Exploring Barcelona in the Summer

With international travel being available to virtually everyone again, people are setting their sights on destinations they could have only dreamt of last year. If you ask almost anyone which city in the world is their favorite to visit, you’ll almost certainly get the answer of Barcelona, Spain from quite a few of them. Whether you’re going back to visit your favorite place on earth or traveling there for the first time, there are some must-see things to do and see in Barcelona. Here’s a quick guide to maximizing your pleasure on your trip.

The Magic Fountain

It’s almost impossible not to feel an air of magic all over the city of Barcelona, but taking in the mesmerizing Magic Fountain is a must-do in all seasons, the least of which – Summer. Though the fountain runs nearly all year round, there is live music at its foot almost every day of the week during the summer months. The views are made more enchanting with the lights and water around the fountain, and the weather is nearly always perfect during the summertime in Spain. 

Image by pcsfish from Pixabay

Sunbath on the Beach 

Sure, the architecture in Barcelona is second to none and perhaps one of the main things the city is known for; But did you know they have a beautiful beach too? Though it’s a city beach which lends to it typically being busy, there are still always spots to relax and take in the ocean views. The perfect time of day is late afternoon or early evening, where you can watch the sunset over the sea and relax. Let your mind worry about carefree things like “Does sex burn calories?” instead of work or other more severe stressors. 

Party at the Gaudi Buildings

To add to the above mention of architecture. The buildings by iconic modernist architect Antoni Gaudi are visible throughout the city and a sight on their own. But there are also rooftop parties in some of the buildings. Live rooftop concerts called “Magic Nights” are put on at the building Casa Batllo, and La Pedrera does a rooftop light show. The views are simply breathtaking, and you’ll remember them for the rest of your life. 

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Fabra Observatory 

The Fabra Observatory sits high on the side of the Collserola Mountains overlooking Barcelona. There are spectacular views no matter the season, but they host “Dinner With Stars during the warmer months.” During the event, you enjoy a delicious meal and then head to the observatory to peer through one of their telescopes to get a better look at the nighttime stars.

Rock Out 

During the summer than are so many options to enjoy live music in Barcelona. The two best-known music festivals in the city are Primavera Sound and Sonar. DGTL is an excellent option if you’re a fan of electronic music that also features art and design. The Cruilla festival brings a huge variety of acts to the city and is always full of local artists as well, making it must attend to get an even more authentic feel of the culture in Barcelona. Whether you’re on a budget or spending as you wish, the free concerts are worth checking out as well. There are plenty of open-air concerts in Barcelona that are free. Music in the Parks has fifty zero cost concerts all over the city’s parks and gardens. At fifty, you can be sure that there’s a genre of music or entertainment that will spark your interest, and you’d love to attend. The bottom line – this city loves live music and art, and it’s in abundance for you to enjoy on your trip. 

Image by Mike Wall from Pixabay

Picasso Museum 

No list of Barcelona would be complete without encouraging you to visit the Picasso Museum. Though Picasso was well known to be a humble man, the Malaga-born artist came of age in Barcelona, with his first exhibition opening in the Els Quatre Gats Cafe. He then moved to Paris to become the 20th century’s most famous painter. The Picasso Museum follows his development from the early Blue and Rose periods to Cubism. There’s a strong focus here on teaching you the inner workings of this icon’s famous mind. It’s a must-see.

So, pack your bags (lightly) and head to Spain and make sure Barcelona is your first stop – or maybe save the best for last.

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