3 Jobs That Are Well Suited for the Nomadic Lifestyle

Nomad is an ancient word that evokes a primal sense of endless wandering. It is an occupation that is at the same time notorious and noble. It is an elevated form of intentional homelessness. Nomads are embarked on the relentless pursuit of place and experience and humanity — at home nowhere, and everywhere.

They are not defined or in any way limited by location. They belong to no tribe but are citizens of the world. They are royals without palace or subject. Seen everywhere, they are all but invisible with neither fame nor infamy. Cutting through all the romance, intrigue, and mystery of these navigational ninjas is one burning question: How on earth does such a person make a living?

Perhaps you, too, have heard the call of the wild and would like to sample that lifestyle. Just remember that rushing toward the intoxicating melody of the siren’s song never ends well for sailors. And it will not end well for you if you are not prepared for the adventure. There are many ways to make a great living without being tied to any particular location.

Jobs That Are Well Suited for the Nomadic Lifestyle


The world is in a constant state of being built and rebuilt. A place like New York City always has construction frameworks in place because it never stops building. Construction is a job secured from economic downturn because there is always something in the world in need of being constructed. If you want to be in the middle of it all, don’t just be a part of a crew.

Jobs That Are Well Suited for the Nomadic Lifestyle
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One of the best features of the nomadic lifestyle is the ability to pursue a degree from any online university in the world. You only need a laptop and an internet connection. Online education tends to be a lot more flexible than on-prem learning. Over the course of the pandemic, students at every level had to become online learners whether or not their school initially supported it.

Now, you will be hard pressed to find a school that does not have an online component to it. One of the barriers of learning for many people has been the rigid structure. Now that those barriers are coming down, nomads seeking to improve their education have a lot to celebrate.

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Digital Pursuits

There are many people who work in some computer-aided field and who also live the nomadic lifestyle. We call them digital nomads. The best jobs for digital nomads include but are not limited to the following:

  • Writing
  • App developing
  • Graphic designer
  • Digital marketing consultant
Jobs That Are Well Suited for the Nomadic Lifestyle
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The list of digital jobs you can do while traveling the world is endless. Some bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers make a very good living. And they do it while living nowhere in particular. Photography also is very accommodating of the digital nomadic lifestyle.

To maximize your earnings, you almost have to be a nomad because you need to move about all the time to photograph all of the interesting places that people want to see. You never have to return to home base because everywhere you go is home base. As a digital nomad, you will never be far from home.


When a person does a job requiring a finely honed skill, we call them a tradesperson. Right now, there is a stronger demand for skilled tradespersons than supply. The jobs are there for the taking. Cobblers, cooks, handy men and women, plumbers, drywall experts, locksmiths, watchmakers — they all are tradespeople. And their trades are almost always portable. A sales person in one city can be a sales person in another. The same goes for electricians, appliance repair specialists, and long-haul drivers. 

Jobs That Are Well Suited for the Nomadic Lifestyle
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University life is not for everyone. And it is not the only way to learn a useful skill. You don’t need a university degree to become a skilled pianist. With that skill, you can perform and teach others. When the traditional job market flatlines, the people with portable skills fare the best.

No one ever talks about the downside to being a nomad. To be fair, there aren’t as many as you think. If you wish to wander without walls, feel free to finance the venture with local construction, digital pursuits, or a trade with the skills you pick up along the way. 

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