Airbnb Coupon Code For First Booking

Traveling abroad soon and looking for a free Airbnb coupon code to book your accommodation? Read on!

Booking accommodations for your travels has become very easy nowadays. There is a plethora of online booking websites where you can choose a room, an apartment, a whole house, or an island if you wish!

Airbnb promo code

Airbnb offers not only some great places to stay in 190+ countries, but it also helps you feel like you’re living like a local, so you can enjoy a destination from a perspective different than the usual tourist.

If you’re going to make your first reservation on Airbnb and want a bonus on top, get your free Airbnb coupon code now. If not, you should still read the whole post!


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Before we start with a detailed instruction of how to get the Airbnb promo code, keep in mind that it applies only for the first booking of a new user. So, what do you need to do?

  • Click on this link to get your Airbnb coupon code.
  • A sign up window should pop up automatically. If not, click on Sign up to claim your creditand create your account on Airbnb platform. You can do it via Facebook, Google+ or email.
  • Go to your inbox (also check your Spam folder, as sometimes emails can fall through) and confirm your email address.
  • Fill in the basic info on your Airbnb profile. You’ll see a notification about receiving the Airbnb credit on the top right after clicking on the icon of a gift box (next to your profile photo).
  • You will be able to apply the Airbnb voucher code once you make your first booking of over $75 USD (excluding taxes & fees).

airbnb coupon code

Beautiful lounge in Granada, Spain.

Pro tip: in case you already have an Airbnb account and want to get Airbnb promo code anyway, use another email address (not the one your Facebook account is registered with if you sign up via Facebook), or use the email address of a member family or a friend who will be travelling with you (and after you confirm with them, of course.)

Another option is to insert a dot between first and last names (only for Gmail users). Airbnb will recognise it as a new user, yet you’ll still receive the email on the “old” address though. (e.g. [email protected] can be modified into [email protected] and Airbnb will consider it as two different addresses while Gmail would see it as one.)


How does the Airbnb coupon code work?

 A few important notes about the Airbnb coupons:

  • The code coupon Airbnb is valid only for new users and their first booking.
  • The total of the first booking must be over $75 USD.
  • Airbnb discount code applies only once.
  • In case you cancel the reservation in which you used the Airbnb code, you won’t be able to reuse it.
  • Airbnb doesn’t pay back the difference if you don’t use the full amount of the promo coupon.

airbnb coupon code

Retro style bedroom in Oporto, Portugal.

The value of Airbnb coupon codes changes quite often, so be ready in case the price of the discount advertised on some blogs (including this one) might be different from the actual value of the coupon Airbnb offers. By the way, current (October 2016) amount of $35 USD is so far the highest one we’ve ever seen on Airbnb; so don’t wait too long before booking your first stay with them!

You can earn more travel credits with Airbnb yourself! Click on your dashboard of Airbnb profile and you’ll see a pink button in a white box right next to your profile photo. Hit “Invite friends” or copy the link written next to the button and send it over to your friends who love travelling and staying in beautiful places. Easy peasy!

airbnb coupon code

We loved this sofa in Oporto, Portugal.

Every time your friend signs up and books his/her first stay with Airbnb as a new user, you’ll get $35 USD (or other actual amount)!

Important note: to redeem the travel credits, they must be used within a year from the date they are issued.

AND! If a friend registers for Airbnb with your promo code and HOSTS people at his/her place, you will earn $70 USD of travel credit. How awesome is this!

Now, get your free Airbnb coupon code and explore the world while staying in a cozy accommodation! Because staying in a nice and comfortable place on your vacation is halfway to travel happiness.

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