Most Beautiful Places on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia

Stretching over 1,777 km along the mainland and having a total coastline length of 6,278 km, Croatia’s Adriatic coast is often seen as the country’s most beautiful area. 

With its spectacular natural scenery, rich history with UNESCO sites, magnificent medieval old towns, and iconic monuments, you’ll have no issue picking and choosing your Croatian itinerary on the Adriatic.

The journey along the coast can be as brief or as long as you like. It takes only 15 hours to drive across the entire coast, with most places reachable within a short ferry journey. Cities with medieval brilliance, like Split and Dubrovnik, are only a 2-hour journey away, and beaches with pristine coastlines are only minutes away.

Most Beautiful Places on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia

With so many places and areas to see, which spots should make your dream Adriatic itinerary? Continue reading for the most beautiful places on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia.


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Dubrovnik is an absolute gem and often noted as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’—for very good reason. While you only need one day in Dubrovnik to see all its highlights, you may find yourself lingering for a much longer stay.

The main highlight of Dubrovnik is its magnificent Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts millions of tourists per year for its significance in TV culture, as a key filming location for “Game of Thrones”’s King’s Landing and for its medieval brilliance.

Exploring the entirety of the Old Town takes a minimum of half a day, but savouring the moment is key to appreciating your time here. For the best medieval experience, be sure to walk along the Old Town’s fortified walls, its main defence structure that was built in the 16th century.

Furthermore, step onto the Stradun and wander along the long walkway past all the Old Town’s main establishments. Then, find yourself getting lost in the maze of streets and eventually stopping off at one of the key Mediterranean restaurants.

Finally, be sure to make your way outside the Old Town onwards to Fort Lovrijenac, the city’s hilltop fortress, where you will get instant breathtaking panoramic views of the Old Town with a backdrop of the Adriatic! – a brilliant end to a wonderful time in Dubrovnik. 


Most Beautiful Places on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia
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Shaped like a teardrop and extending on a small hilly peninsula, Rovinj is one of the prettiest places you’ll find on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. Once a hidden gem, the city has garnered huge amounts of tourism due to its newly found fame across social media, with the attraction ever-growing for its quaint appearance.

The attraction to Rovinj lies in its combination of a seaside town and medieval-like features, all centred in its Old Town. Inside the Old Town is a grand display of vibrant colours through its pastel-coloured homes and terracotta rooftops.

Alongside its architectural prowess, it boasts some brilliant attractions for great viewing. For the main attraction, be sure to head to the very top of Rovinj for the Church of St. Euphemia. The bell tower by its side can be seen from anywhere in the Old Town and is the highest point of Rovinj. Head to the top for a brilliant view! 

This part of the town is a photographer’s dream, and from just about every angle, you’ll get a picturesque view of the entirety of Rovinj, with the backdrop of the Adriatic.

Get inspired:


Most Beautiful Places on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia
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Hvar is one of the top islands in Croatia and by far one of the sunniest places on the Adriatic, seeing over 2,715 hours of sunlight on average per year, one of the most in Europe.

The biggest attraction on the island is Hvar Town, which boasts the typical well-preserved Old Town architecture you become accustomed to in many major cities in Croatia.

With its cobblestone streets and well-preserved architecture, you can see all of this and much more when you head up to the top of the town for Hvar’s top attraction, Fortica Fortress. This hilltop citadel sits over Hvar like a hawk, offering the best view of the island with the town’s prominent terracotta rooftops and backdrop of the Adriatic Sea.

While Hvar boasts some incredible beauty and sightseeing galore, it also has a bustling nightlife, one of the biggest in Croatia, with frequent night-goers coming to enjoy the party life. Inside the town are various clubs that offer a great night out for all budgets. Lavish places like Carpe Diem Beach require a hefty entry fee, but clubs like Loco Bar don’t cost at all. That being said, you are guaranteed a great night out in Hvar if you look for it.


Most Beautiful Places on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia
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Split, often labelled the ‘Capital of Dalmatia’, is one of the most beautiful places on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. It is also one of the most touristy, attracting the second most visitors after Dubrovnik, with the appeal coming from a sought-after combination of old and new features. 

Split’s biggest attraction is the medieval Old Town, crowned with the majestic UNESCO Site ‘Diocletian’s Palace’ at its centrepiece.

This palace was built for Diocletian, a Roman Emperor who created it as his retirement suite. As you tour the palace, you’ll get to explore his retirement home in depth, seeing many fascinating architectural works in rooms like the Emperor’s Quarters and The Crypt, known to many Game of Thrones fans as the filming location for where Daenerys Targaryen kept her dragons.

Split is also home to various markets where you can experience the local food scene or pick up a souvenir. Pazar is its most famous, selling delicious fresh produce and local crafts.

You only need a day in Split to explore most of the city, but not to fret, if you are in a rush and want to see Split all in its entirety, be sure to head up Saint Domnius Bell Tower for a panoramic view of the city. However, while the city life in Split is enticing, it has over 15 dreamy coastal beaches that deserve the plaudits, so you’ll get to appreciate the Adriatic Coast in a great light. 


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Korčula is a beautiful island on the Adriatic Coast and a standout destination for those travelling to Croatia. 

With its convenient location between Split and Dubrovnik, it is a perfect place to visit on a day trip and benefits from its convenient ferry access to and from the two city’s ports. 

Korcula’s biggest attraction is the well-preserved Old Town and fortified walls, garnering a reputation for its resemblance to Dubrovnik and earning the town the nickname ‘Mini Dubrovnik’. Just like the ‘Pearl of The Adriatic’, its beauty is inside its walls. Spend time getting lost within the old stone walls, and be sure to relish the opportunity to explore Korčula’s food and wine scene. Its white wines, such as Pošip, enhance the hearty flavours of the local dishes. 

And of course, views of the great Adriatic Coast of Croatia are in abundance in Korcula! Head to the top of the Old Town in St. Mark’s Cathedral Bell Tower. Here is where you’ll find those postcard-worthy views of Korcula and the Adriatic coast. 


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Zadar is often overshadowed by other places in Croatia but holds its own as an absolute must-visit if you’re looking for some great sightseeing.

Its history dates back to Roman times, with many of its ancient Roman features still present as you explore the city.

You can find much of this in the Old Town when you visit the Roman Forum. The Roman Forum is an expansive open area that holds various Roman structures, such as pillars, temple remains, and ruins. Just next to the Roman Forum is the Church of St. Donatus, an impressive Romanesque structure built by Donatus of Zadar!

Perhaps the most unique attraction in Zadar is the Sea Organ. Through marble steps and polyethylene tubes, Croatian architect Nikola Bašić created this natural symphony using just the Adriatic Sea and gusts of wind—something completely unique to see in Croatia! Bašić’s other marvellous creation can be seen when night falls. The Greeting to the Sun is a solar-panel glass plate that comes alive, beaming out various disco lights at night to create a party atmosphere.

Perfect to come to and dance the evening away!


Well, there you have it! Some of the most beautiful places on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia to add to your Croatian itinerary. 

Many of these places can be explored quickly through various day trips and multiple ferry journeys. While they offer sun and great beach days, there is a lot of history to explore. 

When you have finished your trip, I’m sure you will find yourself planning your next Adriatic escape in sunny Mediterranean Croatia.

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