Travel and Lifetime Relationships

When Lewis and Clark were commissioned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the New World, can you imagine what they must’ve thought? Were they sad to leave home or excited about having a new adventure? Maybe they were overwhelmed, anxious, or nervous? 

When it’s time for you to travel, what’s foremost in your mind? Do you consider your relationships? What about your relationship with your home? Do you gravitate more towards monthly rentals or long-term leases?

You might be in a relationship with a special someone too. What happens to long-term relationships when you travel so much? Let’s take a quick look at travel and relationships, shall we?

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What’s the purpose of your immediate family? Is it to offer you family support, and to keep you safe financially, physically, mentally, and socially? Through support and love, your family probably does a fantastic job, even if you continuously push the boundaries of safety and your comfort zone.

Yes, they might be a bit happier and feel more secure in your safety if you got a job nearer to them as opposed to in South America, but they also want you to live your best life and be happy too. That is why they support you in following your dreams. They probably understand you have a need for change. 

We all have a responsibility to be present. It’s natural. It binds us to make us be a part of something bigger. However, we also have to push our boundaries. We need to create our own stories so that we can be present down the road without regret or reservation.

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There are times when we all might take our friends for granted. You might feel as if success and money are the end-all-be-all and that you would have friends who will love you once you achieve it. It shouldn’t need to be said, that if that’s all your friends value, they aren’t truly your friends.

It’s true that friends love for you to do things that are cool, but they’d rather be doing those things with you. They’ll push you when it comes to doing great things and make sure that you remain grounded when you need to be. They’re your ultimate reality checkers, wing people, and co-pilots.

You need to decide if you only want to keep up with your friends via social media or lose touch because you’re never there and not available for anything. Yes, with the passing of time, your friendships will change. Things like marriage, kids, and work will become your priorities, but you’ll still be there for each other when the need arises. Traveling may keep you away, but it can also make you appreciate what you have and drive you to maintain those friendships you value.

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You may not want to be a forever traveler. Maybe in a few years, you’ll settle down to be closer to your home, your family, and your friends. You might desire for your nephews and nieces to actually know who you are. Maybe, you even want to fall in love one day. That day might just not be right now. 

Yes, there will always be pressure from loved ones to settle down and stay home. There are always reasons for you not to do one thing or another. We need to decide what our priorities are and then make the necessary sacrifices for them. Chase your dreams.

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