9 Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Bali

Our suggestions why you should visit Bali with practical tips on activities to do and places to see.

“I need something very quiet”, “I have only two weeks and want to do yoga and get some healthy food!”, “So, where can I go in Asia to relax?”.

We keep receiving similar questions regularly. More and more travellers put “healthy”, “quite” and “relaxing” as the most decisive factors when it comes to picking their holiday destination.

Well, completely understandable, especially if you travel abroad in wintertime so that you can escape trembling temperature and warming up your body for three months continuously.

Personally, one of the best destinations for wellness holiday is for us Bali. Why? Read on!

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why you should visit bali

Top reasons why you should visit Bali

1. Yoga studios

Ubud leads the pack in some of the best yoga studios in Bali. A huge array of cozy, big, indoor and outdoor studios creates a yoga paradise here. Just pick one that fits your level and yoga type preferences. The prices also vary a lot since many studios are run by westerns who set higher prices compared to yoga studios in Thailand.

Tips on where to go for yoga in Bali: Radiantly Alive (Ubud), Intuitive Flow (Ubud), Power of Now Oasis (Sanur), Shankari’s Yoga Retreat, Desa Seni (Canggu), Samadi (Canggu), Morning Light Yoga at Uluwatu Surf Villas, MU (Bingin).

2. Massages

You might remember our experience with traditional Balinese massage in Ubud. Every time I watch the photos from that day, I feel I need to go back and get pampered by their lovely staff in the middle of the jungle again!

If you travel to Bali to take care of your body & soul, don’t miss out a massage as it will also enhance purification of your body.

why you should visit Bali
Peaceful oasis in Ubud.

Tips on where to get a good massage: Ayusha (Ubud), Karma Kandara Spa (Ungasan), Prana Spa (Seminyak), Cool Spa & Salon (Seminyak), Cantika Zest spas (Penestanan village), Body temple (Canggu & Uluwatu), Mango Tree Spa (Ubud).

3. Insanely good healthy food

We’ve already wrote our guide to Ubud organic vegetarian restaurants and we will repeat it again: the food in Ubud is amazing! Either you’re a vegetarian, a vegan or you come here to change your diet for a week or two, this is the right place!

why you should visit Bali
Heaven for your taste buds.

Tips where to get your “green fix”: for Ubud, read our vegetarian guide; for the other places in Bali, check Samadi Bali (Canggu), Divine Earth (Kuta), Zula Vegetarian Paradise (Seminyak, Sanur), Happy Falafel (Seminyak), Banana Leaf (Canggu).

4. The sea

The sound of the waves, the touch of the morning breeze is definitely something that adds up when you look for the best place to relax on your vacation. And if you look for bigger waves for your surf desk, then Bali is the right place to look for it.

To find surf instructors in Bali you can check surfguide.com.

why you should visit Bali
A view from the Uluwatu Temple.

Tips on the best beaches in Bali: Balangan, Geger Beach, Tugel Beach, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Dua, Sanur Beach, Melasti Beach.

From Bali you can fly to Sorong and visit the spectacular islands of Raja Ampat.

Read more about Indonesia:

5. Lush nature

Bali certainly has some great green spots to enchant you with. Either you go for a bike ride through the rice fields near Ubud, do night trekking up to volcanoes or swim in a waterfall, you’ll find amazing views of landscape and watch different climate zones, too.

why you should visit Bali
Lush rice terraces near Ubud.

Tips on where to go in Bali: Mount Batur, Mount Agung, the High Cliff at Melasti Beach, Bukit Teletubbies on Nusa Penida, The Angel’s Billabong, The Sacred and Secret Canyon of Sukawati, Sekumpul Waterfall, Pasih Uwug, Jatiluwih rice terraces.

6. Rich cultural heritage

In between yoga, meditation sessions and visits of the finest raw food restaurants, you might want to learn about the local culture, too. Don’t miss out the ancient temples, typical Balinese fire dances or morning rituals your locals landlords will perform in their yards.

why you should visit Bali
Kecak fire dance performance in Ubud.

Tips on cultural places to visit in Bali: Tirta Empul Temple, Pura Tanah Lot Temple, Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Gunung Kawi Temple, Goa Lawah Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance performance.

7. Homestays

This is something we highly recommend to everyone travelling to Bali! Staying in a typical compound guesthouse with a local family, observe their daily routines, share some meals together or maybe celebrate a big festival together will be one of the most memorable things you’ll bring from your trip to Bali.

Tips on homestays in Bali: Family Guest House (Ubud), Little Pond Homestay (Sanur), Tenang House (Legian), Desak Putu Putera (Ubud), Teba House (Ubud). Homestays are easily one of the top reasons why you should visit Bali!

8. Luxury accommodation

Well, not everybody is a social person when going through detox process. Trust us (more in the upcoming article about our experience in raw food retreat in Thailand)! But fear not. Bali offers plenty of luxury hotels where you can rest after tough yoga classes in a private swimming pool get a soothing massage after hiking in a jungle or spend a week or more being pampered by the professional staff.

Tips on luxury accommodation in Bali: The Legian Bali (Seminyak), Como Shambhala Estate (Ubud), Grand Nikko Bali (Nusa Dua), Alila Seminyak with some fantastic amenities like infinity swimming pools (including Family Pool), state-of-the-art gym, complimentary yoga and holistic fitness activities and Kids Club with supervised indoor and outdoor activities. For more info, click here.

9. The festivals

Make sure to check the calendar and all festivities celebrated on Bali. We were lucky to arrive in Ubud two days before the Galungan festival began. At that time we were living with a local family who dressed us in typical Balinese costumes, shared special food with us and took us for two ceremonies in Hindu temples. UNFORGETTABLE!

why you should visit Bali
Celebrating Galingan festival with locals.

Tips on Balinese festivals: Galungan and Kuningan Festival, Nyepi Day in Bali, Kite Festival, Arts Festival, Writers Festival, Tumpek Wayang, Banyu Pinaruh.

If you want to explore more of Indonesia, check this 14-days itinerary from our fellow fashion and photography blogger Sher. Or, you can travel to Raja Ampat to explore some of the best islands in Indonesia. You can check also this article for the best beaches in Bali.

Need a hotel in Bali? Check this guide on where to stay in Bali.

Have you ever been to Bali? If so, what is your favourite place and activity there? Share with us in the comment below!

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why you should visit bali

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16 thoughts on “9 Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Bali”

  1. Bali is definitely one of the more cultural places in Southeast Asia, and with all the other pluses that this place has, it is a solid travel destination for just about any traveler.

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Absolutely, David! We were amazed how rich culturally Bali is. Wish we have spent there more than one month!

  2. Karianne @ The Good Globe

    Oh Ivana, you are making me want to go back to Bali again!!

    We only got to spend a week there – in Ubud and Amed – so we feel like we only scratched the surface of such a wonderful place. There are so many other places that we want to see!

    I remember how great the food was. I ate a huge amount of Nasi Goreng!

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi Karianne! Indeed, Bali is just splendid and there are soooo many places undiscovered, especially natural ones 🙂 Ah, drooling just when you said Nasi Goreng :p
      Hopefully you can stay on the island longer one day and discover some of those hidden gems!

  3. Steven Conte

    I am so excited to go to Bali now because of the yoga studios . I had no clue they had some of the best places there.

  4. Thanks for bringing back some great memories of Ubud.
    We loved it for the same reasons… The amazing vegan food, the yoga studios, the massage, the rich cultural heritage…

    our second time there ( Feb. 2016) Ubud had become very crowded! Traffic jams and way more tourists than just two years prior. I suppose its inevitable.


    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi Peta, wow, didn’t know that Ubud has changed so much… We’ve been there in 2014 and I felt it was already a bit touristy for my taste. Well, as you said, it’s kind of inevitable, especially after all hype the town got with the book and the movie (Eat, Pray, Love). Hopefully the serene atmosphere of the neighbourhoods and hidden gems in the town will remain unique and untouched by mass tourism.

  5. Sand In My Suitcase

    We loved our visit to Bali – a very special place. For us, the culture was what hit home the most, especially the Balinese dance, and how the people place the little palm leaf offerings of blossoms and rice in front of every shop, temple and house. You’ve picked some great luxury accommodations, BTW – to your list, we’d add some of the places we stayed at: Kayumanis Ubud, Alila Villas Uluwatu and Hotel Tugu Bali 🙂

    1. Ivana Greslikova

      Hi guys!
      We did LOVE morning offering rituals. Oh yes, the traditional dances were just spectacular! Thanks for the accommodation tips. We stayed also in a simpler, traditional compound house living with a local family in Ubud. Honestly, it’s been one of the best things we did in Bali as they took us to many local temples and invited us to join them at the Galungan festival. You can actually read about experience with them in this post: https://nomadisbeautiful.com/travel-blogs/sunday-story-4-balinese-family/
      Happy travels!

  6. Mousumi Tarafder

    I’ve read a lot about the rich culture, the marvelous nature and the amazing people. I’m looking forward to visit the place in near future. Thank you for such a nice article !

  7. Ivana, Bali has been on my travel list for long. Your blog is a really well put together and have something for everyone. What are some kids engaging activities that we can plan ?

  8. Don’t forget all the great scuba diving places! There are some divebases working in cooperation with marine conservation organisations to clean and rebuild the coral reefs. This goes hand in hand with all the turtle sanctuaries…

  9. Great post Ivana – super useful and thanks for linking out to my accommodation guide 🙂

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