What to Pack for Your Mexico Vacation

When pulling out your luggage and deciding exactly what to pack for Mexico, keep in mind a few things: First of all, simplicity is key. You’ll thank yourself later on for a lightweight pack with a few quality items, rather than a suitcase full of things you wore or used only once or not at all.

Next, keep in mind that Mexico is full of incredible shopping, markets, and artesian crafts, so make sure to save some room for those one-of-a-kind finds. And finally, don’t stress about forgetting the little things, most cities in Mexico have excellent pharmacies where you can find anything you might have forgotten, shops to pick up extra clothing essentials, and all at great prices!

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what to pack for MexicoWhat to pack for Mexico Vacation

Here’s a list of what to pack for Mexico to help you get started on your next great adventure!

Backpack with pack cover

Ditch the clunky rolling suitcase and opt for a comfortable well fitting backpack. You might find yourself knee deep in waves jumping off a water taxi, and the last thing you want is to be lugging around a giant suitcase. Pick one with a pack cover, or purchase one separately as storms can occur often and put a damper on your travel if everything is wet… Check price on Amazon.

Packing cubes

Inside of your expertly packed backpack, make room for the new revolution in travel organization…packing cubes. Sort your clothes into categories, make one special cube for dirty clothes, however you wish to use them, they’re sure to organize the inevitable chaos inside of a backpack. Check price on Amazon.

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Combination Lock

This is a simple item that can easily go on your checklist for traveling to Mexico. It’s excellent for securing your passport and other important essentials to keep your traveler’s mind at ease. Check price on Amazon.

Travel Towel

An extra-large version will help you cover up after a shower, provide a great spot to relax on the beach, and (Pro Tip: You can even lay it down as an extra sheet on a bed you might not be so sure about). Check price on Amazon.

Power bank charger

Make sure you’re always ready with a full phone battery with a portable power bank charger, a great and simple travel investment. Check price on Amazon.


When you go off on your daily adventure, it’s best to be completely prepared with a solid daypack. Get something with zippered pockets for cash and valuables as well as room for water and maybe a blanket if you’re heading to the beach. This one has a laptop pocket and multiple options for carrying it. Check price on Amazon.

Anti-Diarrheal Pills

On your Mexico vacation packing list, make sure that these lifesavers make an appearance. It’s unfortunately common to experience some digestive discomfort so why not take care of it right away so you can get back to enjoying your trip.

(Many local pharmacies also sell an over the counter probiotic drinkable yogurt that will keep your belly happy every day. Very recommended if you’re looking to try street food and questionable ice filled beverages.) Check price on Amazon.


No Mexico packing list is complete with out a quality pair of eye protection! Check price on Amazon.

Smartphone with protective case

A phone with a camera, internet connection, and a strong case is an excellent item to have on your travel list for Mexico. A Pelican case can protect your phone when you’re near the sand or water, and having your own camera is a must for all of the incredible attractions. Check price on Amazon.

You can also use a smartphone to call an Uber, practice your Spanish on Duolingo, and even translate unknown words on the spot with SpanishDict.

Hiking Sandals

If you haven’t already invested in a great pair of hiking sandals, packing for Mexico is the perfect time to start! Sturdy hiking sandals can take you on a great outdoor adventure, provide a bit of extra protection in a shared restroom, and are great for exploring the incredible beaches of Mexico. Check price on Amazon.

Fleece jacket

Fleece in Mexico? I totally understand the confusion that this doesn’t sound like something that you might need when thinking about what to take on vacation to Mexico. However, busses have been known to crank up the air-conditioning to an extreme level, and nights in the mountains can get much cooler than you’d expect. Plus, if you’re headed to an extra tropical destination, you can always use it as a beachside pillow. Check price on Amazon.


As you probably know, Mexico has some of the best beaches in the world and hundreds of kilometers of coastline, so even if you’re headed inland, I suggest bringing a quality suit just in case. I advise taking one for beachside/poolside relaxing, and then a more adventurous style for cliff jumping, diving, and cenote exploring. Check price on Amazon.

1-2 pair(s) shorts

Keep in mind that locals generally do not wear shorts, so if you can handle it, opt for pants, especially in cities. (Ladies, maxi skirts are a great option if you still want to keep cool.) At beach destinations it’s acceptable to wear shorts. I recommend lightweight breathable materials that can be used on or off the beach. Check price on Amazon.

3-4 shirts

You always can manage with fewer clothes than you’d think, especially in Mexico. Bring just a few shirts (1-2 lightweight tank tops, 1 dressy shirt for nice restaurants and maybe even some salsa dancing, and an ultra comfortable t-shirt for layering). Check price on Amazon.

1-2 pairs of breathable pants (hiking pants if you’ll be in the mountains)

I recommend at least one pair of lightweight cotton or linen pants for travelling, bus rides, after beach days, or if you need to give yourself a rest from the sun. If you find yourself in cities, jeans are very popular so find yourself a lightweight pair that fit well and splurge on laundry days. If you’re planning on going to the mountains, a pair of quality hiking pants is a great idea to avoid cuts, mosquitos, and windy weather. Check price on Amazon.

Solid shampoo

This is the best and most simple cosmetic I’ve ever owned. It will last for months, doesn’t take up space in your liquids bag, makes your hair smell great, and doesn’t require conditioner. Also, you can alternatively use it as your go-to all uses soap. Check price on Amazon.

Concentrated soap

One small bottle of concentrated soap can save you in almost any (dirt-induced) predicament. I recommend Dr. Bronner’s for body wash, laundry soap, and you can even use a few drops as toothpaste if necessary. Check price on Amazon.

Hopefully this Mexico packing list helps preparing your bag to be the easiest part of your journey. Mexico has such a vast array of opportunities for exploring, with your essentials in had you can be ready for your greatest adventure yet.

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what to pack for Mexico

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