Stay Safe When Camping for the First Time

It’s vital to stay safe when camping, especially if you’re new to it, as there are many things that can ruin what should be a great time for you, from seasonal issues to poor facilities.

Plan and Track the Gear You Need

Camping, like any hobby and activity, requires that you have specific gear and equipment. Of course, you need a tent. But there are other things too, including sleeping bags, cookware, and bathroom supplies. There are also many other camping supplies you need to take, depending on what you have planned. Fortunately, you can plan and track camping supplies with smartphone apps such as the Route Punkt Hiking Grid Diary app, making camping a breeze.

Consider the Season

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There are many aspects to camping, and to get them right, it helps to understand what each season offers both in terms of fun and danger. For example, it helps to stay ahead of the sun when camping in the summer with lots of sunscreen and water and knowing how to keep your perishables safe. Spring typically rains a lot, so you need to be prepared for storms, and autumn requires extra warmth. Winter can be challenging, with extreme cold and dark posing a risk.

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Be Aware of Wildlife to Stay Safe When Camping

Seeing animals in their natural habitat is a great experience for all the family. But things can quickly go wrong if you mess with the wildlife when camping. Feeding animals is a big no-no because it can attract them to your site and risks them becoming used to humans, which poses a risk to their natural safety. Additionally, petting young animals could cause their parents to react in a dangerous way, such is the case when mother bears are protecting their cubs.

Check if there are Adequate Facilities

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Depending on where you go, there may or may not be adequate facilities. Some campgrounds are designed to be close to facilities like washrooms and toilets. While others can be pretty far from what you need. It is recommended that you stay close to campgrounds as a beginner. And you must also consider any special accessibility facilities you need. For example, some family grounds can come with disabled access and camping plots that are easier for wheelchairs.

Understand How to Use Fire Correctly

Fire when camping is an essential part of the experience. It helps you cook, keeps you warm, and makes unforgettable family memories of songs, connections, and stories. But fire is also very dangerous, and things can go wrong. Some practical fire safety tips include learning how to build a fire with rings, keeping flammable materials at least 15 feet away, and only using lighter fluid as fuel. Of course, also keep pets and children from getting too close to an open fire.


It helps to plan your gear to stay safe when camping. Respecting wildlife when out in the woods also reduces the chances of something bad happening, and you must always be safe with fire.

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