How To Show Off Your Business At Global Business Events In 2023

Businesses nowadays have a global opportunity at their fingertips. Of course, not all businesses will require global success or have the ability to do so. However, whether you’re a digitally-run business or not, there’s a lot more opportunity out there for a business to expand into a global market.

Showing off your business is important, especially if you’re looking to tap into these markets beyond your own geolocation. With that being said, here are a few benefits and tips to help get your business noticed on a global scale in 2023.

Global Business Events

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The benefits of taking your business to events around the world

What are the benefits of taking your business to events around the world? What’s the point in spending the money and investing the time and effort in doing so? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that would come with taking your business to events around the world, beyond just what’s available on your front doorstep.

Helps gain exposure and connect with new people

As a business, one of the most important things you can do to help grow your business is to network. Creating those connections is what will help you bridge those relationships needed to expand to a global level. You never know who you might meet when attending these events and they could be influential to your company’s success, as you are to them.

Gaining exposure is something that will only benefit the business further as you build the success and reputation of your company on a global platform. Being proactive and connecting with people at these events is what can really help elevate your business further. 

Build positive brand recognition

Brand recognition is important and more importantly, it has to be positive. While negative brand reputation can in some ways, benefit the business, it’s not something that’s necessarily going to work out long-term. At the same time, it’s also going to limit your opportunities if you’re not known for being a great brand to those in the industry.

By attending these events and speaking to people in person, you can build a much more positive reputation because these people and businesses are seeing you speak your truth. It’s not what they’re seeing online or hearing through the grapevine.

Broaden your professional network

Expanding your network is essential when it comes to showing off your business globally. By being able to showcase the company at global events across the world, you’re giving your company the ability to broaden its professional network.

Global Business Events

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Whether that’s the business owner or any of the staff within the company, networking is an essential part of expanding your business and you can benefit greatly from others within the business world, being available to help out if and when needed.

The more business events you do, the more people you’re going to meet along the way, all of which are influential to your global success.

Showcase your business expertise

With attendance at global events, you might have knowledge or experience that other businesses might not know. That edge is something that you can showcase and be seen as an expert within the industry as a result. This type of advantage is worthwhile when you’re a business trying to expand on a global scale.

Why? Well, otherwise, you’re just another company, trying to break into the industry within that country. It’s already a challenge to do so when you’re from overseas so having that expertise that other businesses native to that country don’t have, is worthwhile.

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7 ways to show off your business at global business events

If you’ve got an opportunity to show off your business at a global business event this year, then you want to be well-prepared for such an occasion. Each business event you attend will hopefully contribute positively to the success and the global empire that you’re hopefully building.

With that being said, here are several ways in which you can show off your business at global business events this year and every year from now.

  1. Invest in the right technology

Firstly, when setting up for an event. Chances are you’re going to need to ensure you’ve got a stand that’s worth walking towards. Whether it’s a B2B or B2C event, you want to decorate your stand in a way that it’s going to engage people who are walking around.

Regardless of what sized stand you have and where it’s placed within the event space, if you’ve got the right technology to hand, you can’t go wrong. From a 12g-sdi distribution amplifier to help create split monitors during presentations to having iPads or tablets for data collection and lead generation.

Investing in the right technology will ensure you’re properly prepared for any business event that might come your way.

  1. Promote your presence prior to the event and during it

When you’re attending a business event, wherever that might be in the world. Make sure you’re promoting your presence prior to the event and during it. Sure, you might not have a big following on social media but it’s always good to let your followers and people on the internet know, where you’ll be should they be in the area.

The use of hashtags and geotagging is a great way to show up on people’s feeds, especially those who might be in attendance at the event, and recognize your business when they arrive.

Promotion is great when it comes to helping drive more traffic to your stand, especially when you’re new to the country you’re doing business in.

  1. Make sure you have business cards and sign-up forms to hand

A good way to help with networking and making your brand memorable amongst all of the different businesses showcasing at an event is to have business cards available.

While a lot of the world has turned digital, business cards are still useful. They’re a physical reminder of your business or the individual that the customer or client has met, making them more likely to remember you further down the line.

Business cards and sign-up forms are two great ways to help keep your business memorable amongst all the noise and activity that usually goes on at these events. 

  1. Offer freebies to attract people to your stand

If you want to attract people to your stand on a surface level then it’s a good idea to offer swag or freebies as it’s referred to. Everyone loves something for nothing and that includes those attending corporate events. Even if it’s a free business-branded tote bag or pen, it’s a free item that the person is coming away with and that they didn’t have before.

Global Business Events

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Freebies are going to bring people to the stand but it’s also going to offer a bit of additional promotion for the business too, especially if they’re using the freebies at the event. 

  1. Provide detailed insights into your business

In order for people to get to know your business, it’s important to look at providing detailed insights into your company. From presentations at the stand to giving 1-2-1 talks to individuals who might be interested in the company. You want to be able to offer plenty of information for any new prospects so that they go away knowing more about your business.

You might want to make yourself some business brochures and other literature that you can hand out freely at these events.

  1. Sponsor the event

If you want to stand out with as much exposure as possible, why not sponsor the event? This is a great way of pointing a big foam finger to your stand and it can provide that all-important promotion to your business even in the lead-up to the big day or event.

Sponsoring an event, of course, does leave you out of pocket but it might be the branding you need to take your business from national to international. It can be particularly effective if your brand is relatively unknown in the country you’re trying to break.

  1. Be authentic

Finally, and most importantly, be authentic. When you’re trying to grow outside your own country, it’s beneficial to be genuine about your business and what it does. Don’t try to be something you’re not both personally and when it comes to talking up the business. 

Be honest in what you can offer because that’s going to influence the amount of opportunities the business gets going forward. A lot of people can see through businesses and individuals who aren’t being authentic and as a company, you want to be seen for exactly what the business is. So with that being said, lead with authenticity at these events.

Take your business to a global scale in 2023

It might seem like a pipe dream right now but every business has the potential and opportunities out there to go global. Consider the benefits that it would bring to your business and if it’s something that’s doable for you in the future, make sure you make use of every global business event you attend as a company.

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