 USD

Project Getaway

Where: Bali
Who is it for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to meet like-minded people
  • Join mastermind sessions and listen to business talks
  • Want to explore Bali and go on amazing adventures
  • Be a part of a community of entrepreneurs

It can get lonely being an entrepreneur. If you live some place where having a traditional job is still the norm, this nomad coworking retreat might just be what you need. It’s a chance to meet with fellow entrepreneurs who understand the struggles you are going through.

Aside from having access to a 24/7 working hub and french press coffee, you also get a chance to make meaningful connections with fellow businesspersons. Through this, you could gain some insight that might be useful for your business or it could help you get motivated to stay on track.

The entrepreneur retreat has amenities that include airport pickup, laundry service, a Bali starter pack, adventure activities every week, a quiet room, Skype room, rooftop views, and 24/7 security. Most of the retreats they’ve organized are in Bali so every single detail is taken care of. They ensure that you enjoy your stay and learn a lot from people who own a business just like you.

Price: starts at $2,975 USD

Pangea Dreams

Where: Worldwide
Who is it for:

  • Women who want to work around creative female digital nomads
  • Learn and get inspired from industry experts
  • Want a combination of wellness, travel, community, and education
  • Explore bucket-list worthy destinations

Pangea Dreams offers startup retreats that bring female digital nomads from all around the world. Each event has a theme whether it’s photography, content, entrepreneurship, wellness, or digital marketing. Each one is unique and you can pick a retreat that best fits your line of work. What makes it great is that these programs are held in bucket-list worthy destinations like Peru, Bali, India, and Morocco.

For the next seven days, you will be staying in a stylish accommodation, enjoying delicious organic plant-based meals, and joining multiple workshops. In between hustling at your business and workshops, you’ll be doing activities like yoga, surfing, and cultural immersions.

There will also be a professional photographer on-site to document the retreat. This means you get to focus on building relationships with fellow female creatives without needing to snap a photo each second of the trip.

Price: starts at $2,699 USD

Hope this list has helped you out, and happy travels!

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